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Drapers Mills is an academy as part of The Kemnal Academies Trust (TKAT).


TKAT is a multi-academy trust which was established on 1st September 2010.  Its constitution is set out in the Articles of Association and this is shared with individual academies via the Scheme of Delegation.  TKAT have, through the Scheme of Delegation, established Local Governing Bodies for each of the Academies


Please click here for the Scheme of Delegation


The Local Governing Body of each of the Academies is responsible for fulfilling the strategic and operational governance role in the conduct of the Academy.


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Please click here to link to Governance information relating to TKAT, including the structure of governance and relevant details about Trustees terms of office, attendance and business interests.


Please click here for key documents including the Master Funding Agreement, Articles of Association and Accounts.



The Local Governing Body is committed to TKAT’s mission: Inspiring Learners, Changing Lives


Our vision is to put children first to build a better world.


  • We will ensure that the life chances of all pupils in our Academies are significantly improved as a result of our educational provision.

  • We will provide outstanding teaching and learning to enable all children – especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds - to reach their potential and meet the challenges of the twenty-first century.



The Purpose of the Joint Governing Body is to:


  1. Provide strategic leadership and overview of educational provision through challenge and support of senior leaders

  2. Ensure that the Academy’s long term vision reflects the needs of its community beyond current post holders and is in line with TKAT’s vision and values.

  3. Provide strategic overview of financial management and other key Governance responsibilities

  4. Ensure equality of opportunity and provision across all schools – fair capacity sharing and ensuring no school is disadvantaged


  • Following the meeting of the Joint Local Governing Body on February 9th 2022, it was decided to end the Joint Local Governance Structure for TKAT schools within Thanet.

  • From 9th February 2022, there is a single Local Governing Body for each school.

  • There is a Chair and Vice-Chair for each school’s Local Governing Body.

  • The Chair is the same for all five schools.

  • Governors on each school Local Governing Body will have specific responsibilities, including: Finance, Standards and Assessment, Behaviour and Welfare, Health and Safety, Safeguarding, SEND, EYFS and Leadership and Management.



The composition of each Local Governing Body is up to 9 governors:


  • The Chair (Appointed)

  • 2 Parent Governors (elected by parents)

  • 2 Staff Governors (elected by staff)

  • Headteacher (ex-offico)

  • Up to 3 other appointed Governors

Other members of the School’s leadership team may join meetings as appropriate. ​



Our pay committee officially approves teacher and admin staff pay, with advice from our Headteacher. 

The membership of the pay committee is reviewed and approved annually at a governor's meeting.

The pay committee is made up of our Chair of Governors and one other nominated governor.


Our Chair of Governors contact details:

Mr R. Silk

c/o Drapers Mills Primary Academy

St Peters Footpath





LGB Annual Impact Reports

Draper Mills Governance Committee

We currently have 8 governors:

  • 4 Appointed Governors

  • 2 Staff Governors

  • 2 Parent Governors

Chair of Governors: Roger Silk
Vice Chair: Dawn Watson



(Date Appointed)

Role (elected by)

Term of office

Declaration of interests,

including business interests to Aug '21

Meetings attended


Roger Silk


Chair (Governing body)


*Governor at Simon Langton Grammar school for boys
*Director at Westgate and Birchington golf club
*Director at KCB Limited
*Governor at Life Skills Manor School for autism 


Dawn Watson


Vice Chair (Governing body)


*Governor of Holy Trinity & St John’s Primary School, Margate

*Board member, Canterbury Diocese Board of Education

*Priest in Charge, St John the Baptist Church Margate


David Little


Appointed Governor (Governing body)




Sarah Roberts 


Staff (Staff)

01.09.21- 01.09.25



Stirling Joy


Staff (Staff)





Joseph Manclark




*Amanda Manclark TA Drapers Mills
*Nicola Love TA Drapers Mills



David Follington


Parent Governor (Parents)


Sachin Darne


Parent Governor (Parents)07.12.21-07.12.25NoneN/A

Jack Packman


Appointed Governor (Governing body)06.07.21-06.07.25*Governor at Northdown Primary SchoolN/A



Governor Resignations


Name (date appointed)Role (Appointed by)Term of office

Declaration of interests,

including business interests to Aug '21

Meetings attended '20/21Date of resignation

Julie Bartlett


JLGB-Appointed (Governing body)12.11.20-11.11.24None2/318.10.21
George Kup (09.09.19)JLGB- Appointed (Governing body)Sept 19-Sept 23*Deputy chairman North Thanet Conservative Assossiation
*Councillor TDC
*Parlimentary assistant to Sir Roger Gale MP
*Laura Kup-Teacher at Reculver Primary School
Barry Lewis (25.09.18)DMPA-Appointed (Governing body)25.09.18-25.09.22None016.01.21
Sharon Goodyer (25.09.18)DMPA-Appointed (Governing body)25.09.18-25.09.22None027.02.21
Imogen Dobie (12.11.20)JLGB- Appointed (Governing body)12.11.20-11.11.24None2/315.12.21

Daniel Barham


JLGB- Vice Chair (Governing body)





Daniel Barham


DMPA- Appointed (Governing body)07.12.21-07.12.25*JLGB Governor4/404.02.22
Amy Ward (12.11.20)JLGB- Appointed (Governing body)12.11.20-11.11.24*Head of Marketing and student recruitment at the EKC Group3/309.02.22
Eni Bui-Timi (12.11.20)JLGB- Appointed (Governing body)12.11.20-11.11.24None3/309.02.22