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It was wonderful to see so many parents at our Learning Afternoon; I hope you all enjoyed seeing the children's work and talking to them about their achievements. I'm sure you'll agree that their knowledge is diverse and impressive.

They certainly took great delight in sharing their learning with you.

Warm regards.

Mrs Kirkpatrick

Thursday 7th July


Children will spend the morning in their new classroom.


Mums, dads and carers,

If you'd like to meet the teacher your child will have in September, please seek us out in the hall after school; we'll all be there to answer any questions you may have, or just to say 'hello'.


Warm regards.

Mrs Kirkpatrick

This Thursday (7th July) is Year 5's Sharing Learning Afternoon.

2pm - 3pm


Dear Parents, Carers, family and friends of Robins,

We would like to invite you into our classroom to see what we've been learning since Christmas.

Please come along, we'd love to show you our work and talk about what we've been doing at school.

Hope you can make it!

This week's reflection is focused on 'being yourself'; not letting others influence you, being 'unique' and proud of what you are.

 What a boring world it would be if we were all the same!

This week's reflection is about never giving up.


I want the children to think about being determined to achieve whatever it is they want, without being put off by mistakes or obstacles or others.

I want them to appreciate that life isn't easy, and that actually overcoming difficulties makes success even more satisfying.


I hope you will take the time to reflect upon these thoughts with your Robin........


Warm regards.

Mrs. Kirkpatrick

Teachers 'pull' a crafty trick on students!

Watch the video clip to see the sneaky plan in action!


Still image for this video



Our reflection this week is focused on TEAMWORK.


The flight of the geese video is an amazing, inspiring example of cooperation, collabortation, caring, selflessness and friendship.


The children will use the video as a starting point for discussions about how good teamwork benefts them in their learning.                                                                                          .

Writing this week....

Robins........speak to your parents or other adult relatives  and find out if they have a funny story they can tell you about something that you did when you were younger.

If they can't think of a funny or strange thing that happened to you, then have they got a story about someone else in the family? The story could be about something that happened to them when they were younger.

Ask them questions about the story so that you know as much about it as possible.

Write the story down, in as much detail as you can, and bring your work into school.

Our reflection for the coming week follows on nicely from an assembly we had last Thursday about PERSEVERANCE and DETERMINATION.


Robins had learnt and explored the word TRIUMPH in their History lesson, which also supported the idea of success as a result of hard work, and overcoming the challenge of certain obstacles - 'Triumph over Adversity' is a saying that springs to mind.


I have included links here to the inspirational clips that we watched together; I hope you will watch them and reinforce the 'never give up' message with your children.          

On your marks......get set..........GO!

Still image for this video
Time trials for the TKAT Olympics............
We needed first, second and third place runners.........WHAT A COMPETITION!

Well done to the winning competitors - Alex Poholotka, Lyuboslav Stanoyov and Flavius Otves.

This week's reflection is designed to help the children think about the definition of 'a beautiful person'.

What makes a person beautiful?

Should we judge people by their appearance?

Lower school pupils will talk about how THEY can be kind to and accepting of others.

Upper school students should discuss STEREOTYPES, PREJUDICE, ACCEPTANCE and TOLERANCE.


Holiday homework due in on 



Literacy (x2) and Maths (x2)  ALL due in on the first Tuesday of the new term please.

Any homework not completed will be finished during playtimes.

This rule will apply throughout the term.

Parents/Carers : thank you, in advance, for your continued support with ensuring that homework is completed and handed in on time; the majority of Robins are excellent ambassadors for the value of home learning.


Image result for reflect

This week's reflections are about accepting people for what they are; we are all different (what a boring world it would be if we were all the same!) and we should try to understand and accept those who are not the same as us.



Image result for birds

This is 'Outdoor Learning Week' at Drapers Mills.

Year 5 are exploring the question:

How can we encourage more birds into our school's outside spaces?


Today in ICT the children were researching the BRITISH ROBIN (or Robin Redbreast as it's sometimes known).


They investigated its diet, its habitat and way of life, making some colourful and informative fact-files for a classroom display.




After a long, rather disappointing record of attendance WE'RE BACK ON TOP AGAIN this week!


A roll of coloured paper per group, some scrap paper, glue and sticky tape……….


I said “Make me giant sweet!”

Results of the challenge will follow tomorrow after I’ve photographed the teams with their fabulous efforts; prepare to be amazed!


In the meantime, here are some images of the children working together.

