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Young First Aid Award

Young First Aider

We offer our children in Key Stage 2 the opportunity to learn a practical life skill that will stay with them for life. First aid equips our children with the ability to save a life or render first aid in response to an emergency. Taught by a qualified British Red Cross First Aid Tutor/Assessor the children have access to the Teach the Difference approved schools programme provided by St John Ambulance. The course has been split into three levels based on skill difficulty and stage appropriateness. All skills are continually assessed to ensure correct procedures are followed and the treatment delivered is safe. 

First Aid Level 1 provides children with the skills to cope in an emergency, enabling them to be effective communicators and deliver safe casualty care, manage minor bleeding and perform the recovery position.

First Aid Level 2 allows children to build on their skills and knowledge by understanding the risks associated with some medical conditions such as severe allergic reaction and low blood sugar, and how best to deal with these emergencies. We also cover heavy bleeding and shock and how to bandage to make their treatment effective, safe and prompt. 

First Aid Level 3 or "Young First Aider" is the final award which extends the children's knowledge and understanding of more complex first aid situations covered by the Teach the Difference programme. This stage teaches high level skills such as identifying and managing chest pains, seizures and delivering CPR. This level ensures that all components of the Teach the Difference award are taught and assessed to ensure that the children are safe and effective life savers. 

Peer Mentor Scheme 

This scheme is open to Year 5 and 6 students who have completed the full three stages of the Teach the Difference programme and are Young First Aiders. Building on our school values of Leadership, we encourage Young First Aiders to become Peer Mentors, so they can pass on their skills to other children and are part of the teaching and facilitating of first aid skills to new students. This not only enables the Young First Aider to put their skills in practice, but offers an opportunity to hone their first aid abilities to maintain correct and safe practice. We actively encourage Peer Mentors to take the lead in teaching some aspects of the Teach the Difference programme, under the guidance of the first aid trainer, and to assist in the continually assessments of skills when the students break off into their practical sessions. Peer Mentors offer an invaluable contribution (another school value) to ensure that their peers are accessing the programme effectively. The Peer Mentors receive training in becoming successful facilitators of learning and public speaking skills to prepare them for delivering aspects of the programme at a weekly lunch time session.


I am very grateful for the contribution of our four Peer Mentors who assist in the smooth delivery of the two First Aid Club sessions run on a Thursday and Friday after school. Thank you.


If you child is interested in accessing the Young First Aider Award please indicate this on the club selection letter sent out at the beginning of each term. If you have any questions or wish to contribute to our club please speak to Mr Flannery.