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SCHOOL CLOSURE - Access to education whilst not at school.

Dear parents/Carers


Your child will shortly receive a learning pack that contains a number of learning activities for your child to complete during any period of self-isolation and/or school closure.


Our aim as a school is to ensure the safety of our pupils, whilst maintaining access to their education. 


In addition to this pack, teachers will ensure work is regularly added to the class pages on the school website:


If you have any queries about the learning, or how to access certain websites then teachers will have an email address that you can contact them on and they will respond to you as soon as possible.


Please see the relevant email address for your child’s year group.


Nursery -


Reception –


Year 1 –


Year2 –


Year3 -


Year4 -


Year5 –


Year6 –


Shooting Stars –


Rainbow Room –


Please feel free to attach any completed learning to an email if it has been carried out on a word document or powerpoint as teachers would love to see this learning and could give feedback via email. It would be lovely to see some photos as well. Teachers will also monitor RockStar Maths to see how much children are using it and how well they are doing with their times tables.


We do recognise that your child may not have any access, or regular access to a computer or device.therefore the pack will provide some activities that are paper based. In the absence of any internet access I would recommend that your child engages in practical activities that will help them to practise basic skills such as cooking, art activities, craft activities, story writing, handwriting practise and multiplication times tables.


Equally, I believe the BBC will be putting on programmes that support children with their learning during this period of school closure so it will be worth keeping an eye out for these.


Please be aware that during the official Easter holidays period, teachers are not expected to respond to emails or provide additional work.


Hope this is of some help and we wish you all the very best of health. 


Yours faithfully,


Ann Evans

Deputy Head