Maths: Ratios; answers to be written on the worksheets please.

                        Children should show their working-out.

Literacy: Writing.

              Last week in DT the children designed an island of the year 3000AD.

                They are going to write a postcard to a friend from their holiday on

                 the island (template provided).

Thank you for your support in ensuring that the homework is completed and returned on Tuesday 10th May.

The children had immense fun learning these songs, and accompanying actions, to perform for our class assembly this week

Enjoy listening to them - perhaps you can sing along with your Robin!

There were SPIES in the factory!

They were stealing Willy Wonka's secret recipes for other sweet and chocolate makers............


Learning Intention:

To present organised information which engages the reader.

The children identified features of a 'Wanted' poster and used those elements in a design of their own about a chocolate factory spy.

They were all amazing, but the two I've posted here were particularly imaginative and so beautifully presented; it's a joy to see children taking such a pride in their work.

This week's reflection  .............   


Learning Intention:

To explore a character through drama.


Enjoy looking at the following pictures of Robins using role-play to help them understand Augustus Gloop and his mother from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


They were being interviewed........and my gosh there were some tough questions!

This term's focus is 'The Sixties'; a decade of change.......









Our literacy stimulus is

 which was published in 1964




The children have numeracy (with a touch of DT and art) and literacy in their homework packs for the holiday.

The numeracy follows on from TRANSFORMATIONS that we've been learning about this week, and

CO-ORDINATES; our latest topic has enabled us to review and revise co-ordinates which we investigated in Term 2.

The children are also going to devise a theme park, which involves imagination, logic and some calculations using money.

The literacy is based around punctuation, which is something that ALL the children need to improve on if they are going to progress with their writing skills.


Image result for happy Easter

As always, I thank you for your support in getting Robins to complete homework and return it on time; there has been a HUGE improvement in their attitude to home learning this term. THANK YOU!


Please follow this link to hear the song that we've used as our School Reflection this week.


The Robins have learnt it and now sing it beautifully!


We've used it on our farewell message to Mr. Apps, as we think it says a lot of things that the children and staff at Drapers Mills would like to say to him.





There's been a slight change of plan this week. The children have only MATHS homework (calculating volume)  in their pack today; this is due in on Monday.


On Monday they will be given LITERACY homework which will be due back on Wednesday.


It is disappointing to report that some children are still failing to return homework on time; a few are failing to return homework at all.


Home learning significantly speeds up a child's progress, and the deadline for its return is teaching a sense of personal responsibility. PLEASE SUPPORT YOUR CHILD by emphasising these points.


Thank you.




Our school reflection for the coming week is a focus on FRIENDSHIP; caring for others and wanting the best for them.

It's a song this time......follow the link on the slide; I hope you enjoy it.




The children in Robins are all developing into excellent team players; when working in groups they all make a contribution, to the best of their ability, and support each other.

During this task they recorded information from a detailed presentation about the people who were involved with Anne Frank during the time her family were in hiding; they then used the information to make a fact-file in their books.

Congratulations to Sammy and Bryan!


Last term we didn't see the best of these two boys and there were a few uncomfortable moments.........but what a change this term!


They have been polite, hardworking and helpful.


Well done both of you! I am SO proud of you!

The new week's focus is 'HAPPINESS' .........

One Island Day'

  11th March 2016

Year 5 walked to St. Peter's Church to see the epitaph to one RICHARD JOY, a man whose extraordinary strength would have won him 'The World's Strongest Man' title these days! He was a phenomenon 350 years ago -apparently carrying a canon from one end of a war ship to the other; it then took 6 men to move the canon back to its original position!

Robins read the gravestones with interest, and reflected upon those that told sad stories of lives lost young.

All the children behaved well, treating the area with respect and using emotive language to express their thoughts about the epitaphs they had read.

On returning to school the children recalled details from notes they'd taken and we started to put together a collage of those memories; I will proudly put a picture of the finished item on here for you to see when it's completed.

Thank you for allowing your child to take part in the trip today. An enjoyable morning was had by all!

Due in on

                                         15th March



PUNCTUATION - capital letters and full stops


MONEY - calculations using £'s and pence




Your children had a lot to say about this week's reflection.



The focus was 'WORDS' - how and when we use them.......


Robins are becoming EXCELLENT at discussing such emotive issues; please give them the opportunity to explore these ideas at home with you; I'm sure they'll be more than happy to give you the benefit of their wisdom!

