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Year 5

Home Learning:

The Year 5 Teaching Team are continuing to upload work on the website every day. Please see the tabs below for each subject area.


Kind regards,


Year 5 Team.


Contact Year 5 Teaching Team

Should you have any queries, please use the form below, or email address, to communicate with Year 5 teachers. Please specify child's name and their class within the contact form and any corresponding email address that the teaching team can communicate with yourself. Best wishes, Year 5.

Here's some more brain exercise for you! Good Luck!

This is a great site if you enjoy a 'Spot the Difference' challenge!

Have a go at this quiz; it's only 12 questions!

What's your sporting knowledge like? Have a go at the quiz, then check your answers - maybe test someone in your house?

Check out your answer to last week's number riddle!

Here are some number puzzles to tease your brain! (Answers on ppt below.)

Did the numbers SCRAMBLE your brain, or were you EGGcellent?

How many of these can you figure out? (Answers on ppt below!)

Check your 'riddling' skills!

Can you figure this one out? I'll give you the answer next week! Why not have a go at writing your own Number Riddle?

Have a go at the challenge, then see how may more words you can make with the letters in 'spelling'!

Open up the documents below to find some brain-teasers that you can do alone or with others in your house. HAVE FUN! If you enjoy this quiz and haven't done the others, scroll down to find numbers 1, 2 and 3!

Here are the answers to the 2 latest quizzes. I wonder how you did?

General Knowledge Quiz 3!

Open the ppt. to check your answers to last week's Word-fit puzzle and the associated challenges.

Now for a bit of history..........

Picture Spelling Quiz 2. How did you do?

How's your popular music knowledge?

Have a go at the quiz below about last year's chart music.

Why not challenge someone in your house?

(Answers next week!)

Who can you name? What did they sing?

Check your answers to the first spelling quiz below, then try this one!

Pictoral Spelling Quiz 1 answers! How did you do?

Mrs Roberts, our SENCo, has uploaded some really useful information and resources which we would like to direct Parents/Carers to. 

General Knowledge Quiz Number 2!

How did you get on with the first one?

Why not have a go at writing a quiz of your own?

             General Knowledge Quiz Number 1

Here's a General Knowledge Quiz that will get your family thinking!


Why don't you have a little competition in your house?


There'll be one of these on here every few days; keep your family's scores and the member with the most answers right will get a certificate!



School closure information


On this web page, you will find work that your child can do every day. If you do not have access to a printer, please use the sheets on a tablet/computer/phone so your child can use the workbook we have provided them with, or paper that you have at home.

As well as the work provided, please ensure that your child is reading every day. This can be a book from home and please continue to write in their reading records so they can still be working towards earning their rewards.

You may find that we have supplied worksheets that cater for a range of abilities, in these cases, please choose the one that you think best suits your child.

We have also sent your child home with the log in information for Times Table Rockstars, please continue to use this every day. Should your child forget their login - please contact the team. 


If you have any further questions, or would like some more work for your child, please use the following email address: or simply fill in the contact form, located below. 

Please email Year 5 Team with photographs of work completed - feedback will be given. 


All teachers in the year group will have access to this email accounts and promote open communication with all our parents and carers and shall respond accordingly.

There is an expectation that children should be completing this work and you will find that this will help them stay occupied throughout the day and therefore help to keep them calmer!


Stay safe and well and we look forward to seeing you all as soon as possible.


The Year 5 Team.

Recent Learning.

Roehampton Class: We use our Destination Reader Board to develop vocabulary and improve knowledge of English grammar.

Year 5 and World Book Day meet



Have a great half term!

From the Year 5 team


Spanish - Directions (13.02.20)

Practise naming places in town through this interactive game: (Memory game)


Use the new directions you learnt by listening to this song: (Spanish Directions song) 


Literacy - Acting out an explanation text

Spanish - Directions - 05.02.20

We have started learning directions in Spanish. Listen to these songs to practise the new words you learnt: 

Hook day - 04.02.20

Our 3D models!

Science 22.01.20

Literacy - Inventing new words and using Shakespearian insults!

Having fun in P.E! (15.01.20)

Maths - Practical activities exploring area, money, etc.

Science - Learning about planets

Spanish 10.01.20 - Places in a city

Literacy 07.01.20 - Aliens have been sighted!

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! Can you name the film?

Maths 17.12.19 - Creating Seasonal cards with 2D/3D shapes

Spanish 13.12.19 - Christmas vocabulary

This week, the children in Year 5 learnt words related to Christmas in Spanish. They also listened to this famous song: 'Feliz Navidad' 


Children, can you remember what 'Feliz Navidad' means? 


Practise some words by clicking these links: (Interactive game)

Science 10.12.19 - Creating experiments

Funky Hair Day 6th December 2019

Maths - measuring using different units (03.12.19)

Literacy - Acting out a story



Over the last few weeks, as a part of their WW2 topic, Bristol class have been learning some dances that were popular during the war. Parents, see if your child can show you some of the steps! Here's a link for you to practise laugh:



Spanish 14.11.19


As a part of anti-bullying week, we discussed what the word 'respect' means and why it is so important. The children watched this clip and we discussed its powerful message.



What does 'respect' mean to you? How do you show it?


07.11.19                                                  Spanish colours

What word did we learn for purple?

Science 07.11.19 - Exploring what makes a fair investigation

Maths 06.11.19 - Multiplying numbers by 10, 100 and 100

Art animation workshop 06.11.19

Literacy - Creating a text map 01.11.19

Science - Discussing steps in an experiment 29.10.19

Spanish - 16.10.19 (Las emociones)

Literacy 15/10/19 - Dictionary work

Spanish - Feelings


Hi parents/ carers,


Please remember that tomorrow 09.10.19 is our Year 5 trip to Dover Castle! We are all very excited and hope the children are too!


Key information

The children are allowed to bring a maximum of £5.00 as spending money. It will be their responsibility to keep it safe. If you have not yet paid for the trip, please come and see a member of staff about this.


We aim to leave promptly at 9:00 so please ensure your children are on time.


Many thanks,


The Year 5 team 

Literacy 08.10.19

Maths w.c. 08.10.19 - Working on tally charts

Literacy 04.10.19 - Working on synonyms for 'said'

WW2 food tasting session - 02/10/19


The children have been learning about WW2 and rationing in History. As a part of this, the Year 5 teachers prepared some interesting dishes for the children to try. 

They were:

- Beef and vegetable pie

- Oatmeal soup

- Two different types of bread with ginger jam

- Carrot scones

- Carrot cake 

- Orange cake


Well done to the children who were brave and tried something yes! Overall, they seemed to like the orange cake the most.


Children: What do you think it would have been like to be a child in WW2? Would you have liked eating those dishes all the time? Why/why not?


If you want to try making your own recipes with your families, follow this link:

Building lighthouses - 25/09/19

Science - Separating materials 24.09.19

Literacy w/c 17/09/19 - Recounts

Maths w/c 16.09.19

In Maths, last week, the children learnt to identify Roman numerals. This week, they started working on place value and ordering numbers up to 100 000. They practised using these symbols: < > =.

Children: Can you remember what they stand for? 

Here are some fun interactive games you can play to practise place value:


Enjoy laugh!


Science - Dissolving experiment

All of the Year 5 children have started learning about the effects of World War 2. Unfortunately, last week their classrooms were (temporarily) destroyed. The children discussed how this made them feel and thought about victims during the war. They also began to learn about Anne Frank's diary. 

Take a look at where Anne and her family lived during the war:


Children: Would you have liked to live there? Why?

Literacy - WW2