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    Welcome to Shooting Stars Class page!


All newly arrived children who don't speak English as a first language come to Shooting Stars room in the morning (for Phonics, Literacy and Maths)  to learn basic English vocabulary like counting, initial sounds, classroom vocabulary and everyday language. 


On this page you will find all of the important information as well as exciting learning taking place in our class.


                    Term 3

wb. 9th March

We celebrated Science week! We explored Colour and Taste through some experiments.

                                                            wb. 24th February


We celebrated Pancake Day by making pancakes and reading the story about 'Mr Wolf Pancakes'.

                                                                      wb. 3rd February

This week we were learning about clothes we wear. We also practiced speaking in sentences eg.

"I am wearing..."

"She is wearing..."

"He is wearing..."

Why don't you sing some of our songs and practice your vocabulary?

You can also play some games.

wb 27th January

This week we were leaning about our family members. We explored the relevant vocabulary.

We did lots of activities that helped us to retain the new vocabulary. We have made the family members fingers puppets and had dialogues with each other.
In Maths the younger children were learning to recognize and create patterns with the Numicon shapes as well as matching the patterns to numbers. The older ones were practicing counting to at least 100 and finding out a value of the digits in two and three digits numbers.

                                                               wb 20th January

This year on 25th January Chinese New Year starts, that is why we spent whole week learning about China and it's New Year traditions. We have looked at Chinese objects and tried Chinese snacks.

We listened to the story about big, animals race that explained why we have different animals in Chinese zodiac. We also looked up our own signs :)
We made Chinese dragon and red envelopes with money inside!
We made Chinese stir fry and ate it using chopsticks!It wasn't easy!
In Maths we completed lots of activities, all connected to China! We even learnt now to count in Chinese and how to write Chinese numbers!
We had some Fortune Cookies and found messages inside. We wonder whether they all come true?!

It's an amazing week! We even learned how to say some words in Chinese!

                                                             Gong hei fat choy!

                                                         wb. 13th January

It's been a truly magical week! We were reading the story of Beauty and the Beast. We acted it out and learned lots of new vocabulary!

At the end of a week we had a lovely treat as we watched "Beauty and the Beast" pantomime!
In Maths the younger children were learning numbers through Numicon shapes.
The older children were learning about the numbers up to a 100 and were talking about place value.

                                                       wb. 6th January 

Star of the week is Anka Kararadeva for settling in quickly in Shooting Stars and showing leadership by helping younger or newer students feel comfortable in class everyday.

Happy New Year! We hope you had a great Christmas and are rested ready for learning.

First day back we talked about our holidays and we practiced using Simple Past Tense. The next couple of days we leaned vocabulary to do with New Years Celebrations and we were writing our New Year's Resolutions.

Can you remember any words we learned last week?


We have also made some calendars for the New Year 2020. Check them out!
In Maths we practiced addition and place value in our groups.


The school will start on Monday 6th January. See you soon!

Term 2


The time before Christmas was extremely busy! Look what we have been up to!

First a special parcel has been delivered to our class. It was Santa's Elf that we called Chippy. He said he will stay in our classroom until Christmas to make sure we are well bahaved.


Chippy was funny, but also a bit naughty sometimes making lots of jokes, as well as leaving tasks for us to complete.

One of the tasks from Chippy was to decorate the Christmas tree and learn related vocabulary. We were very excited to do it all!


We spent lots of time preparing for our Christmas play. We were learning songs, made invitations and practiced every day!
One day, Chippy asked us to prepare biscuits to serve to our families on the day of our Christmas Play. We had lots of fun making them and we learned lots of new vocabulary.
The day before end of school was a party day! We had lots of fun! We played games, danced, ate yummy food and learned about the tradition of pulling crackers.
The last day of school was also the day of our Christmas Play. We were very excited to show it to our families.
The play went great and Chippy brought us hot chocolate and marshmallows to celebrate! We could also touch him for the first time ever to say goodbye as he was going to fly back to the North Pole. We also received Christmas presents from Mrs Urban and Miss Wong.
For some of the children this was the last day in Shooting Stars as we believe they speak English well enough to be able to learn in the mainstream classes. We will miss them a lot but we would like to wish Nela, Lyuboslav, Daria, Rudolf, Vivien, Kevin, Diana and Miriam all the best!