Enjoy these pictures of Robins acting out a scene from the life of ANNE FRANK.

The groups scripted themselves and organised their role play without any adult input.

They were all FABULOUS!

Yesterday the children started to make some flyers and leaflets to support their history learning about rationing; I have asked them to complete the project for homework, to be returned tomorrow 10th March please.


.Image result for remember homework

PLEASE don't forget to make your appointment for one of the Parents' Evenings next week; your child's progress depends on us working together........


I look forward to meeting you.

If you've read the latest newsletter you'll have seen that, despite a lack of trophies during the past few weeks, the Robins have maintained their overall attendance at over 96%. THIS IS WONDERFUL! Many thanks to all of you who support our attendance record by ensuring that your child is at school every day on time. However, we're no longer top of the Leader Board which has saddened our excellent attenders.

Some children have been staying away for unacceptably minor reasons, and in some cases no reason at all.

Please ensure that your child attends school unless an illness or circumstance make it impossible.







Please enjoy discussing this week's reflection with your child.


The attached  link is a jolly song about using words carefully; it is a short lesson in 'thinking before you speak'.


Enjoy learning the song together and discussing the lesson that it's teaching.

Young Mr. Florry (better known to us as BAILEY), has become a MASTER NINJA.


We'll try and get a photo and an interview with him in the next few days.




The children were given their homework wallets today; work  to be returned on TUESDAY 8th March.


This bundle contains:

For literacy,  a task to practise the use of inverted commas (speech marks), which has been our main grammar focus during the past week.

For numeracy, a task based around the times-tables, or mental maths, depending on the group


 in Homework Packs

From today onwards your child will always have a copy of the Ninja maths challenge that they are currently striving to achieve; please encourage them to practise at home.

What a lovely time was had by all........!

Robins put together a 'magazine' of their activities throughout the day and each student ended up with an impressive selection of work which they were all SO proud of.


The following picture shows the children who volunteered to share their favourite book with the class - and a very interesting selection it was too!


It takes a lot of courage to stand up in front of an audience and speak without any script or rehearsal. Please praise your wonderful children for their endeavour and enthusiasm!


A HUGE thank you to Chloe and Alise!


These two lovely young ladies attend an ICT club after school once a week and always research something connected with our current learning; not only does this extend  their own knowledge and understanding, but they offer to share their findings with the class.


Here they are, having researched some WW2 fighter pilots and Barnes Wallis, the man who invented a   'Bouncing Bomb'.


Their classmates asked questions after the presentation, and the two girls got a big round of applause for providing us with some fascinating facts.


Well done girls!

We are going to start sharing our weekly reflection with you.


Robins are SO FANTASTIC at discussing the messages that words and pictures suggest to them - they are fast becoming impressive and inspiring philosophers!


The focus for thought during the coming week is positivity; being positive; being optimistic. How important is it? What makes people positive/negative? How does positivity impact on ourselves and those around us? Does being negative affect outcomes for us and/or others?


Please encourage your children to give you their thoughts about the words and images that we offer for reflection. They LOVE to share their ideas, and this style of thinking helps to develop their sense of justice, generosity, compassion, acceptance, integrity AND MUCH MORE!

Thank you.


                     Image result for homework                  

                                   1) a letter to a friend

                                                     (details in homework pack)

                                               2) number work  (sequences)




Only three days into a new term and already the Robins have been using drama in an attempt to gain an understanding of the human suffering during WW2. 


In the photograph you can see them trying to get inside the minds and bodies of those who were persecuted.


There were some inspiring performances by frozen, starving, lonely, terrified  people.......


A class of STARS !!Image result for movie star clipart


Here I proudly give you yet another collection of magnificent and inspired pieces of art work, created solely by your children with no adult input......


Supplied with paper, cardboard, sticky-tape and glue, they used their learning about the life and work of Vincent Van Gogh, his painting of sunflowers and a jug of real sunflowers in the classroom, to share ideas and skills in the production of these beautiful collages

Homework should be brought back on the first day of Term 4 please.

The Children have got some MATHS about TIME, a task focused on the use of APOSTROPHES, and a BOOK REVIEW to write about our Term 3 Literacy focus 'Rose Blanche.


Many thanks for your continued support in ensuring that children do

homework and return it on time.

Image result for mathshomeworkImage result for mathshomework

5th February for Monday 8th FebruaryImage result for decimals and fractions

Image result for homeworkImage result for homework

For Thursday 4th February!


