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Year 6

Information regarding this evening’s Year 6 Prom;

Any vehicles that may be dropping children off need to use the staff car park to do so. The entrance gate will be held open and will have balloons tied to either side for easy recognition. Cars will then need to exit through the other gate. This should create a sort of turning circle and flow of cars to avoid issues along St Peters Footpath.

Children will then go through the wooden gate in the car park, along the front of the school and then into the KS1 playground where the Prom will be taking place. Anyone arriving on foot can either use the same gate in the car park, or come through the main green gate up into the playground.

Parents are welcome to take pictures during drop off, but we ask that you then leave until the children need picking up again at 7.30pm.

The children do not need to bring any money with them, all refreshments have been supplied from the fund that you paid into previously, thank you for this.

There will be adults around with iPads taking lots and lots of pictures, please ask your children to leave their phones at home. All photos will be shared with them afterwards.

We hope they are looking forward to it, they deserve it!

Miss Johnson

Welcome to the Year 6 webpage! 


Cowell class - Miss Lehan and Mrs Jeavons 


Rowling class - Miss Johnson, Mrs Thomas and Mrs Marriott


Shakespeare class - Ms Rees and Mr Davies


Additional teacher - Mrs Stevens 

Key information 


PE day is a Friday - please can all children arrive at school in their PE kits and they will stay in this all day. Please try and ensure that they are wearing a red t-shirt with trainers and shorts in the warmer weather and tracksuit bottoms in colder weather. 


Reading - please ensure that your child is reading every day and their reading record comes into school with them each day so we can stay up to date with their current reading level. 


Social distancing - we are making every effort to ensure that your child is being kept safe within school by staggering play and lunch times, re-arranging classrooms, having a constant supply of cleaning materials and hand sanitiser in the classroom and keeping our distance from them where we can. 

To help with this, please can you ensure that only one adult is picking up/dropping off each day to limit the amount of people we have on the playgrounds at any one time. 

Also, it would be very helpful for your child to bring a water bottle with them to school that they can keep at their desks with them to limit movement around the classroom. 


A fantastic home learning project based on our science topic this term. Well done boys!

A celebration of the learning taking place this week, both in school and remotely. A massive thank you to everybody for making this happen!

                                   Safer Internet Day 2021

           Year 6 have been exploring how to stay safe online . 


Online safety posters created my Year 6

Year 6 have been enjoying the snow today whilst collecting data that we have used to create line graphs.

Remote learning

If your child has been directed to isolate at home, then we are providing home learning for them on our Google Classroom. 

Your child has their own gmail email address and password, if they have misplaced this, then please contact and your child's teacher will email the information over to you. 

On Google classroom, we are trying to provide your children with all of the learning that they ordinarily receive at school. There are Literacy, Maths, Reading and Wider curriculum lessons for each day as well as arithmetic practice and Maths Meetings guidance. 


Google classroom can be a little daunting and confusing at first, so please let us know if you need help getting to grips with it. We have been setting homework on Google Classroom for the whole of this term so far, in the hopes that this has given children and parents a head start in getting used to using it. Contact your child's teacher at if you need any help. 

                     Term 3 

This week year 6 have been exploring  Place2Be's mental health week . 

The theme is 'Express yourself'


The children have been looking at how to stay happy and healthy by exploring what makes them happy in difficult times.


This week year 6 have been exploring how the climate of a country affects the lives of it population 

Have a look at them amazing presentations 


Term 2


This term, we are studying 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban'. If your child is learning at home, then please get them to read this book. I have uploaded the pages onto Google Classroom if you do not have it. 

We have been really unpicking this story, the children have been absolutely loving it! 



We have also used this book as a stimulus for our Literacy learning. The children first explored Portal stories and wrote some brilliant ones of their own. 

Here is Mel's as an example, just look at all of the amazing tools she has used to create suspense!



You might be surprised to hear that Year 6 have been learning about algebra this term! They have done an amazing job of using 'knowns' and 'unknowns' to create algebraic expressions and then solve them to find the missing value/values!

See if they can remember how to solve the following equations...


We are currently conducting an investigation to see how different variables effect the rate and amount of mould that grows on bread. We are very curios to find out the results! 

Term 1

This term, our topic is 'Vikings' and the book that we are focusing most of our learning around is 'How to train your dragon'. 

We had a visit from the Minister of Dragons to gain information on how we could get rid of the different species of dragons that had invaded the school throughout the night! He knew a lot about all of the different dragons that it could have been!

Year 6 have been looking at Wishing Tales and have used the original story of 'How to train your dragon as inspiration for this. They did an amazing job of writing their own, using a range of different devices to make their stories as impactful as possible!


To start off the term, our focus in Maths is on place value. We have been using grids like the one shown below to learn about the place value of numbers up to the 10,000,000 column. 

Can your child tell you which number is shown below? Can they create some of their own? 

Can your child remember the meaning of the following key vocabulary from this week? 


Place value

Hundred thousand

Ten thousand




Efficient strategies

We have also been exploring the use of 'efficient strategies' when completing equations with a range of different operations. 

The idea behind this, is that children will be able to identify the easiest and most time effective way of solving equations, rather than following a set procedure that they have been taught. 

Here are a couple of examples;


23,235 + 31,542 

The children are now able to identify that this can be solved using 'known facts' e.g. 2 + 3 = 5, and column method is not necessary. They can solve this in their heads using 5 simple addition equations to find that the sum is 54,777. 




51,543 + 12,050

The children should be able to notice that they can 'round and adjust' the second addend to make it 12,000, giving the 50 to the first addend, making the equation 51,593 + 12,000 which is much easier to solve. 




They know that sometimes column method can be the most efficient strategy if none of their other efficient strategies are the easiest way of solving something. 


Give your child some equations like this and see which strategy they choose! 

Rowling class have been using place value charts and counters to explore place value and multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000


Can your child tell you any information about the following categories; 


Rowling class brought in their favourite books to share with the class. It was lovely to hear about their favourite books and why they love them so much!