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KCC 'School Street' - extension to pilot

We have been informed by KCC that their 'School Street' pilot will be extended until Friday 23rd October. This means that St Peters Footpath - the small road directly outside the main school entrance - will be closed between 8.00 - 9.30 and 2.00 - 3.30. This is to create a safer, healthier and more pleasant environment for children and their families when they come to school. 


Full details can be found HERE.   


Parents are encouraged to walk or cycle to school as an alternative.


Because the road is closed to traffic, it means that the school can safely open the two gates on St Peters Footpath to reduce congestion, in line with its 'Covid-19' Back to School Risk Assessments.


For those families who need to use a car for the school run, we are encouraging them to use our Park and Stroll option, parking in Dane Valley Road and walking the remaining distance to school. Full details can be found HERE. Photos of the newly surfaced track from Dane Valley Road towards the school can be seen below. 


As a school, we appreciate the initial inconvenience that this may cause to parents and members of the local community but we are hopeful that the initiative creates a safe, healthy and positive environment for all to benefit from.


KCC would welcome your initial thoughts about the School Street initiative by completing a quick survey HERE.  


J Manclark