Find a saying about 'the cycle of life' or 'the value of getting older' to share with the class.

What a GREAT week!


  2nd PlacenoImage result for clipart attendance trophy again for attendance!

Thank you for your continued support in getting Robins to school every day, and on time! Please keep it up; the children are so proud of their attendance record.

Image result for challenge least, it was for the Robins this week!

I gave them scissors, glue, sticky tape, some cardboard boxes and coloured paper.

The Challenge:

In groups, make an Anderson Shelter in 20 minutes!

The photos show you the results.....

...............then I gave them another 35 minutes to use their recent learning; what could they remember about the construction of Anderson Shelters?

As you can see from the pictures, they remembered LOADS, and as a result their models are SPECTACULAR given the narrow time-limit.


These 'craft' challenges are approached totally cold by the children; there is no pre-teaching, or time to exchange ideas. I tip the materials on the floor, give them the challenge and off they go!


I hope you are impressed by your children's creativity, as I am; and I'm delighted at how their ability to cooperate and compromise has developed; I make a big deal about the importance and value of teamwork, and they've certainly taken all that on board. They couldn't produce such wonderful creations if they weren't working together in harmony. Be PROUD! The children are!

Enjoy the pictures...........

(Some of the shelters had beds and people inside, which sadly I couldn't photograph, but believe me when I tell you that the detail on these final pieces was fantastic!)


Warm regards to you all.

Mrs Kirkpatrick

Please take a few minutes to look at our presentation about attendance; the figures really open your eyes to the serious consequences of absence and lateness.


You are a WONDERFUL set of parents/carers; our class attendance record is a testament to how seriously you regard your children's education. THANK YOU! Your children are a credit to you.......they WANT to come to school and proud of them! They are ambitious, have great aspirations and demonstrate our school values every day.


I am a VERY proud teacher!smiley


Warm regards to you all.


Mrs Kirkpatrick

Robins have got Maths homework, due in on Friday 29th January


Calculating VOLUME.Image result for homework

I've provided the link to a FAB video which explains CALCULATING VOLUME really clearly; please encourage your child to watch it if they're not confident about the homework tasks. even better, watch it with them and work it out together!!

Thank you for your continued support with homework.

Dear Friends and Family of Robins,


Welcome back to our webpage!


Yes, another cup for attendance! Second place this time (tut, tut), but nevertheless a great achievement, and yet another triumph to add to our fabulous attendance record!


It is our class assembly on Thursday and guess what the topic is? Yes, you guessed it ....ATTENDANCE! The Robins are so passionate about it, we thought it would be the perfect subject for us to share with the other students; they've been practising this week, and it's looking good! EVERYONE is participating, they are ALL saying something, so it's a real team effort. I'll let you know how it goes!


Warm regards.


Mrs Kirkpatrick


Image result for new babyImage result for baby parrot    Literacy Challenge!

I saw this in a pet shop window recently:

FOR SALE: new baby, parrots in stock.

What's funny about it?


The Robins were excited when I said I'd put this link on our webpage; it's a rap called 'Attendance is the Word' and we're using it as the introduction to our class assembly. I hope you enjoy it!Image result for attendance

Thank you for supporting your children with their homework; only 4 students failed to bring it back on time, which is a fantastic improvement!    Image result for homework
Robins were top of the school for attendance last week.......AGAIN!.....thank you!

If your child is struggling with the basic concepts of time telling, this link will take you to a pair of engaging

animated characters who should help with the reading of time on an analogue, and a digital, clock.



The children have been given their first batch of homework for this term.

They have some maths related to TIME, which has been our focus during the first 4 days..

There is  a task focused on PAST TENSE VERBS for literacy, which will help them in their learning about WW2.

Also included is a TOPIC-BASED reading/writing task, designed to help with comprehension skills, in addition to reviewing some learning about 'rationing'.

The children also have a TIMES-TABLE to learn.

This batch of home learning is due back on WEDNESDAY 13th JANUARY.

Image result for homework



CONGRATULATIONS to our first 'Star of the Week' for 2016 !


Lyuboslav has just joined Robin Class full-time after spending much of his first term with the Shooting Stars.


He has worked REALLY hard during his initial 4 days with us, and made a tremendous contribution to a group presentation.


Well done Lyubolslav! We are delighted to have you as a Robin; we know that you will be a great asset to our our class.



Image result for saying about educationChallenge!!

Robins are very used to discussing sayings and quotes........

Consider this one with your child! I think you'll be proud at how thoughtful and articulate they are.




