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Term 1 - All About Me

Here is our learning for Term 1. We encourage you to discuss what we have been learning about in school with your child. 




The children have been learning the story of 'The Little Red Hen'. They have worked hard to learn the story and add actions to help them with retelling. Look at their amazing efforts. We have been working on our fine motors when making puppets, explored patterns when creating images and have been been trying to grind grains like the Little Red Hen. 


We even build a windmill out of loose parts! Look at this masterpiece!


We made the hen and built a farm for the animals to live.


We worked hard to decorate our own text map as a group. It was wonderful to see the children sharing resources and discussing the story in detail. Well done you superstars! laugh  



In maths this week we have have great fun learning the song ‘two little dicky birds’. We have since associated this lovely nursery rhyme with finding 1/2 objects but also writing these numbers independently. The majority of the children were able to go and find 2 toys independently and bring them back to the carpet to share with their peers. 


 Help your child by retelling the nursery rhyme. Make sure that they complete the actions. Ask relevant questions such as 'How many birds were on the wall to begin with? How many were there when they both flew away?' 


We can locate and recognise objects and amounts. 


We then moved on to learning the song ‘three blind mice’ which the children loved. We modelled this with the help of three children and have them each a tail. They thought that this was hilarious and they loved trying to catch their tails. Again, they have been trying to form the number by saying ‘around the tree, around the tree’. Have a go with your child by asking them to write the numbers or go and collect you an amount of something. This doesn’t need to be a work or art! Simple objects around the house will work fine such as spoons, buttons, toys, fruit or even coins.


During our child initiated we had a fabulous taste session where the children got the opportunity to experience different foods and explain what they thought about them. This was a great chance for them to express their language and make slight improvements based on modelling from peers. This was a fantastic end to our senses week which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. 


Some of the ingredients we liked and some we didn't! 


Every day this week we have had a focus on name writing. This is vital in Early Years for children to be able to recognise and write their name independently. Although we are practising this daily please keep working at this at home too. 


In maths sessions we have been looking at comparing but also sorting and classifying. Most of the children are now able to do this which is fantastic. A gentle reminder that counting is HUGE in Reception. A lot of our children struggle to count to 10 so please practise at any spare moment that you have. If your child can already count to ten the count up to as far as they can. 


You may have noticed that we have been sending children home with a WOW slip in their bag. This is for you to complete over the weekend when they have done something amazing. We will then display this in our classrooms to celebrate these achievements.  


Here’s a few examples:

  • Wow- Today Fred counted up to 16 independently when putting his toys away. 
  • Wow- Lucy drew a picture of her family and was able to explain who everyone was. She even tried to copy their names. 
  • Wow - Today James wrote his name by himself and was feeling very proud. 


These don’t have to always be educational. It can be a personal target such as ‘Today Jess slept throughout the night without getting into our bed’ or ‘Lisa has now mastered which shoes go on the right feet’. We can’t wait to see what your children are achieving at home. 

WOW - Mrs Olive made a farm for the animals to live! 

WOW - Mrs Baker did some excellent tidying up! 



This week we have been exploring our senses! The children are now able to name their 5 senses and can think of many different ideas for things that they can see, touch, taste, smell and hear. As a class we created a chart based on their ideas and have enjoyed learning this song to help us remember.


The children have enjoyed exploring the resources in the classroom and have been really working hard to achieve their rainbow challenges. One of their challenges has been to 'share with others' and it has been wonderful to see them working hard in order to achieve this. Aaron was being very patient when waiting for his turn on the bike. Well done Aaron. laugh 


We have been having lots of fun making music and have enjoyed exploring the instruments and the different sounds that they make. We also looked at the many different smells around us and cutting lavender was a popular activity. 


In our maths sessions we have been exploring sorting and classifying. The children have sorted toys based on colour or when considering a category. Some of the children separated toys such as animals that live on a farm/creatures that live in the ocean. Well done to all the children who worked hard to explain and justify their ideas. They are working hard to listen to their talk partner and respond accordingly. 


Encourage your child to sort toys and explain how/why they have sorted that way. A simple activity which promotes communication and language development. 



This week we have been working on settling and getting to know our new learning environment. Children have been working really hard to respond to the adults instructions and to follow the rules of the indoor and outdoor learning spaces. We have been focusing on walking in the setting, lining up, sitting sensibly on the carpet and being respectful and kind. 


Children also have the opportunity to have their hard work recognised by completing our 'Rainbow Challenges'. The year group is given new challenges each week for the children to aim to achieve. This week we have been looking at sharing with others, walking in the setting and tidying up. When the children are noticed doing these things, they are given a coloured stick to put in their pot. The aim is for them to have all the colours of the rainbow in order to earn a special prize from the treasure chest! 


This week we also have been developing our outdoor learning space with the help of the children. They have been helping in our construction area by using the wheelbarrows to move the shingle into our huge tyre. This has given them ownership of our outdoor learning space and they are now showing respect when using the equipment. Look at these superb mighty muscles!


 We can't wait to plant some seeds and watch them grow laugh