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Phonics / Reading

Daily reading with your child makes a dramatic difference to achievement in all areas. Please ensure your child keeps up with their daily reading.


Read books that you have around your home and online books.

After reading, it is always important to talk about stories read and to ask your child to give their own opinions about stories that they have read. You will find below some top tips for reading at home with your child and suggestions of questions to ask when reading. I have also put below some links to useful websites to support reading and phonics.


It is also important that your child keeps up with their daily practise with the Reception key words and tricky words. You can find the full list of these words below.


Happy reading everyone. 

                 Set 1 sounds


These are the grapheme's that your child should be able to recognise.

Can they think of any words which begin with that sound?


Click on the link below to be redirected to our RWI resources page:




This week in phonics we have been learning these sounds ‘yvjr’. The children have been working really hard to recognise the letter and thinking of words that begin with the initial sound. The children have been working on using ‘FRED Talk’ to segment and blend words. Once we are able to do this we have been trying to write these on our whiteboard to make words.




   Have a go at reading these words. Use 'FRED TALK' to help you. 

  • y-e-s    
  • y-a-k
  • y-e-t
  • y-u-m


  • r-e-d
  • r-u-n
  • r-a-t
  • r-u-g


  • j-e-t
  • j-o-b
  • j-o-g
  • j-a-m


  • v-e-t
  • v-a-n
  • v-o-p
  • v-a-f


Well done to all the children for working so hard to learn these initial sounds. Some of the children have been working on their letter formation whilst others have been trying to write words. Here are some some pictures of us in action! 


We are very proud of ourselves yes


Wow! These children are on fire with their growing phonic knowledge. We have covered t, i, n and p’. One key element of the Read Write Inc programme is not only learning how to form the letters but also the early introduction of Fred Talk. The children love when Fred comes out and speaks to them. They are working really hard to orally segment and blend when modelled by the teacher. Have a go at this with your children at home.


  TIP, TAP, IN, 




It has been wonderful to see the children relishing every learning opportunity to show us their letter formation.


We have some very clever children in Carle and Murphy Class.


This week in Read Write Inc we have been looking at consolidating what we already know. The children have been exposed to some wonderful and fun learning opportunities to give them some extra practise and repetition with learning the new sounds. We also learnt the new sound ‘d’ and the children enjoyed generating as many words as they could. 


RWI in action!


New to this week we have introduced our great friend ‘Fred’ the frog. He only talks by segmenting simple words. The children have had a great time trying to blend what he is saying and this is improving every time. Well done everyone. 



This week we have been learning the sound 'a' and 's'. When the children have been writing this sound they chant 'round the apple and down the leaf' or 'slither down the snake'. The children have also been introduced to using whiteboards on the carpet and are responding well to 'empty hands'. Keep up the great work!


Key Questions

  • What is this sound?
  • How do we write this sound?
  • What can we say to help us?
  • Can you think of any words with the same sound?  




This week we have been concentrating on structure and routines of Read Write Inc. The children have been learning how to respond using the 'my turn, your turn' gesture and this is working really well. They have also been looking at the way the letters are formed and can remember the chant that accompanies the letter sound. We have been exploring the letter 'm' and have had some great success with writing it too!


Key Questions: 

What sound is that? (m)

How do we write that? What do we say? (Maisie, mountain, mountain)

Can you think of anything else with the sound 'm'? 


Look at our amazing letter formation yes


Cheeky Tomas has been working on his letter formation in the continuous provision. yes