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Fizz Pop Science came to visit

World Space Week 2017

A World Space Week homework entry

Science at Drapers Mills

Drapers Mills Primary Academy aims to ensure that through science pupils will develop their knowledge and understanding of the natural and physical world in which they live. Scientific knowledge will be taught through schemes of work, including electricity, magnetism, forces (gravity, friction, air and water pressure, pushes and pulls), fuels, heating and cooling, light, sound, weather, the earth in space, health, decay, genetics and pollution.


Scientific skills are taught through varied practical activities, which build on everyday experiences and existing knowledge. Children predict what they think will happen, attempt to test their ideas fairly, record their results and describe what they have discovered. On occasions, this process is carried out using a TASC wheel.



Children design and carry out their own investigations and experiments, which encourages original thinking and develops leadership qualities. The Kent Scheme of Work taught at Drapers Mills emphasises progression in content and key skills.  


In science we aim to encourage children to develop enquiring minds coupled with a concern and respect for resources, including the environment, fauna and flora.



What is happening here?

What is happening here? 1