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ROEHAMPTON Mrs Kirkpatrick

Identifying 10ths and 100ths in decimals.
How many 100ths in a 10th?
Learning through role-play.
Oh dear...another tragic end!
How will Atreyu's quest end?
What's beyond the 2nd magic gateway?
Some mysterious happenings here.......
Some great characterisation.
For excellent progress in reading.




▶ 1:47



Please open the attached link and join in the song with your child; Roehampton students have enjoyed learning this catchy rap to help them understand the features of ANGLES.

Learning about Roman Numerals....
,,,,what's this number?
They're doing well!
This is keeping them on their toes!
Great work boys!
...a quick swap......
Now THAT'S a long number!
They're working hard......
Great collaboration!
Fabulous team work....
What's this number?
These girls know what they're doing.......
We can use Roman Numerals. WELL DONE!
Literacy: Antonyms and Synoyms.
Matching pairs of synonyms.
Matching pairs of Antonyms.
Working in groups.
Great collaboration.
Great results!
Literacy: learning through film
Learning through role-play:All about metaphors....
Great characterisation.
Lots to remember!
Very dramatic!
Some scary characters.....
A lot of story detail remembered.
Using our imagination.
Lovely clear dialogue in this one!
Good independent working together.
Confident story-telling.
designing an obstacle course
lots of ideas
trying things out
sharing knowledge
helping each other
Literacy: features of fairy-tales
mind-mapping to help with our writing
showing and telling
sharing holiday experiences
speaking in front of the whole class!
telling exciting tales.....
Jake: so proud of his paper-chain!
For contributing so well in lessons.
For being an outstanding role-model.
For taking responsibility for her own learning.
For great progress in her English Skills.


A big pile of mixed letter tiles were tipped in the middle of a table; each group had to produce a sentence in 2 minutes!

Great teamwork.
Working together.
Sharing ideas.
For trying so hard to improve his handwriting.
Literacy: Learning through role-play.
Literacy: Learning through role-play.
Literacy: Learning through role-play.
Literacy: Learning through role-play.
Literacy: Learning through role-play.
Literacy: Learning through role-play.
Literacy: Learning through role-play.
Literacy: Learning through role-play.
Literacy: Learning through role-play.
Literacy: Learning through role-play.
Literacy: Learning through role-play.
For outstanding effort with presentation in maths.


 We've been learning about CO-ORDINATES in Maths.


Above are two links to fun presentations about CO-ORDINATES.

Front Cover
Back Cover
Predicting the next chapter in  our class book.
Lots of great ideas....
Sharing thoughts....
Recording possibiities....
Great teamwork!
For making the whole school proud!
Ordering positive and negative numbers.
Ordering positive and negative numbers.
Always trying to make our writing better.....
For making a great effort to improve his English!
The inspiration for our new Book Corner.........
The centre-piece of our new learning environment.
Healthy eating.........
Making fruit kebabs....
What's your favourite fruit...?
Why are you wearing pyjamas?
mmmm.....strawberry.... or apple....?
.....we're having SO much fun!
I love fruit!
What a great last day of term.....
Not the easiest thing to eat...but it's delicious!
Our ACHIEVEMENT celebration display.....amazing!
So many achievements to celebrate....
...we had to find extra space to display them all.
Our next topic is the 1980s.

After the Easter Holiday our topic is going to be the

If you have a family member or friends who remember that decade, please ask them to share details and stories with your child.

Topic homework is focused on the 1980s, so any first-hand information your child can record will add interest to the project .

For living up to all our school values.
For making great progress. Well done Alisha!
Learning a poem through drama.......
Learning about symmetry was fun in maths!
Alisha was proud of her pattern.
Acknowledging Red Nose Day......
........with lots of RED and lots of NOSES!
For contributing to every lesson!

Our latest newsletter.

For outstanding commitment to our topic.
Explaining a diagram......very tricky!
Amazing Tutankhamun Death Masks,
Aston: an outstanding role-model for learning.
Learning about money.
Solving money problems.
We spent the day with some colourful characters!
Zebras and wizards.......
Cats and monsters....
Disney heroines and the Queen of Hearts...
Dogs and toy soldiers.....
Telling a story through role-play.
Using drama to explore a theme.
Great teamwork; everyone participating....
What's beyond the mysterious door.....?
Great cooperation and sharing of ideas.
Such interesting characters.......
For an outstanding effort to improve handwriting.
What is the impact of short sentences?