Breaking News!!!

On Tuesday 17th December children in Shooting Stars will present the Nativity Play to their families. You are all invited!

Preparations are underway and we would like to ask you to support the children in learning the songs!

Here are the lyrics for Rockabye Jesus,Angels and Twinkling Stars.

wb. 2nd December

Star of the week is Lucia Harvanova for displaying leadership and enjoyment in our Nativity rehearsals. Lucia has a role of an Angel and is leading the other angels and shepherds to see baby Jesus in truly angelic fashion.

wb 25th November 

Star of the week is Diana Dudova for working extremely hard in her Phonics and Daily Supported Reading Sessions. Diana is now able to use her new skills to support her learning in her mainstream class too.


This week we were learning about parts of the body. We drew around Nikolay and then we labeled his outline.

We also played games and sang songs to remember the vocabulary well.
Image result for parts of the body

wb. 18th November 2019


All Shooting Stars were learning in their mainstream classes due to KS2 Mock Sats.

wb 11th November 2019

Vivian Dudova- for showing endeavor in learning a new language. Vivian used to be a bit reluctant to use the English vocabulary, but she has recently started to speak to her class teachers using sentences! We are very proud of her and we hope it is only the beginning. 


This was a busy week!

On Monday, children learnt about the Remembrance Day. We were learning about its meaning and we observed 2 minute silence at 11.00. 

                                Image result for remembrance day



Last week was the Anti- Bullying week. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we completed a range of activities regarding this topic. We discussed and acted out kind and unkind behaviour and how to be a good friend.


On Friday we came to school wearing our pyjamas as we celebrated the BBC Children in Need. We donated a pound each to the charity and we were thinking about other ways of supporting the children.


In Maths Red group continued adding the numbers but this time by counting on from a number. We also learned numbers 11-20. 

number line add



Purple group continued discovering numbers on a number square. They were adding and taking away 1 and 10. They were also trying to solve problems with different numbers using this the knowledge they had. 

Image result for 100 square


We also continued our Phonics and Reading lessons.


wb 4th November 2019



Gabriel Frater - for showing enjoyment and respect  to others in Shooting Stars. Gabriel always has a big smile on his face and he always gives everything a go!



We had a great week. On Monday we welcomed our new teaching assistant- Miss Wong. She is very nice and we hope we didn't scare her off and she will be back on Monday ;)


This week we listened and we recorded the story of  The Gunpowder plot. We looked at the fireworks and talked about the way they look and sounds they make. We learned lots of new vocabulary.

Image result for bonfire night twinkl

In Maths children were...
...adding to 10 by combining sets and...
...adding and taking away 1,10, 20, 21 etc from the numbers on the number square.
                                               wb. 28th October 2019

The star of the week goes to... Daria Dzhenkova. Daria has only recently joined our school and Shooting Stars, but she is already displaying each single one of our school values. She has settled very well and her understanding of English language is growing every day.


Welcome to a new term everyone! We hope you had a great week off!

This week on Thursday we celebrated Halloween, so we learned all of the vocabulary to do with it. Can you remember any words?

Image result for halloween vocabulary esl

We completed lots of Halloween activities and even tried apple bobbing!Have a look!


Halloween activities.

We also completed lots of phonics activities and practiced blending sounds.


In Maths children were adding to 10...
...learning about the difference...

...and counting forwards and backwards in 10s from 0 and from any number. They were using a 100 square.


We are very sorry to say goodbye to our lovely class support Vera. She will be working in the office now, but we would like to say a big thank you for all of the support she has given us in Shooting Stars.

We are very lucky as there is a new Teaching Assistant joining us on Monday. Her name is Miss Wong and we can't wait to meet her.

