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We have a bespoke curriculum at Drapers Mills Primary Academy which is designed with our community and the needs of our children at its centre.


We believe our curriculum allows children to shape their futures by developing resilience, respect, as well as, understanding themselves as individuals and encouraging them to aspire to achieve what they aim to achieve and be lifelong learners.


Our core values promote positive learning behaviours.


  • Our curriculum builds and develops from the first years of education, through the school and beyond. Allowing children to develop socially, emotionally and educationally. This allows pupils to reach their potential.
  • Teachers plan and provide active learning experiences, allowing pupils to take risks in a safe and engaging environment therefore inspiring independent, critical thinkers. 
  • We plan for enquiry and enjoyment through sequences of lessons that are progressive and uphold high expectations for all learners. We understand that prior learning is the starting point for all new learning.
  • We have a clear focus on reading, writing and maths because these provide the foundations for children to access the wider curriculum and enjoy a broad curriculum.
  • Through the development of vocabulary we understand that we are opening up a world of understanding and imagination as well as empowering the children to communicate effectively with each other.


Our curriculum incorporates the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum.

For more information about our curriculum please make contact with our school office: or telephone 01843223989

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Curriculum Intent:

  • To provide excellent outcomes for the future of our young people in the 21st Century and beyond.
  • To engage children in a relevant, meaningful and challenging curriculum that stimulates, allows and supports their learning, developing fluency and expertise.
  • To ensure that every child exceeds their full academic potential within school and reaches an emotional maturity that allows them to be fully involved in the local community.
  • To develop children's desires to be ambitious, use their initiative and have a strong sense of community.
  • To help children develop a rich understanding of language.
  • To support children in having positive mental health that enables them to be happy and to understand how to keep themselves and others safe.
  • To ensure learning experiences are carefully sequenced, building on knowledge and skills and providing an excellent vehicle for children to secure and apply basic core skills across a wide range of subjects.


Curriculum Implementation:

Across our curriculum, lessons are sequenced to provide the necessary progression of knowledge and skills. Resources to support the curriculum are well thought out, allowing teachers the opportunity to use their craft to design lessons and experiences which stimulate children’s critical thinking, reasoning, language development and grasp of basic skills. Teachers build in appropriate challenge and provide opportunities to revisit vital skills and knowledge regularly and embed their learning.


Curriculum Impact:

We track progress across the curriculum. Cold tasks and hot tasks enable pupils to clearly demonstrate and celebrate their progress and marking and feedback enables children to have a clear understanding of their next steps. All children deserve the taste of success, therefore children’s achievements are celebrated with parents and carers, as well as within the school.