Please read our latest learning letter.

Our 'Certificates of Achievement' board.
We're getting REALLY good at this!
Geography; a presentation about modern Egypt.
Geography; a presentation about modern Egypt.
Geography; a presentation about modern Egypt.
Geography; a presentation about modern Egypt.
Preparing for our roleplays.
Questions for our story characters.
Learning Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.
Fantastic ambassadors for Drapers Mills!
For making fantastic progress in all skills.
'Dealing with worries'.........
A strategy from Miss Julie (Place2be)
for outstanding sportsmanship and leadership
for constant endeavour!
What does 'play' mean?
for constant ENDEAVOUR. Proud of you Jayden!
A fabulous homework project! created and constructed by Ms J Stephens
....and enjoyed by classmates.
Who's going to win?
This week's reflection........
For constant endeavour and politeness.
Our new learning environment......
The River Nile.
Cleopatra's Palace.
One of our Christmas projects.
Making a Christmas tree.
Nearly finished..........
WOW! A beautiful Christmas card to take home......

This week's thought to reflect on:

"NOTHING is impossible!"


Please enjoy the song and think about the message..........


Reach for the stars!

Amalie, always polite, helpful and conscientious.

Some Oscar-winning performances to show empathy with characters!

Doing actions to help us remember a text.
Doing actions to help us remember a text.
Doing actions to help us remember a text.
Doing actions to help us remember a text.
Doing actions to help us remember a text.
Doing actions to help us remember a text.
Doing actions to help us remember a text.
Doing actions to help us remember a text.
Doing actions to help us remember a text.
Doing actions to help us remember a text.
For gaining confidence and constant endeavour.
using drama to aid empathy with characters
creating villains!
acting to embed a story
learning about place value in decimal numbers
Who's YOUR hero? › ... › History for Kids Trivia › Ancient History for Kids Trivia


Help your child increase his/her knowledge of the Romans by having a go at this fun quiz!

All the children have found recent maths (fractions and decimals) quite challenging.


Please take advantage of the links above to help your child increase his/her understanding of what we've been studying during the past week.





Fantastic storytelling through role-play!
Fantastic storytelling through role-play!
For outstanding behaviour and politeness.
For such endeavour to improve her handwriting!
'Romulus & Remus' The legend of Ancient Rome.
Buildings by Miss Brook White.

In our MUSIC lesson we explored the elements of traditional children's  songs; this is the song we used for our investigation.


I've put the lyrics here, along with a video-link, so that you can enjoy learning and singing together!

London Bridge is falling down,
Falling down, falling down.
London Bridge is falling down,
My fair lady!

Build it up with iron bars,
Iron bars, iron bars.
Build it up with iron bars,
My fair lady!

Iron bars will bend and break,
Bend and break, bend and break.
Iron bars will bend and break,
My fair lady!

Build it up with needles and pins,
Needles and pins, needles and pins.
Build it up with needles and pins,
My fair lady!

Pins and needles rust and bend,
Rust and bend, rust and bend.
Pins and needles rust and bend,
My fair lady!

Build it up with penny loaves,
Penny loaves, penny loaves.
Build it up with penny loaves,
My fair lady!

Penny loaves will tumble down,
Tumble down, tumble down.
Penny loaves will tumble down,
My fair lady!

Build it up with silver and gold,
Silver and gold, silver and gold.
Build it up with silver and gold,
My fair lady!

Gold and silver I've not got,
I've not got, I've not got.
Gold and silver I've not got,
My fair lady!

Here's a prisoner I have got,
I have got, I have got.
Here's a prisoner I have got,
My fair lady!

from all the children in Roehampton Class.
For her infectious joy at being in school!
The children were great ambassadors for our school
A map of our class story.
Identifying features of a leaflet.
Our preparations for a mind-map.
Collecting information is fun!


How many questions can you answer in this quiz about London? › News › News Topics › How about that?


Which London landmarks does Mr Bean see?


In our MUSIC lesson this week we explored the meaning of 'a round' in musical terminology.


To help us understand, we learnt the song 'London's Burning', and the children are having great fun trying to perfect their performance!


I hope that by Christmas they will be good enough for me to video them and post on here for you to see!


Warm regards to you all.


