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Welcome to Westminster Class


Teacher: Mrs S Roberts  
Teaching Assistants:
 Mrs Manclark and Mrs Mills


Welcome to Westminster's Web Page.
On this page we will be posting regular updates and photographs of our exciting learning. 



Our new learning theme is Commotion in the Ocean.

Commotion in the Ocean theme sheet

We have been reading The Rainbow Fish

Class Newsletter 19th May

We have been learning about Jack and the Beanstalk.

We put pictures from the story in order and then used them to orally retell the story.

We also used props and puppets to act out the story.

The giant sent us some of his pens and pencils for us to do some giant writing!

We made our own beanstalk towers.

To develop our fine motor control we threaded some string into the golden harps.

Term 5 Learning Overview

Easter Egg Hunt

We came into class to find a letter from the Easter Bunny!  He left us clues to follow.  The children were really good at solving the rhymes to find the next clue.  Eventually we found our Easter baskets that were filled with chocolate eggs!

Easter Nests

Until you spread your wings you will have no idea how far you can fly

As promised above are the butterflies that we created from our marble printing.

Newsletter 24th March

We used a printing technique to create a colourful picture.  First we squeezed different colours of paint onto a tray.  Then we used our fingers to swirl the paint around.  Finally we placed the paper on top and carefully lifted it up.  Watch this space as we are going to use our prints to create some beautiful butterflies.

Marble Printing

Westminster Class Newsletter

We all looked amazing dressed up as our characters for World Book Day!
The children helped to make pancakes and enjoyed tasting them!

Pancake Day

Westminster Class Newsletter

Term 4 Learning Theme Overview

Term 4 Home Learning

Westminster Class Newsletter 3rd February 2017

Term 1


Our learning this week started with a book and a present!



The Naughty Bus arrived and took us on many adventures!



We made our own bus and car wash!

We built bridges and designed and made tickets for our journeys

...and sharing a book with a friend is the BEST!


We have all enjoyed tgetting to know each other and getting hooked into learning!

Look at our amazing writing!

We have been counting and ordering numbers!

Making Friends and Sharing!

Friday 9th September 2016

Wow! What a week and well done, children, mums, dads and carers!


We completly understand that starting ‘big school’ can be one of the most worrying and daunting experiences for children, parents and their families! Therfore, we strive to make the transition from Nursery to School an exciting and enjoyable memory, with as little anxiety and stress. You have all done fantastically well. Thank you for your support.


With your support, time and care the children have begun to settle into their classes beautifully, are developing impressive learning behaviours and have enjoyed getting to know each other, their teachers and their learning environment—inside and out!


We are all thoroughly impressed and look forward to the year ahead.


Well done, everyone!


Someone Special


The theme for our learning this term will be Someone Special. We will be sharing what makes each of us special, marvellous and unique.



Over the next few week, we will be having oodles of fun whilst getting to know each other, talking about ourselves, our families and our interests.



We will begin to make new friends and together, we will all  explore and get to know all three of our Reception Class Rooms, the other children and the adults who work in them. We’ll have plenty of fun learning opportunities in our outdoor learning space too. 


In maths, we will be singing counting rhymes and songs. In English, we will begin playing Phase 1 Letters and Sounds’ games and we will also start to learn the first set of Phase 2 sounds. How exciting!


We will also use the following books to help us with our learning:


Image result for i really want to eat a child         Image result for it's my birthday helen oxenbury


Image result for the naughty bus    


We will begin to learn how to  choose our own learning during our Child Initiated  Learning time.


We look forward to sharing more news with  you very soon.


Meantime, here's a link to a very special tune, sung by Will.iam and his friends from Sesame Street


Here are the lyrics, just to remind you how special you and your children are... enjoy!


If what I am is what's in me
then I'll stay strong - that's who I'll be
and I will always be the best
"me" that I can be

There's only one me, I am it
have a dream I'll follow it
It's up to me to try


Oh! I'mma keep my head up high (high)
Keep on reaching high (high)
Never gonna quit
I'll keep getting stronger

And nothing's gonna bring me down (no!)
Never gonna stop, gotta go
because I know
I'll keep getting stronger

And what I am is (thoughtful)
and what I am is (musical)
and what I am is (smart)
and what I am is (brave)
and what I am is (helpful)
and what I am is (special)
and what i am is (happy)
There's nothing I can't achieve
because in myself I believe and...

Oh! Gonna keep our heads up high (high)
Keep on reaching high
Never gonna quit
just keep getting stronger

And nothing's gonna bring us down (no!)
Never giving up, gotta go
Because I know
I'll keep getting stronger

What I am is (super)
What I am is (proud)
What I am is (friendly)
What I am is (grouchy)
What you are is (magical)
and what you are is (special)
There's nothing I can't achieve
because in myself I believe and...

Oh! Gonna hold my head up high (high)
Keep on reaching high (high)
I'm never gonna stop
I'll keep getting stronger

Nothing's gonna bring me down
Never give it up gotta go, oh... yeah...
I'll keep getting strong-er