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Term 5- World Of Mini Beasts

Welcome back to a new term full of exciting learning! We hope you all had a restful break and look forward to seeing you back at school! This term children will learn about mini beasts and find out about the life cycle of frogs through the story of the Tadpole's Promise by Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross.



The children chose to compare our tadpoles to the ones in our information book. They noticed that ours don’t have their back legs yet, this is the next growth stage for our tadpoles. When they grow their back legs they then become froglets.

Week beginning 19/04/2021

This week we welcomed the children back after the Easter holidays, we have let them settle back into the nursery setting by giving them the option to choose what toys they’d like to access. We have now also opened up access to our sandpit! The children have had lots of fun building sand castles, using different tools in the sandpit as well as exploring our bikes and our new and improved construction area in our garden. The children have used tools to role-play fixing our garden equipment, they have dressed up as builders and even built bridges using the large blocks.

Week beginning 26/04/2021

This week we have continued to focus on our topic “lifecycle of a frog”. The children have taken part to create their own frogs using paper plates and cut out materials. This task was a challenge for the children to see if they could fold the paper back and fourth to make jumpy frog legs, our children tried very hard with this. We also looked at the order of the life cycle, some of our children remembered the stages from the video we have been watching this week. We have also done some number work and more construction play with different objects and lastly, we fed our tadpoles some cucumber which they loved! The children and the grown ups were fascinated by this.

Week beginning 3/05/2021

This week we have been focusing on a new story “The very lazy ladybird” the children have enjoyed re-telling what animals they see in the story so far. We have done lots of different activities involving mini-beasts this week, the children have started to make their own ladybirds out of egg boxes, they have taken part in butterfly symmetry using colourful paints and again we have had messy play to explore! 

We have also noticed a change in our tadpoles this week. A couple of them have now developed their back legs so they are now known as “Froglets” the next stage of their life cycle. Our children have been very interested to see the change in the tadpoles.