Mrs Kirkpatrick



For AMAZING endeavour this week!
FACT MAPS of London Landmarks.
Collaborative compiling of facts.
Gathering information from texts.
Learning directional language.
Using vocabulary such as '180 degree turn'.
The result of our Learning with Parents afternoon.
Embedding a story through role-play.
Be a good friend..........
For ALWAYS trying her very best!

It's our Learning with Parents afternoon!


Please come and join us for a creative challenge between 2pm & 3pm on Thursday 6th October.

We've been learning about the elements of a HAIKU.


The following video link is a clear and engaging way of finding out about this interesting style of poetry.


However, I have spotted a mistake in the SYLLABLES section!

I wonder if you can spot it too?



Some great literacy work!
Learn Times Tables....vital for progress in Maths!
Never give up!
For upholding all our school values.

Our Class Assembly this morning was AMAZING!


The singing, reading and speaking was WONDERFUL; all of the children gave their very best.




(pictures to follow!)

Reflect on the words and images.....
Enjoy the music and the wisdom of children.
Brave volunteers......"For what ?" you may ask.

Roehampton Class love being creative.


All have produced an original story this week, and a small group of enthusiastic authors volunteered to read their first draft to the class.


Not only were their tales full of great ideas and well-chosen vocabulary, their reading was clear and confident.


Well done and thank you for sharing your work with us.


Mrs. K



Imaginative stories and beautiful reading.
We found this REALLY difficult !

We've been investigating 2-D shapes in maths; please find below a simple powerpoint presentation which provides a fun way for your child to revise class learning at home.

Please have a conversation about this ..........
For making mature decisions. Well Done!
Encourage your child to have  go!
Some carefully presented research.......
........tied in nicely with our TOPIC.


Roehampton children have been AMAZING with regard to school uniform!

THANK YOU parents and carers; your children have been a shining example to everyone, looking SO smart with everything correct according to our school requirements. We REALLY your cooperation.

For demonstrating all our school values every day!
Our TOPIC through Terms 1 & 2 is LONDON.


This week in our Geography lesson we watched a video before completing a task which helped us to make comparisons between a city (London) and a town (Margate).


I have attached a link to the video here; you might like to watch it with your child to reinforce information about our TOPIC.


It is important that pupils can identify famous landmarks in London, in addition to forming opinions about cities in general.

Today in maths were investigating the meaning of INVERSE OPERATIONS.

It's a challenging but valuable part of our numeracy programme.

Please find below a link to a useful, but fun, video; perhaps you could watch it with your child to help him/her consolidate our classroom learning?


Thank you for your interest in, and support of your child's progress.


Warm regards

Mrs Kirkpatrick  

Lots of housepoints earned for super work!



A lot of children didn't have their PE kit today.

PLEASE ensure that your child has clothes at

school, which are suitable for PE, on


We had a wonderful Roald Dahl Day.


We read 'The Lion' from 'Revolting Rhymes and Dirty Beasts' by Roald Dahl and learnt what RHYMING COUPLETS are.


The children then created their own 'Dirty Beast' and wrote a story about it.


We found out that Dahl's book illustrator was called QUENTIN BLAKE and looked at some of his drawings; the children then completed a BLAKE illustration, trying to capture his distinctive style (very challenging!).


We then discussed what a traditional WITCH looks like, and the children created their own image of a witch; then we talked about the ingredients they would put in a cauldron to 'cook up' a spell...with some rather nasty sounding results!


Warm regards.

Mrs Kirkpatrick

illustrations in the style of Quentin Blake.
Some impressive maths!
Celebrating our achievements and being PROUD!
Roehampton Class creating strange creatures.
Pay £1 and be someone else for a day!
Thursdays on the Trim Trail for us!

Please read our first Learning Letter and start getting to know Roehampton Class.


I look forward to a happy and productive year with a delightful bunch of enthusiastic, funny, imaginative young people!


I am also very much looking forward to getting to know families and working with you to ensure your child's happiness and progress through Year 4.


Warm regards.


Mrs Kirkpatrick



For some exceptional work.
For being so helpful, polite and hard working.
Something to reflect on...........
Enjoy our first pictures..........
Where are LONDON and MARGATE?
An introduction to our TOPIC.
We love to read in London Zoo!
What kinds of animals can we see in a zoo?
Many thanks if your child has had PE kit this week