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Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 webpage!


Teachers: Mrs Jennings-Payne, Mrs Kirkpatrick, Mr Chantler and Miss Lamb

HLTAs and TAs: Mrs Haywood, Miss Moore, Miss Husband, Mrs Grainger and Mrs McGee


We aim to keep it up-to-date with pictures and important information. Please come and speak to a member of staff in you have any questions. 

Spanish - 16.10.19 (Las emociones)

Literacy 15/10/19 - Dictionary work

Spanish - Feelings

Spanish - Feelings 1
Spanish - Feelings 2


Hi parents/ carers,


Please remember that tomorrow 09.10.19 is our Year 5 trip to Dover Castle! We are all very excited and hope the children are too!


Key information

The children are allowed to bring a maximum of £5.00 as spending money. It will be their responsibility to keep it safe. If you have not yet paid for the trip, please come and see a member of staff about this.


We aim to leave promptly at 9:00 so please ensure your children are on time.


Many thanks,


The Year 5 team 

Literacy 08.10.19

Maths w.c. 08.10.19 - Working on tally charts

Literacy 04.10.19 - Working on synonyms for 'said'

WW2 food tasting session - 02/10/19


The children have been learning about WW2 and rationing in History. As a part of this, the Year 5 teachers prepared some interesting dishes for the children to try. 

They were:

- Beef and vegetable pie

- Oatmeal soup

- Two different types of bread with ginger jam

- Carrot scones

- Carrot cake 

- Orange cake


Well done to the children who were brave and tried something yes! Overall, they seemed to like the orange cake the most.


Children: What do you think it would have been like to be a child in WW2? Would you have liked eating those dishes all the time? Why/why not?


If you want to try making your own recipes with your families, follow this link:

Building lighthouses - 25/09/19

Science - Separating materials 24.09.19

Literacy w/c 17/09/19 - Recounts

Maths w/c 16.09.19

In Maths, last week, the children learnt to identify Roman numerals. This week, they started working on place value and ordering numbers up to 100 000. They practised using these symbols: < > =.

Children: Can you remember what they stand for? 

Here are some fun interactive games you can play to practise place value:


Enjoy laugh!


Maths 1
Maths 2

Science - Dissolving experiment

All of the Year 5 children have started learning about the effects of World War 2. Unfortunately, last week their classrooms were (temporarily) destroyed. The children discussed how this made them feel and thought about victims during the war. They also began to learn about Anne Frank's diary. 

Take a look at where Anne and her family lived during the war:


Children: Would you have liked to live there? Why?

Literacy - WW2