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Year 4


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Welcome to Year 4's class page!


You will find lots of useful information on these pages as well as a documentation of your child's learning.


Thank you for taking the time to have a browse. ENJOY!


Year 4 class teachers :

Miss Kirkpatrick - Greenwich

Miss Lehan - Goldsmiths

Mrs Marks - Hertfordshire


Year 4 support staff :

Mr Lightfoot

Miss Moore

Miss Peters

Miss Mexter

Hertfordshire class felt that Mr Wilson was in need of more beans! A donation was made to empty our beans into his bath! 

During British Science Week, the children carried out some experiments to do with the topic of 'journeys' How far will the balloon travel? Fantastic scientific language and knowledge shown by the children. We considered fair testing and applied lots of science knowledge when recording our observations.

Fantastic World Book Day costumes from year 4. You all looked amazing!
Learning your time tables is important in everyday maths. How far can you go with your levels?

Class Trip Leeds Castle.

Year 4 will be visiting Leeds Castle for a Victorian day to introduce their new topic after Christmas.


Goldsmiths 16th January 2019

Greenwich 21st January 2019

Hertfordshire 24th January 2019


Please remember to return slips and payments to the class teacher or the office.

Don't forget to include your up to date contact details.


Trip letter is below



Goldsmiths have been learning about tooth decay.They carried out an experiment to determine which types of drinks have the most negative effect on their teeth and how long it take for decay to form.


All Year 4 staff would like to extend a huge 'thank you' to those parents and carers who are supporting our belief in the value of HOME LEARNING.

We are delighted with the number of children who are doing their weekly Home Learning tasks, and returning their books on time.


Sadly, there are still a number of children who are not participating in the Home Learning programme; this means that they are not benefiting from the consolidation of recent learning that the tasks provide.

PLEASE encourage your children to complete their Home Learning; if they do not understand a task, any member of staff will be happy to explain it.



Non - Fiction HOOK

Year 4 children worked together to compile a list of questions to ask their teachers. The questions they wrote were about their experiences in primary school.


Some very interesting questions ... and answers!

With our new skills, we are able to share our work and talk about ways to improve our writing.

At Drapers we believe in the value of TEAMWORK; children gain huge benefits from working with each other. They can support their peers by sharing knowledge and skills.

In MATHS this week Year 4 worked in groups to solve problems using addition and subtraction.Image result for teamwork

Year 4 have been concentrating on some areas of English grammar to help improve their writing.

Parents, carers, family members and friends, be so PROUD of these children!

They have all demonstrated an understanding of the spelling rule for creating plural nouns with 's' and 'es'.

That have also shown understanding of the rules for using 'a' and 'an' before nouns.

We have some fantastically artistic children in Year 4.

The focus of Collage University this week was 'Flowers and Plants'.

Here are a few of the results; aren't they wonderful?

Year 4 have been learning about negative numbers.


Learning about contractions

ICT - Computing


During ICT the children have been learning all about algorithms and how to use coding in games. They have enjoyed coding with the popular Minecraft!


Year 4's new text ...


A Walk in London by Salvatore Rubbino.


Literacy HOOK lesson ...


Creating London landmarks along the River Thames!

Exploring our environment in science. The children were asked to think about how our environment affects the habitats of living things.

Our new class pet!

Goldsmith Class Information

Hello and welcome to Goldsmiths class. We are looking forward to sharing our progress and the learning taking place in our class with you this year.


We have P.E on Wednesdays and Thursdays each week and it is really important that your child is properly equipped for these lessons with T-shirt, shorts, trainers and as the weather gets colder, track suit bottoms.


Every child will be sent home weekly homework,consisting of spellings and timetables on a Friday . This will need to be brought back to school the following Wednesday every week.


Reading record books are sent home daily. It is important that every child reads on a daily basis and has their book signed. This book should be brought to school every day.


If you have any questions I am available at home time each day.

Celebrating Roald Dahl day in Goldsmiths class

Goldsmiths amazing homework projects

Goldsmiths ICT Learning about coding

Goldsmiths Class

In Literacy we have been learning about the story A Walk in London.

               Image result for a walk in london salvatore rubbino Image result for a walk in london salvatore rubbino

We have learnt how to use apostrophes for contraction and possession.