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Welcome to St Andrews




Class teacher: Mrs Marks

Class TA : Mrs Thomas


Applying our directional language and understanding by manipulating beebots around a maze.

A great music session today. Building a musical picture based on an erupting volcano. We do have some talented musicians!

St Andrews Science Museum afternoon. Great fun had by all, even Mr Manclark couldn't keep away!

Learning about fossil formation and making our own fossils.

Making our own volcanoes! The children made a volcano and made predictions about what might happen if they add bicarbonate of soda and vinegar, or coke and mentos. What do you think happened?

Our star of the week!

Well done for an amazing effort in your



St Andrews worked alongside creative enablers visiting from The Turner Centre, to produce work based around the theme of 'Art Inspiring Change'. Year 3 thought about the devastating effect of plastic in our sea and coastline, and made work inspiring people to make a change, and stop littering. Their work included both drawn and collaged elements which concluded with a beautiful coastal image, made up of coloured plastic debris.

Generating ideas lesson in literacy. St Andrews exploring the questions to help with their journey story.

Petrologists in the making! Studying rocks and their properties. St Andrews discovering how rocks are formed by closely observing them and experimenting using an acid test, water test and hardness test.

St Andrews exploring how an atlas works and discovering some interesting places in the world. The children were asked to locate the volcanoes around our earth and some even found the 'Ring of Fire'

St Andrews became scientists by making detailed observational drawing of rocks. They considered the properties of different rocks and wrote a detailed description. Amazing ROCK DETECTIVES in the making!

St Andrews following a set of instructions to make a Medusa mask. How scary do they look?

Congratulations to our 'Star of the Week!'


During Science week, St Andrews had the opportunity to take part in a science challenge ... to make a magnetic car. They used some amazing scientific vocabulary to explain what was happening. We also had so much fun taking part!

Our star of the week! Well done!

Our amazing readers. They have received their 50 Drapers Dollars to spend in the shop. A 50 reader this week and a 100 reader! Well done. I would love to see more amazing readers next week.

Recreating sporting events found on Ancient Greek vases.

Freeze frame Olympic events from Ancient Greece. Can you guess which event they are showing?

Our star of the week. Well done!

Investigating and observing in science this week.

'Buddy Reading' on World Book Day with Bath class, year 6.

World book day! Well done to all those children dressed as book characters. You looked amazing!

St Andrews had a wonderful time with the Japanese students learning some Japanese words and making an origami hat!

Our star of the week. Well done!

The winners of 50 reads and ninja maths this week. Well done to all of you!

In science we made observations about plants. We went into the pond area to find different types of plants. We discovered that there were many!

St Andrews investigating our destroyed classroom! They needed to interview members of staff to find out what happened. There were so many clues found!

St Andrews exploring how mirrors reflect images and how tricky it is to read and write numbers that have been reflected!

Investigating reflective materials in science.

St Andrews making Roman Numerals using their bodies. Can you guess which Roman Numerals they are making?

St Andrews experienced being archaeologists! They had a great time exploring the artefacts.

St Andrews had a fun filled afternoon with parents. Their challenge was to make an egg carrier and transport the egg from Mamouth Mountain to Creaky Cove without touching the egg ... or dropping it!

St Andrews investigating how shadows change size. They needed to make a small scale Stonehenge and measure the shadows. They made prediction on what they thought might happen when the distance from the light source changed.

St Andrews taking part in the 'Reading Challenges' They are having so much fun reading!

Great work by St Andrews class. Creating a StoneHenge picture using shading techniques and blocks of coloured paper to create the stones.

St Andrews investigating material that allow light to pass and the materials that don't. Which ones are transparent, opaque or translucent?

LI: To use efficient written methods.

The children were solving addition with decimal points. They used their knowledge of place value in order to complete the column method.

Stone Age workshop. The children we immersed in their learning today, looking at the life of a Stone Age person. making tools, chalk engraving, flour making, arrow head making and making real life Stone Age axes!