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Spanish - Reviewing colours


Can you remember some of the colours in Spanish? Practise memorising them by listening to this song: 


Which colours can you say in more than one way?


Next, play these games to get even better! 




Finally, can you match the words in Spanish to the correct colour? Write the English and Spanish colours down in a notebook if you can!


Spanish - Reviewing body parts

Listen to this song and join in when you can smiley! 'Todo mi cuerpo' song.


Here are some posters for you to practise the words some more.



Now, play this interactive game and see how many words you can remember!



Draw a picture of a person and label the body parts you know in Spanish. You can use this template to help you:




Spanish - Directions

Last term, the children started to learn to use directions in Spanish. Here are some useful resources to practise using the key vocabulary. Click on the links above to review directions. 


Now, complete these activities!


1.) Listen to this song and follow the directions with someone in your family laugh! 


Remember the key words:

Derecha - right

Izquierda - left

Recto - straight 

Atrás - back

Salta - jump

Un paso - a step


2.) Play this interactive game and help the main characters complete their mission!


3.) Look at the map below. How would you get from:

- The park to the museum?

- The beach to the bakery?

- The station to the library? 



4.) Extension:   Can you write directions from your house to: a friend's house nearby, the supermarket, the bus stop or a local shop.