                   Term 1

wb 14th October 2019


Daneil Georgiev is our star of the week for presenting fantastic leadership skills by supporting a new starter in everyday classroom life.


This week we covered vocabulary connected to Health and Sickness. We were learning how to ask someone what's wrong with them and how to answer if someone is asking us.

In Maths we reviewed all of the skills learned during the last term.




Please don't forget to practice!


wb 7th October 2019


Our star of the week this week is Rudolf Horvath- for settliingvery well in Shooting Stars and and showing leadership and enjoyment by eagerly attempting maths tasks and encouraging others to do the same.


We started the week with learning about feelings. Children, do you remeber any of them? Try to copy them looking in the mirror.

Related image

Can you guess what feelings we are all showing?



In Phonics we reviewed the sounds learned last week.So i,n,m and d for younger children and ck,e,u,r for older ones.

In Maths Red group continued adding to 5,

Image result for addition to 5 by combining sets

Yellow group practiced addition on a number line

and Purple group reviewed number bonds to ten and using this knowledge to add multiples of ten.


​​​​​​                                                 wb 30th September 2019

This week the star of the week goes to Adrian Duzda-Brook for working hard on his handwriting and showing enjoyment in his everyday learning.


On Monday we read Eric Carle's book called "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". This has inspired us to talk about food and our likes and dislikes.

We had a food tasting session where we tried most of the food that the caterpillar ate. 

We said whether we liked or disliked the food using "I like...." or "I don't like...". Why don't you practice at home?


On Tuesday and Wednesday we were retelling the story, drawing the pictures for it and learning new vocabulary.


In Maths Red group was working on adding to 5 by combining sets. Please make sure that the children are practicing their numbers recognition and counting skills as well as the number formation. Try singing some of the songs. It helps!



Yellow group were working on understanding addition on a number line.

Purple group were practicing their recognition of numbers to 100 and ordering them.

In Phonics Yellow and Red group learned sounds i,n,m,d and Purple group learned ck,e,u and r.


Don't forget to practice them by singing Jolly Phonics songs.

Why don't you listen to High Frequency Words songs too?

w/b 23rd September 2019

Our Star of the week this week is Peter Husar for showing endevour and leadership in completing his Maths work independently and being able to recognize and correct his mistakes.


Summer ended and Autumn started this week so we learned the vocabulary to do with this season. We were describing what we can see in Autumn , identifying what we can wear and how Autumn is different to Summer, Winter and Spring. 

Image result for autumn words twinkl


We joined the Harvest Assembly and we talked about what Harvest means and what food can be harvested. We even made a yummy vegetable soup that can warm us up on cold Autumn evenings.

In Phonics we reviewed the sounds learned last and we played some games to remember them well.

In Maths Red Group was counting and learning about greater and smaller amounts. Yellow group was adding by counting on and using number line. Purple group continued working on place value.

                                                      w/b 16th September 2019


This week's star of the week goes to Nikolas Godla for showing great listening skills and endeavour in completing his language work.


This week we were learning where the different places like hall, office, playground, canteen, ICT suite etc are in our school.

We also learned the names for the furniture in our classroom. Here you can see us on the tour around the school.



We also found out the names of school stationery. Can you remember any? Sing this song and see if you can find any of the items at home!




In Phonics Purple Group  learned sounds g,o, c, k and Yellow and Red groups learned s,a,t,p. 

Try to sing our Jolly Phonics songs to remember them well.


In Maths Red Group was identifying numbers and counting objects, Yellow Group  was adding and subtracting and Purple Group was learning about place value.



We also made playdough so we can use it for Playdough Disco! Here is the recipe.


w/b 9th September 2019

This week's star of the week goes to Kevin Kovac for always doing a right thing and following every single one of our values.

This week we worked on getting to know each other and establishing the rules in our classroom. We made hand prints and decorated them in different  things that can describe us. We stuck them in our classroom corridor windows. 

We also talked about our holidays and tried to remember some summer vocabulary.

On Friday we celebrated Roald Dahl's Day by reading one of his books called "The Enormous Crocodile" and completing some work to do with this story.