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ST ANDREWS - Mrs Marks

Welcome to St Andrews.


Mrs Marks

Miss Brown


Presentation Station

The children in St Andrews will be rewarded each week for their amazing presentation skills. This week's winner was chosen for their consistent, accurate handwriting.

How can you improve your presentation?

Will your work be chosen next and displayed for everyone to see?



In literacy the children needed to investigate a terrible incident that happened in the classroom. They used their observational and questioning skills to piece together evidence about what had happened and who had destroyed our class room! The local police officers were proud of St Andrews and made a special phone call to thank them.


A terrible thing happened in St Andrews! We needed to investigate ...  and quickly!


The children gathered the evidence to find out what happened and who might have been responsible.

We decided to investigate further by questioning some witnesses around school. The children asked their questions confidently and clearly.

The culprit ...




St Andrews becoming paleontologists and looking at how rocks are formed.

They used 4 different tests and used their scientific knowledge and vocabulary to explain their predictions and findings. The best bit was the sedimentary rocks fizzing when vinegar was used!

Attendance winners this week!



Well done St Andrews for coming in joint second with Chester class. Year 3 almost dominated the attendance this week. Let's see if we can keep on winning the trophies! This is the second trophy we have won all year. Thank you to all of you who came to school every day!




In our HOOK lesson the children were able to explore how volcanoes worked by making their own. They discussed with their group members how the ingredients would react with each other. Once the volcanoes erupted, the room lit up with smiles and excitement!


During topic this week, St Andrews used the forest school to build their own volcanoes after finding out about the features of each part of a volcano. They used their new knowledge to construct volcanoes from loose parts. They were successful due to their determination and collaboration with one another.

Our recent 'Stars of the Week'

Congratulations on showing our school values. You really are an inspiration.


Developing our reading skills. Which is your favourite book?


Planning their fear story using the features of the tool kit. Super ideas St Andrews!


St Andrews making detailed observations of rocks and their properties. St Andrews are showing a great understanding of how to become geologists. They used a wide variety of scientific language when making their observations about the features of the different rocks.

Shakespeare Day


Shakespeare Rocks-Wills Wonderful Words & Lyrics

Using song to learn facts about William Shakespeare



In numeracy the children have been exploring fractions. They have looked at what a fraction is, the language linked to fractions and finding fraction of amounts.



This term in our topic lessons we will be exploring Volcanoes.


A lovely home project completed over the half term. The class were keen to see how the volcano would explode with the ingredients that came with the project. We had great fun, made lots of predictions and suggested ways to improve it next time. Well done!

British Science week

Year 3 took part in Science Week by designing and making 'bottle rockets' They had an amazing afternoon testing their designs and some got a little bit wet in the process!



St Andrews exploring how magnets work. They observed how magnets attract and repel a range of objects.

World Book Day 2018


The Iron Man by Ted Hughes


Our best map and tool kit for our new class story.



St Andrews demonstrating archaeology skills to discover artifacts from prehistory.

Number Day in St Andrews:

Calculating amounts of money to create collages inspired by the artist Mark Wagner.


Looking at the artist 'Mark Wagner' and creating our own pieces of art. It was based around collage of money, for NCPPC's Money Day and linking this to our topic on Stone Age.

Looking at features of a newspaper report and deciding on the elements for our tool kit.

Our best map for report writing.


Mammoth Mayhem!


The children were greeted with a classroom that had been destroyed! They explored the clues and discussed what may have happened. 

Stone Age workshop

Children in year 3 thoroughly enjoyed their experience of living and working in the Stone Age. They became real neanderthals, exploring how they would have to make tools and how they lived.

Science -

Exploring how shadows change size and shape.

Pantomime Fun. Jack and the Beanstalk!


What materials let light through? Exploring translucent, transparent and opaque materials.

Year 3 learning together afternoon. Great afternoon had by all!



In literacy this week, the children have been exploring their new text, 'The Stone Age Boy'

Our hook day! Exploring habitats around our school and stumbling across a strange character!



In science the children were looking at similarities and differences of the UK and the Mediterranean. They even became weather forecasters!


In literacy today we had a lovely surprise from Flat Stanley. He has been travelling and sent us a delivery from Italy!


Our Star of the week.


Well done for all your hard work and efforts in class. You deserve it!



In literacy this week the children were asked to empathise with a character. They used hot seating techniques to ask Flat Stanley some questions about his travels. Stanley had to respond based on what the children knew from his stories.



In maths this week we have been consolidating our knowledge of fractions. We then moved on to looking at larger fractions, then adding and subtracting fractions. We used maths resources to help with our learning and the children had so much fun with the skittles!



In literacy this week we had an exciting visit from a character from our new story. Flat Stanley! He sent us a letter explaining that he had been travelling the world and has now stopped off to visit us. We look forward to some exciting learning all about his adventures.


Making predictions about the character and where he may have travelled to. What will his next destination be?

Using pointillism to recreate an image to represent poppies for remembrance day