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Los colores


Can you remember any of the colours in Spanish?

Here are some songs to help! (Basho) (Colores y números)


Have a look at the picture. What do you notice? That's right! Some of the colours have a few different names! Purple can be 'púrpura' or 'violeta'. Orange can be 'anaranjado' or 'naranja'.


Have fun completing these activities:

1.) Play these interactive games:

2.) Complete this word search:




4.) Write down 5 sentences about things in your house using Spanish colours.

For example:

My bedroom wall is blanco.



Try some of these activities and have fun! yeslaugh


1.) Listen to this song to review your numbers:

Play a memory game with a pack of cards but challenge yourself and try saying the numbers in Spanish!


2.) Complete this matching activity:


3.) Make a poster using your Spanish numbers from 10-20.


4.) Finally, test yourself!

Ask someone in your family to say a number in English and tell them the number in Spanish as fast as you can! 

How many can you get right and which ones do you need to practise?





Play this game to review your numbers up to 20.


Here are even more games for you to play!

Numbers 1-100

Numbers 1-6 multiple choice
Numbers 1-6 match up
Numbers 1-6 memory game
Numbers 1-10 multiple choice
Numbers 1-10 noughts and crosses
Numbers 1-10 match-up
Numbers 1-10 memory game

Los números 1 a 10 multiple choice game
Los números 1 a 10 Tetris
Numbers 1-15 multiple choice
Numbers 1-15 noughts and crosses
Numbers 1-15 - match-up
Numbers 1-15 memory game
Los números 1 a 12 Memory game
Los números 1 a 6 Matching game
Los números 7 a 12 Matching game
Numbers 1-10 Quizlet
Numbers 1-20 Quizlet
Numbers 11-20 Quizlet


Can you say/write the correct number for each question?


See if you can find the hidden numbers? 

Spanish - Reviewing numbers. Can you remember how to count in Spanish?

Here are the numbers so you can practise!

Picture 1

Numbers Song in Spanish. Canción de los números de BASHO & FRIENDS

Learn how to count to 20 in Spanish with Basho and his buddy Brobot.

Learn Spanish Numbers l How to Count 1-20

Interactive games:

Here are three games you can play to practise your numbers. Enjoy!