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Welcome to Swans Class 2015/2016



Mrs Taylor

& Mrs Warne


We are so creative! Little artists! Fabulous!

Looking at human skeletons children have created drawings and models.








We have made crockery sets for our Traction Man.





  Here is what we all have been waiting for! The highlights of Traction Man's Adventures in Swans!






  Children are creating their own adventures for our Traction Man.





New Story in Term 6 "TRACTION MAN IS HERE!" What a lot of adventures in that book! We are so excited!

 Writing area


 Art area



      Reading corner



 The characters are fabulous in this story! Ask your child to tell you about Wicked Professor Spade or Evil Pillow from planet Duvet. We all loved Traction Man's pet - Scrubbing brush. Read our class Traction Man's adventures. Part 1 is coming up soon!








Term 6

Fabulous Learning in Swans class. We are practising our Maths skills.







Our Learning together afternoon. Thank you for joining us. We have explored variety of fruits to make a perfect smoothie. We looked at colours and tastes.




Next day we have prepared our fruits: we squeezed the orange, we mashed the bananas, we cut apples and we squashed kiwis. Then we blended it! That was exciting! We all had a taste - it was delicious and nutritious!




    Perfect taste!


We are amazing at Maths in Swans! Look at our sharing  and multiplication lessons.





This term we have been learning about plants. All Swans enjoyed exploring and collecting plants outside. We have learnt about the difference between evergreen and deciduous trees.    



Maths. We are learning to partition numbers. Swans can understand place of hundreds, tens and units. We have explored resources to help with our partitioning. It was fun!






Term 5

Welcome to term 5 in Swans. We have a new addition to our team. Our new TA is Mrs Jane Warne.

This term we have a wonderful magical story called "The Bog Baby". It is set in a Bluebell Wood and involves a secret. We have visited our school pond and looked at creatures and plants. It was very exciting!







We have made our own pond and created lovely cute Bog Babies.








Thank you very much for completing Homework challenge. Your Bluebells look amazing!





Term 4.

Welcome to term 4. It is very short but full of exciting events.

Newsletter 11.03.16

This week in Maths we are learning about measurements. We have looked at different equipment and investigated how to measure length, height, capacity and weight. We are going to practise reading various scales accurately. But the most important thing we had so much fun!





In Literacy we are learning a  story of Dr Xargle's Book of Earth Hounds. Children loved practising the actions using our class story map.

 "Trinkoo's dog rolled in a pat of a moohorn".


"Zorg gave his dog deceased frogs". 


For our innovation stage we  have decided that aliens are now going to look after a tiger on Earth. They will have to feed it, tickle it and ride it. Good luck, Aliens!


On Thursday we celebrated World Book Day. Children brought their favourite books to share with a class. We talked about traditional stories and modern ones. All children got very excited when year four children joined us for a reading session. We are hoping to do it again as everybody loved it!      





Our attendance - 90%

Welcome back and a Happy New Year! This is Term 3 and it will be very exciting one!

The aliens have landed in our classroom! There is a spaceship hanging over our Reading Town  and an alien called Beegu is helping us to learn. 


Our topic is space and Earth, so this first week back we have learnt about real British astronaut Tim Peake who is currently orbiting our planet on station MIR. Ask your child to tell you about his special job. We all greatly enjoyed watching a video made by another astronaut Chris Hadfield and we loved the song too!

        That is what he can see out of his window!


Our question for this term is "What do aliens think of life on planet Earth?". We have started looking at where we live and concentrating on our houses. Children were very excited to research different types of houses. They couldn't wait to draw their favourite ones!




This afternoon we held an exhibition to show our "out of this world" space projects!  

We all voted for our favourites. 

Can you guess which one was the winner? 

This term we are starting a new Literacy initiative - Talk for Reading and Talk for Writing. Our first step was to listen to a story and create actions and pictures to represent events. Children are practising storytelling every day. Here is our class text map. Ask your child to tell you the story of Beegu with actions using our map.

Swans Class preparing for Nativity fun.

Red Ted Winners!

Learning together!

Our Learning Environment

Literacy: We are learning about VERBS. Children in Swans practised using different verbs to describe tiger's movements while hunting. We have come up with these amazing verbs: HIDING, PROWLING, POUNCING, JUMPING, LEAPING, CREEPING, CRAWLING, AIMING, CHASING, DEVOURING, CHEWING, SNEAKING. Next we are going to practise using them in our sentences. Look at children discussing which verbs they would use to match the pictures.

In Maths all children had fun learning about measuring with standard units. Ask your child why do we need to use a ruler to measure things. They all had a go measuring objects in the classroom and parts of their bodies. By the end of the week we will decide who has the longest feet and arms.


On Friday 20th of November we had "Take one composer" day. We listened to a piece of music (score) called "Tiger fight" from "Jungle Book" film written by George Bruns. At first children just listened to the music and made suggestions about what this piece might be about. " It is about soldiers and war!" - said one of the boys. "It is about greedy shark trying to chase small fishes in a circle" - said another boy. "It is about two tigers fighting!" - suggested one of the girls. We worked on expressing ourselves through art and dance.

How does the music make you feel?






Rememberance Day

End of term 1.

Thank you to all the children and parents for your hard work and dedication this term. The learning has been fun in Swans class. Have a well deserved rest next week. All children received a home learning pack to keep their inquisitive minds busy. Keep practising your reading every day. Mrs Tuckell and I are looking forward to the next term with you.


End of Term 1 Class Letter

Here are our magnificent hats!

Term 1 We have been learning Spanish!

Los Colores: The Colors in Spanish Song by Risas y Sonrisas Spanish for Kids

How fun and easy the colors in Spanish! Please check our website for materials and more activities to link with our videos at The music in this video is just one of the elements used in the Spanish for Kids curriculum. Make sure to activate the vocabulary with games, movement (sign & sing) and practical conversations.

Numbers and colors in Spanish. Colores y nĂºmeros

Visit to watch more Spanish videos and listen to Spanish songs for kids and children. We also have Spanish lnteractive games, worksheets and more resources to learn Spanish in a fun and easy way!

Class Newsletter Edition 3

Day of European languages

In Swans class we were looking at Russia.


Learning is fun in Swans Class


Let's get creative!

Roald Dahl day!


The Enormous Crocodile

ROALD DAHL DAY - Enormous Crocodile - Swans (Year 1) production

Uploaded by Drapers Mills Primary Academy, Margate on 2015-09-21.


Creating our own number sentences

I am counting in 2's.





Our PE/Games lessons will take place on Monday afternoons. Please ensure your child has a full PE kit. Shorts, T-shirt, tracksuit bottoms, jumper, plimsolls or trainers and a water bottle.

We have already explored the world of trains and the mysterious jungle. Our following stop has taking us into the fascinating Under the Sea world. Have a look at what our little explorers have been up to this week!