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Covid-19 Update - September 2021

Parents can find the school's latest Covid-19 Risk Assessments HERE. These have been written in line with the latest Government guidance. I encourage all parents to read the Risk Assessments as they explain all the measures that the school are taking to reduce the risk of the spread of Covid-19 in our setting. 


You will see that the main changes are as follows: -


* There is no longer a need to keep the children in their year group bubbles. In the unfortunate event of someone in the school community testing positive for Coronavirus, we will follow the guidance provided regarding isolation. 

* Assemblies are now able to take place in school. However, we will limit these to a small number of year groups and continue whole school assemblies using a video link to classes. 

* There is no longer an expectation that masks are worn on the school site. However, some staff and parents may still exercise their right to do so. Please respect all of our school community by keeping your distance from others, keeping outside of the 2 metre boxes painted by the classroom doors and by not blocking entrances to the school by congregating in groups. 

*  All three gates to the school will continue to be open at the start and end of each day.

     - They will open at 8.30am and close PROMPTLY at 8.45am each




     - They will open again at 3.00pm every afternoon. School does not

     finish until 3.15 and your child will not leave class until then so please

     not arrive too early.


We will continue to share any updates as and when they are received. 


We look forward to seeing you all back at school tomorrow.


Mr J Manclark