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At Drapers Mills Primary Academy we welcome all prospective parents/carers to come and have a tour of our wonderful school.  If you are interested in having a look around please contact the main office on 01843 223989



Kent County council forward admissions booklets to all Infant and Primary schools in January of each year. This book outlines all necessary information regarding the admission procedures for parents requesting Reception places for September of the same year.


Please click here to go to KCC's school admissions page.


Applications are then invited on line at the above KCC website. Parents/carers are advised to nominate three schools in preferential order. KCC will then endeavour to allocate a school of your choice. Parents are normally informed of their allocated school by Easter.

You will be invited to a meeting prior to your child starting school where you will meet your child's teacher. At this meeting you will be able to ask any questions you may have and also receive information regarding the arrangements for your child's start at school. The information we receive will be stored on the school computer for our record keeping. In order for us to keep all information about your child up to date please let us know of any changes which may take place i.e change of address, phone number, emergency contact etc.


Casual admissions


Casual admissions are the responsibility of Drapers Mills Primary Academy. Application forms can be obtained from the school's office or directly from Kent County council Please enquire at the school office, using the details at the top of our site for further information.





If you are unhappy with the school place you have been offered you can appeal for any of the schools you named in your application.


KCC recommend you still accept the place your child has been offered, this will not affect your appeal and will guarantee your child has a school place if your appeal is unsucessful.  If your appeal is successful you must remember to tell the school you were originally offered that you no longer require the place.


If you were not offered your chosen school, this is usually because the school is full and there were other children who more closely met the school's oversubscription criteria.


Please see the KCC website for more information.


If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact the school office:



Telephone: 01843 223989