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Dear Parent and Carer,


I hope this letter finds you and your family well.  During this period of lockdown we are very aware of the additional pressure on families and we've been looking at ways to support you.  Managing learning at home, supporting mental health and well-being are all additional challenges in this current situation.


Starting on Thursday 30 April, in association with Action Your Potential, we are running 10 weeks of webinars for parents and students all about the amazing human brain.  They're 40 min webinars with opportunities for questions at the end.  Each session will end with strategies to support learning or well-being which participants will be encouraged to try out between sessions.  If you can't make all the webinars, you can catch up with them via recordings which are available for a limited period of time afterwards via a website.


The webinars run between 7 - 7:45pm every week.  The full programme is below.  Our aim is to offer support to you and your children in learning all about your amazing brain.   Each session offers deep insights into how our brain works and how to get more out of it.  As the programme builds it will support you and your child to apply key strategies in the construction of a daily plan to support well-being, mental health and maximise learning.  You can access the sessions on a phone, tablet or laptop.


If you would like to sign yourself and your son or daughter up to these totally free webinars then click on the link.  Action Your Potential will only use your data for the purposes of informing you about this programme and will be in touch explaining how to join the first webinar shortly.  We take your privacy seriously and comply with all UK General Data Protection Regulations. A copy of TKAT privacy notice can be found here.  


Yours sincerely


Mr J Manclark





Be A Neuro-Ninja Programme for Parents, Carers and Students at TKAT Family Of Schools


We’ve learnt more about our amazing brains in the last 10 years than we have in the last 10,000.  This is stuff none of us ever learnt at school.  Once we understand our amazing brains we can help our children to become neuro-ninjas, living inside their brains in ways that help them get more out of learning and life every day.


Q: What’s a Neuro-Ninja? 


A: Someone who lives in their brain knowing how it works and how to get the very best out of it.   By learning about our amazing brains we can help our children become unstoppable in pursuit of their dreams.


Date & Time

Session Title

What We’ll Cover

Thu 30 Apr 7 –7:45pm

Well-Being Is A Skill

How to manage daily well-being through 12 daily activities & habits that support a healthy, balanced brain.

Thu 1 May 7 –7:45pm

KI2: What Are We Like?

How to live more positively in a brain and mind built by evolution to be negatively biased.

Thu 15 May 7 –7:45pm

KI3: Plastic Fantastic

We are what we think, do & feel.   We look at how to use our brain’s neuroplasticity to support new habits and learning in ourselves & our children.

Thu 22 May 7– 7:45pm

KI4: Getting On With & Over Ourselves

We look at how the mind is built by the brain and how we can use this fact to help us build positive habits more effectively every day.

Thu 29 May 7– 7:45pm

KI5: Being Anxiety Aware

We look how to manage anxiety.  If we can reduce worry we can increase enjoyment & engagement in life & learning.

Thu 4 Jun 7– 7:45pm

KI6: Feeling It, Becoming Emotionally Aware

We need to develop a positive relationship with our negative emotions and practice emotional hygiene.  We look at to help our children to do this every day

Thu 11 Jun 7- 7:45pm

KI7: I Will Power

Will power is a skill.   We have two types, I want to power and I have to power.  To succeed we need to manage our effort and learn to rest, not give up.

Thu 18 Jun 7 – 7:45pm

KI8: The Learning Brain

Learning is 3 processes, not 1.  We look how to support learning through daily practice and the habits that enhance and amplify learning.

Thu 25 Jun 7 – 7:45pm

KI9: Under The Influence

Our brain is influenced by other people, chemicals, habits, attitudes.  We look at these impacts and how support great mental health every day.

Thu 2 July 7 – 7:45pm

KI10: The Daily Plan

Managing our brain every day, means building the best mind every day whilst planning to improve that mind in perpetuity.