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This term in History we will look at Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and how has the way we celebrate Christmas change during their reign.

In Science we will learned about different types of plants. Do you know which of these plants are wild and which ones you can find in the garden?


This week in Topic we looked into RE. We learned about creation story and we discussed the fact that God rested on Sunday. Children drew pictures of what they usually do on Sunday and came up with ideas what they would like to create.

We also did some PSHE sessions and talked about what it means to be brave and what a good friend looks like. We discussed the rules at school and mentioned using kind words, kind hands and kind feet as well as keeping our hand to ourselves.

Why don't you watch some of these videos at home?

In Topic we have started learning about History, this week we discussed significant people in our lives and how their childhood was different to our childhood. We created some questions to find out more about their lives as children. We created beautiful cloud posters and are looking forward to finding out the answers to our questions.


In Topic we have started a science investigation to find out what a plant needs to survive. 

We have planted seeds but have deprived a plant from what it needs. For instance one without water, one without sunlight, one with soil. We have made predictions about which plant will grow the best. 


We also looked at what would happen to celery if we added food colouring to the water. The children were amazed to come in to the classroom and see the celery had changed colour. 



In P.S.H.E we have spoke about our emotions and discussed different words to describe how we are feeling. We have been shown where to go in our classroom to show if there is a change in our emotions using the Zones of Regulation. For example if we are feeling sad we would place our photo on the sad colour and then the adults know to help and support where needed. 

In Topic we have been creating collage self -portraits to celebrate what makes us different and unique. This has helped the children practice those much needed fine motor skills such as scissor skills, pencil grip and attaching different resources together. We have talked about our aspirations and what we might want to be when we grow up. 


We have been learning about our school rules and rules regarding our safety (Covid) such as washing hands and staying in our bubbles as well as talking about any worries we may have. 


We have also been using our outdoor area to plant seeds and over the coming weeks will be learning what a plant needs to grow.