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Parents who have been concerned about recent international events in the news

Dear Parents and  Carers, I know some of you have concerns around recent events in the news regarding Radicalisation and Extremism.


As a school, we have  duty to be very aware of how radicalisation and extremism can impact on our children and families. Therefore, with this in mind, I would like to make you aware of some of the measures the school takes to help educate children around areas such as 'tolerance' and 'respect.'


Those with extremist views will often try and express their views through social networking and the internet, such as YouTube clips etc. We have a firewall in school which is recommended by Kent  Education Authority which helps prevent social networking sites being accessed in school and limits websites  and images.


We have an Extremism and Radicalisation Policy which helps set out how staff should deal with concerns and there are a number of signs  identified which can sometimes be associated with those who are becoming radicalised,  which staff can be aware of and alert to.


Our school strongly promote British Values, one of which is Tolerance. We bring this into assemblies, Circle times, When dealing with inappropriate behaviour and any other opportunities within our curriculum to ensure children understand tolerance and respect for others. RESPECT is also one of our School Values.


Staff have had some training relating to Radicalisation and Extremism and are aware of what to look out for.


The school has lockdown procedures for any such relevant emergencies.


How can you help?

Be aware of what your child is accessing on the internet and with gaming as extremists can often try and get their message across through this media. Check games, websites and social networking sites are age appropriate and give children the confidence to share their worries if they see something inappropriate.


Model Tolerance in your own lives as much as possible. Children are significantly influenced by their families so if you are modelling respect and tolerance, this will help them to understand these concepts and build on what we teach them in school.


Inform our Child Protection lead, Mr Scott Wilson if you have any worries or concerns. We are always happy to talk. If you are unsure about parental Settings on computers and tablets, or firewalls for devices, then please feel free to ask the school for advice.

I hope this helps.