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Year 1

Drapers Mill's We're All In this Together! By 1927 Theatre Company!

Virtual Sports Day!


Have ago at home with the family. 

Remember to send in photos or videos that we could share.

Join in at home with our school assembly today!


Watch the amazing singers on YouTube and discuss the following questions with your children.


How did it make you feel?

Why do people sing?

Do you have a favourite song?

Have you ever listened to music through headphones and sung along without realizing?

Do you sing in the bath or shower?

Why do people sing in church and/or assembly?

From Now On [The Greatest Showman] - The Welsh of the West End

IMPORTANT - Phonics Update!


As you were aware your children were going to take the Year 1 phonics test this year, however, due to COVID 19 it was postponed. 


We have now been informed that Year 1 children will be taking the test when they return in the new academic year. This will take place during the first couple of terms. 


With this in mind we are really hoping that you will help us and provide daily phonics sessions for your children. Please use the link below which has daily videos you can play to your child to help them keep up to date with their phonics.


Competition Time!

Tooth Fairy Reply

Competition Winner - Junior


Well done to Junior for being super creative this week and decorating pine cones and creating his own face mask using an old t-shirt! We are very proud of your creative work, well done to everyone that took part. smiley


Kent County Council- Road Safety Key Stage 1 Lesson

An interactive, educational road safety lesson for children in years 1-3.

School closure information


On this web page, you will find work that your child can do every day. If you do not have access to a printer, please use the sheets on a tablet/computer/phone so your child can use the workbook we have provided them with, or paper that you have at home.

As well as the work provided, please ensure that your child is reading every day. This can be a book from home and please continue to write in their reading records so they can still be working towards earning their rewards.

You may find that we have supplied worksheets that cater for a range of abilities, in these cases, please choose the one that you think best suits your child.

We have also sent your child home with the log in information for Times Table Rockstars, please continue to use this every day. Should your child forget their login - please contact the team. 


If you have any further questions, or would like some more work for your child, please use the following email address; or simply fill in the contact form, located below. 


Both class teachers will have access to this email accounts and promote open communication with all our parents and carers and shall respond accordingly.

There is an expectation that children should be completing this work and you will find that this will help them stay occupied throughout the day and therefore help to keep them calmer!


Stay safe and well and we look forward to seeing you all as soon as possible.


The Year 1 Team.

Mrs Roberts, our SENCo, has uploaded some really useful information and resources which we would like to direct Parents/Carers to. 

Contact Year 1 Teaching Team

Should you have any queries, please use the form below, or email address, to communicate with Year 1 teachers. Please specify child's name and their class within the contact form and any corresponding email address that the teaching team can communicate with yourself. Best wishes, Year 1.



Mrs Bratch and Mrs Hurley


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Rowe and Miss Kirkpatrick

Important Information



Your child will need a full PE kit on Mondays/ Wednesdays or Fridays. This should consist of: T-Shirt, shorts, plimsolls or sports shoes. Please also include a jumper and jogging bottoms for colder weather.



Reading: To be completed daily along with a phonics book twice a week.

Spellings: To be learnt over the weekend ready for testing on Monday morning.

Literacy/Math: The activities will be given every Friday to be completed by the following Wednesday.

Term 4

In Literacy this term we are looking at the film Monsters Inc.


Today we created a text map of the story Monsters Inc. 

Hook Day - Creating a Monster

This term in Literacy we have been focusing on suffixes.

The children have identified words ending in, -ing, -ed, -er and -est.  

They were able to find suffixes within a piece of text and then apply them within their writing. 


World Book Day 2020

Today the children celebrated world book day by exploring a range of stories and discussing characters and settings. The children were shown a picture and asked to predict what they thought was happening.  

British Science Week 2020

Do we all taste the same thing?

Today the children took part in a taste test to see if they could guess the flavour of the crisps. We discussed what taste buds are and looked at how they identify the flavours. 


Your Tongue: The Taste-Maker!

Term 3

In Literacy this term we are focusing on the film 'Frozen'.


This term in Literacy our focus has been on past and present words. 

The children started by sorting words into past and present groups. Then progressed onto finding them within our model text and using them within their writing. 

♫ Past, Present, and Future Tense Song For Kids ♫

Visit to the Church

Term 2

In Literacy we have been learning about the text 'Supertato'.



In Maths we have been subtracting this week and learning different methods such as crossing out and using a numberline. 

Home Learning Projects

This week the children have worked extremely hard creating supermarkets for our Supertato.

This week the children designed their own Supertato. Look at their super designs!

Term 1

In Literacy we have been learning about the text 'Pirate Love Underpants'.


Hook Day

The children in Year 1 went on an underpants hunt around the school. 

This week we have introduced the children to a non-chronological report about a pirate. They all went on a pirate hunt for the hook day and have created a text map based on the text.


In Maths we have been working with numbers to 10.

This week the children have been looking at greater than and less than within 10. The children have learnt to use the new <  > =





In Topic we have been learning about Pirates.

This week the children took part in a road safety workshop. They learnt the how to cross a road safely using the 5 simple steps:

Stop, Look, Listen, Think and Hold Hands.

This week the children had a visit from Canterbury Cathedral.