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Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 page


Teachers:          Mrs Jennings-Payne  and Miss Kirkpatrick       Wilson Class

                          Mrs Kirkpatrick                                                  Dickens Class



HLTA / TA:         Mrs Mills

                          Miss Smith

Happy New year to all of Year 5!

We hope you have had a good break, and are ready to get going with our online learning!



Our current topic is SPACE

What do you already know about space? What would you like to learn?



The order of the planets is as follows: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. 


But there are so many questions about our Solar System that you could begin to think about:

What are each of the planets made of? 

How did they originate?

Do they move?

We know there is life on earth, but are there life forms on other planets?


Can you come up with any more questions about our Solar System? Can you answer any of those questions by doing a little research?



Click the link here to see an overview of what our planets are doing right now - CLICK HERE

To learn a little more about Space, and try to find some answers, try this link - CLICK HERE

Our current reading texts are

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone (JK Rowling)

Clockwork (Philip Pullman)





Accelerated Reader


Please let us know when you finish a book by emailing us on


"So please, oh please, we beg, we pray, go throw your TV set away, and in its place you can install a lovely bookshelf on the wall." – Roald Dahl



Helpful Displays

Use these photographs of your classroom displays to support your writing. You could save the images to your device and have a look at them when you are set a writing task. 


Can you incorporate any new vocabulary?

Can you figure out the spelling of a difficult word using your phonics knowledge?

Can you suggest anything to add to our displays that may be helpful in the future?






We will be doing some work on fractions this term - how could this display help you?

Could you make your own fraction wall?

Next time you share something (cake/toast/sweets/pencils etc) can you work out a fraction to represent how you have shared it?

Do your research - what is an 'equivalent' fraction?





PE Days


Year 5 with be having PE on Tuesdays. Children are being asked to come to school in their PE kit for the day.

Science - investigating how levers work to make tasks easier. We started by using a human seesaw then moved inside to investigate on a smaller scale

Our Anti bullying t-shirt designs

We used Dienes to create grids to multiply 2 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers

Google Classroom instructions

Still image for this video

Term 2 Book

We made our own Anderson Shelters

In Maths we investigated Roman numerals

We created some art based on the Blitz

What materials can you see from where you are standing? Why were these materials used?

In term 1 we are going to be looking at the time of World War 2.