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Term 2

Week 7

A big THANK YOU to all the parents and family present at our Nativity show last Tuesday. It was, I am sure you will agree, a real success!

The children sang their hearts out and remembered all their words! As well as singers, we had amazing readers and actors.

I am so proud of Penguins class and the other year 1 classes for all the hard work and efforts they have put into the preparation for this event. 

Festive events

Week 6

Year 1 learning with parents

Thank you to all for such a big turn up! We have had a wonderful time in Penguins class this afternoon. The children have thoroughly enjoyed creating Christmas decorations for our classroom. It was a real pleasure to watch both children and parents so engrossed together in craft activities.

Thank you again for a lovely end of the week!

PS: The children did a great job of tidying up afterwards...


Star of the week

Our star this week is Daniel for his amazing work and presentation in writing. Daniel has recently started to segment simple words in order to write and is relying on less support to complete his work. Well done Daniel!


Penguins Newsletter

Christmas lunch

Teachers and children have enjoyed a lovely Christmas meal together. Children's table manners were excellent and all made efforts to eat their vegetables and even tried some Brussels sprouts!

Some of our week's learning

The children are learning to use comparative adjectives in their sentences when speaking and writing.


This paper chain is taller than me!

That paper chain is longer than my arms!

Comparative rules:

  • One-syllable adjectives, add -er to the adjective (long-longer)
  • If adjective ends in consonant-vowel-consonant, double the last consonant and add -er (big-bigger, fat-fatter)
  • Two syllable adjectives ending in -y, change -y to -ier (happy-happier)
  • Two or more syllable adjectives, use 'more' with unchanged adjective (intelligent-more intelligent)

We have started to apply our knowledge of the alphabet to look up for tricky words in the dictionary.

Where in the dictionary would you search for the words below written in italic? At the beginning? In the middle? Towards the end?


                 Tigers are the carnivorous mammals.

                 They are an endangered species.

                 In some parts of the world, they have become almost extinct

Showing the class how to use the dictionary to find out how to spell 'dangerous' during our Literacy input.

Week 5


Our RED TED winners!

Race for Life - Investigation- Are tall girls running faster?

Our learning environment

We are busy having fun and learning!

Alphabet song

Still image for this video

Practise singing and writing the alphabet in the correct order.

Children have been practising their letters' names and sounds. Please help your child improve their letter shapes and recognition. 

Can they say all the letters' names and sounds? 

Can they write lower and upper case letters with the correct shape?

Use the worksheet below to practise at home as regularly as you can.

Remember, your support at home makes all the difference! smiley



Week 4

A peek at our classroom...

Non-standard units

We used cubes and dominoes to measure the length, width and height of objects.





Standard units

We are learning to measure length using rules, meter sticks and measuring tapes. We are recording our results in centimeters. 

Week 3


There they are! Our very first RED TED owners! I am very proud of Kevin, Joseph, Scarlett, Marta and Lydia for reading 50 + times!!!! What super stars!

Nobody gets in the way of a Penguin!



What have we been up to this week????

We had a wonderful time listening to and exploring the different musical elements of The Tiger Fight from The Jungle Book.

We started with discussing what musical instruments we could hear.

"There are lots of trumpets, they are very loud." (Larah)

"I like the guitar." (Callum)

The children then told each other how the music made them feel and tried to give reasons. They drew pictures to express their feelings.

"The drums make me feel strong because they are loud. (Jenson)

"The drums scared me because of the BANG!" (Scarlett)

"The trumpets are saying RUN AWAY!!!" (Cameron)

We used our imagination and had fun drawing pictures, acting out and writing about what the music could be about.

We found out afterwards what the music was really about and watched the clip from the Jungle Book about The Tiger Fight.

A few of us had guessed it right! It was about a tiger!





Sorting animals in science and learning about their diets.

We talked about the importance of being safe when using the Internet.

The children had fun using bubble writing to design their own usernames.

Remember, never give your name or other personal detail online.


We are pursuing our number bonds quest. The children have found this a challenge at times but their endeavour and hard work are starting to off.

So please keep practising those number bonds to 10 at home!

Week 2




Tigers everywhere!

Penguins newsletter 13.11.15

We have started our igloo...

Watch this space!


Our tricky words tree

This term homework will include some high frequency words and tricky words.

Please, help your child practise reading and writing these words regularly.



Information book blurbs

We are learning about the features of non-fiction texts.

We have explored some information books about animals and looked at blurbs in particular. 

Gymnastics-Using our bodies to make shapes

Remembrance Day

We have learned facts about World War I and found out why people wear poppies on the 11th of November. The children made their own poppies and wrote recounts about the war.

We discussed the meaning of peace and drew pictures to represent it.




Week 1

Welcome back, we are looking forward to a very busy and exciting term!


We will continue to explore a range of books about tigers and learn about the features of non-fiction or information books.

If you have any books about tigers that you  would like to share with us, please bring them to school we would love to have a look at them.




The children worked in small groups and brainstormed what they would like to find out about tigers. They recorded their thoughts into questions, here are some of their ideas.


The children have created some amazing observational drawings of tigers, paying attention to important features  such as their stripey fur, sharp claws and long canine teeth.


We went in the ICT suite and used Word to label tigers. We practised searching for the correct letters on the computer keyboard. Some children were able to write their own words and even sentences to describe the tiger. Several children could already use the space and Enter keys confidently. Super stars!

Later on the children shared what they knew about tigers in writing descriptive sentences about their appearance and behaviour.

Photographs of their work will follow so watch this space.


The children have been using a range of counting and adding strategies to solve one step problems.

Do you know your number bonds? Have a practice:



2+8= 10