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ASSEMBLY: Keep on Singing

In this morning's assembly, the children will be discussing the

importance of singing.


They watched this video and discussed the points below ...


* Why did these performers put this video together for people during lockdown?


* How did it make you feel?


* Singing is known to lift people’s moods and make them feel better. During this time of lockdown, many people have used the time to produce recordings of people singing together, to make them happy and to cheer others up.


* Why do people sing?

* Do you have a favourite song?

* Have you ever listened to music through headphones and sung along without realizing?

* Do you sing in the bath or shower? Do you sing in any other ‘strange’ places?

* Why do people sing in church and/or assembly?



* How important is singing to you?

* Is there anything else you do to ‘cheer yourself up’?

* How do you make others happy?