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Year 5

Welcome to our Year 5 page



Class Teachers: Mr M Askew, Mr C Browne, Mrs J Jennings-Payne and Mr Chantler

HLTAs: Mrs M Hayward, Mrs L Mills and Mrs D Tuckell

A day out at Wingham Wildlife Park with year 5

For our Hook Day in Literacy the Blitz had not long been over head.

Investigative Science this week involved visiting the pond to test our water vessels: some worked much better than others

The first of our Battle of Britain Homework projects

INVESTIGATIVE SCIENCE - Gears, Pulleys and Levers

Investigative Science - predicting events

Year 5, Term 4 homework

Science - Who had the best grip on their shoes?

Year 5 Homework for term 3

Term's 3 Topic

Will we ever send another human to the moon again?


We will be looking at the scientific knowledge we hold about space and we will have a look at the news to find out what we can about the two news items: Ultima Thule and the dark side of the moon.  If you find out anything new please bring in the information into school.  

We will be linking the science topic to our literacy work by carrying out work linked to the text 'A Wrinkle in Time' by Madeleine L'Engle. 

In Maths, we are going to be looking at the 4 calculations and written strategies but a continued focus on the multiplication tables needs to be had both in school and at home to develop our pupils' knowledge and recall speed. 


In PE this term we have been using the apparatus

In Science, we created fair test to investigate static electricity and then this happened...

Year 5 finished our Mayan topic by making Chocolate bars to sell at the Christmas Fair

Children in Need paired reading in our Pyjamas and with our teddies

We had some French Children join our learning on Thursday 15th November

Which type of chocolate melts quickest?

We had a visiting singing teacher in to teach us I believe I can Fly

Building a Mayan Temple and moving the 'blocks' with rollers was not easy but we gave it a go.

Year 5 tried playing the ancient sport of Pok a Tok. It was very tiring and not easy

FizzPop Science Assembly - Learning about the Magic of Air

Year 5 children investigating dissolving.

We celebrated Roald Dahl's birthday by dressing up. Can you recognise the characters?

Term 1 and 2 - Our learning will be linked to the time of the Ancient Mayan Civilisation and the Rain Player book. What information or models can you bring in to contribute to our classroom environment?