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Year 3

School closure information

On this webpage, you will find work that your child can do every day. If you do not have access to a printer, please use the sheets on a tablet/computer/phone so your child can use the workbook we have provided them with, or paper that you have at home.

As well as the work provided, please ensure that your child is reading every day, this can be a book from home and please continue to write in their reading records so they can still be working towards earning their rewards.

You may find that we have supplied worksheets that cater for a range of abilities, in these cases, please choose the one that you think best suits your child.

We have also sent your child home with the log in information for Times Table Rockstars, please continue to use this every day.

If you have any further questions, or would like some more work for your child, please use the following email address; 

or simply fill in the contact form, located below. 

All three teachers will have access to this email account and we will respond accordingly. Miss Johnson will answer queries about children in Aberdeen class and Oxford class, any Literacy related work or any Maths related work and Mrs Marks will answer queries about children in Hertfordshire class, anything to do with Reading or any Wider Curriculum related work.

There is an expectation that children should be completing this work and you will find that this will help them stay occupied throughout the day and therefore help to keep them calmer!


Stay safe and well and we look forward to seeing you all as soon as possible.


Miss Johnson, Mrs Marks and Mrs Williams

Mrs Roberts, our SENCo, has uploaded some really useful information and resources which we would like to direct Parents/Carers to. 

Contact Year 3 Teaching Team

Should you have any queries, please use the form below, or email address, to communicate with Year 3 teachers. Please specify child's name and their class within the contact form and any corresponding email address that the teaching team can communicate with yourself. Best wishes, Year 3.

Below, you will find a list of websites that are brilliant for home learning!

Join me every day next week for a home workout 


Starting Monday 23rd March I'm going to be hosting a free workout aimed at kids LIVE on my YouTube channel.
With the schools closed and with us all spending more time at home, it's more important than ever that we keep moving and stay healthy and positive.
Exercise is an amazing tool to help us feel happier, more energised, and more optimistic.  
The workouts will be fun and suitable for all ages and even adults can get involved. 
You don't need any equipment, just tune in to my YouTube channel at 9am each morning for a 30-minute, fun workout. 

Lots of love, Joe x

Welcome to the Year 3 page! 

There are 3 classes in our year group; 


Aberdeen class 

Teacher: Miss H Johnson 

HLTA: Mr J  Job 


Hertfordshire Class 

Teacher: Mrs J Marks 

TA: Mrs E Thomas 


Oxford class

Teacher: Mrs L Williams 

TA: Mrs P Taylor 

This webpage is where you will find information about the year group and be able to stay up to date with your child's learning. 


Year group expectations; 



It is important for every child to read every day, please read with them and write in their home reading book so we can reward them for their hard work. They can win a whole host of great prizes by reading their book every day and it is pertinent to their development as a learner. 



This is set every Friday, there will generally one Maths and one Literacy based piece of work. This needs to be completed by the following Wednesday and brought back into school. 



Every child needs to be in a full school uniform every day. This includes; a tie, black shoes and a jumper, as well as a PE kit. This is part of the school uniform and every child needs to have one in school. 


Term 1 - The Victorians 


This Term we have been studying this book; 

We have used this book as a stimulus for our 'Losing story' and have been writing our own from this. We have been detectives looking for clues, like she did in the book. 

We have also been learning how to use inverted commas for speech, how to identify homophones and how to identify the correct articles for nouns.




We are now moving from a losing story to a recount in the form of a diary so the children spent the lesson completing memorable activities to write about including making Victorian inventions out of playdough! 


Explanation text hook day!! Year 3 experienced what it would have been like for children in a Victorian school! I don’t think they liked it!

Throughout the term we have been learning about the place value of three digit numbers, how to compare three digit numbers, how to partition three digit numbers, how to add and subtract hundreds and we will be looking at many more skills throughout the term! 

Week beginning 30/9 - We have been tackling some tricky new skills in Maths this week! We have started to use the Year 3 skill of adding and subtracting ones using the column method! The children have shown real perseverance with this.

Year 3 have spent a few weeks learning about fractions. They can find fractions of amounts and have even started to learn how to convert fractions into decimals! Next week - 2.12.19 we will be moving on to multiplication!

The Wider Curriculum


We have looked at the life of Queen Victoria, the lives of the rich and the poor and the industrial revolution. 


We have learned about some very important people from the Victorian era such as; Florence Nightingale, Dr Barnardo and Alexander Graham Bell. See if they can tell you why these people were so important and how they have impacted our lives today. 



We have been looking at light sources, whether materials are transparent, translucent or opaque and how shadows are formed. 



So far, we have learned numbers to 20 and basic greetings. 

Year 3 have LOVED learning the Spanish colours. See if they can remember some to use whan they are at home! 

Year 3 used chatterboxes to translate greetings from English to Spanish and conversed with each other.

Grandparents afternoon 4/10/19 

We researched and made Pillar boxes! 

11/10/19 The children had been researching bridges and then used a range of materials to try and construct their own!