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Term 2 - Light and Dark

Christmas Festivities 

This week we are learning all about 3D shapes. The children had fun searching our provision for cubes, cylinders, cones and spheres!  We have explored the shapes' properties through play and found out which ones were best to build a house for Stick Man and which ones to use for a Christmas tree!

Watch the video below and see how many 3D shapes you can identify!

Shapes in the environment!

Stick Man

Over recent weeks we have been learning all about Stick Man. The children have had great fun by learning the text, writing letters to him and trying to help him find his way back to the family tree. If you are unfamiliar with the story then you can watch the story below. Have a go at trying to retell the text map with the actions.

The children also made their own stick men and created a wonderful display in the classroom. It is a joy to see how the children are applying their knowledge and understanding of letters. They are now starting to record words which are recognisable and phonetically plausible. Look at some of their amazing writing.


'The Stick Man is lost from the family tree. He is missing!"




We have also been exploring other text which incorporate nocturnal animals. The children are very good at explaining the difference and can now sort them into categories. 




In Maths this week we have been exploring measures. We have been looking at the size of objects and have started to compare them. Language has been a very important focus for us and we have been encouraging vocabulary such as longest, tallest, biggest, smallest, shortest and medium. The children had lots of fun finding different toys around the classroom which were different in size.


Look at all the things we can find which are different in size!


We also started exploring capacity. The children made oat dough in small groups whilst following instructions. We worked hard to say ‘half full, more, empty and full up’. Well done to the children who helped their friends when trying to measure amounts. They then made them into long and short sausages to compare the size.





  Around your house see what you can find which is heavy and light. Which object is heavier? Which object weighs the same? How do you know? If you put them onto scales, what would happen? 


When in the bath play with some containers or plastic cups. Can you fill a cup so that it is full? Fill a cup so that it is half empty. 





This week the children have been learning all about Diwali and the 'the festival of light'. 

Learning about this festival we have covered aspects of 'Understanding of the World' through learning about different cultures and how they celebrate. Children had the opportunity to retell the story of Diwali and the characters Rama & Sita. They wrote cards, made diyas with card and clay and created Rangoli patterns.  They also tried some Indian food and danced to traditional music.


We also made 'barfi sweets' with the help from the children. 


We also made Diwali cards featuring mendhi patterns, firework pictures and diyas. 


In Maths we have been exploring the concept of zero and the early stages of combining groups. The children have had lots of fun by telling stories about more people going somewhere and then combining the total. E.g. 3 toys went to the shop, 2 more went to the shop. This means 5 toys went to the shop in total. 


Play this game at home to help you laugh




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