Please find here a couple of websites which may be useful if you have access to the internet:


The first contains some useful tips and links connected to helping your child with homework.

The second has some key information, clearly and simply expressed, about World War 2, which will aid your child's understanding of the events we are learning about this term.


Please don't hesitate to contact me through the school if you would like help or advice to enable you to support your child's learning.


Warm regards.


Mrs Kirkpatrick

Our environment is very important to us; the children are becoming very clever at using the classroom as a learning resource.


I hope you enjoy looking at the photographs of our air-raid shelter, and our 1940s 'rooms', all of which are being added to frequently as new ideas occur out of conversations or research.


If you have any items that are relevant to WW2, please talk to your child about them and encourage them to bring the object into school to show; the item could be introduced in a short presentation, or be a part of one of our displays!


I am promoting the importance of HOMEWORK very strongly this term. Rather than a Homework Book, the children have been provided with a zip-up wallet into which homework tasks will be placed. There will not be a Homework Timetable; the children will have home learning tasks to support their classroom work as and when they need to practise, review or extend some knowledge or skill. This will mean that some weeks they may have one lengthy task or project, and other weeks they may have 2 or 3 shorter pieces to complete.


The children will receive all their homework instructions verbally, but those instructions will also be clearly included in their wallet (including the date for return), so that parents and carers know what's required. PLEASE stress the value of home learning and encourage your child in their completion and return of homework on time - many thanks. Your support will have a significant positive influence on their progress.


Until next time.........warm regards,

Mrs Kirkpatrick

Well, our first day back is over..........

..........and what a day!

Your children are AWESOME!

They fell back into our routines straight away, walking beautifully to assembly and behaving perfectly while Mr. Apps inspired us with anecdotes about reflecting on last year and making New Year Resolutions.


We spent our maths lesson investigating how to convert various units of time, which the children found challenging but, as always, they worked well in their groups, helping and encouraging each other.


We had our first 'Talk for Reading' lesson this morning; this involves talking about a text, as the name suggests;  exploring the language, events and characters in great detail, and using valuable skills such as inference, prediction and questioning to enhance the children's desire to read and improve their ability to enjoy a wide range of writing styles, genres and authors. The lesson was a huge success! The Robins LOVE to talk, and their imaginative ideas and thoughtful responses never cease to amaze and amuse me!


In Literacy we considered the features of a personal diary entry, as our first step on the way to the children drafting, editing and publishing a high quality diary entry of their own.


The afternoon was spent primarily on history; to tie neatly in with our topic of WW2, we learnt about and discussed the issue of rationing. All were fascinated and surprised at what we found out; there were lots of questions, to which we found most of the answers, and the children thought about what it would be like to have to go without their favourite food. (There were some inventive ideas for solutions to some of the shortages!)


We are holding on preciously to our Attendance Cup for another 3 days! You will be proud to know that Robins are the only class who've reached the whole school target of 96% during this academic year. In fact we have exceeded it slightly with an overall result of 96.6%! The class in second place has achieved 95.5%, so we can be delighted at our position on the Leader Board! Thank you all SO much for your diligence in ensuring that the children in Robin Class attend school so conscientiously; your sons and daughters are themselves REALLY proud of our frequent trophies. I look forward, with your support, to many more Robins having the opportunity to receive an Attendance Cup in our celebration assemblies during the coming term. Thank you.


So that's it for now! Term 3 has started.....and our classroom already looks amazing in its reflection of our learning topics; I hope you enjoy looking at the photos I've posted.


Please visit us here regularly and feel part of our learning community; rejoice in your children's achievements, for they are many!


I will endeavour to keep you updated as frequently as possible, but please don't hesitate to contact me through the school if you have any concerns or questions, either specific or general.


Warm regards.

Mrs Kirkpatrick


Happy New Year to all families and friends of the Robins!


I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are feeling refreshed and full of enthusiasm about the forthcoming term!


Our novel for Term 3 is called 'Rose Blanche', and recounts the experiences of a young girl during World War 2.

At the end of last term I invited the children to tell us anything they knew about WW2 already. We watched some original film footage, and also some contemporary interviews with people who had experienced what we saw in the documentaries.  Throughout the term the children will enjoy learning more about the realities of WW2 in order to enhance their understanding of the characters and events in 'Rose Blanche'.


We are currently constructing an air-raid shelter and some 1940s home-wares in our classroom; my next update will include some photos for you to marvel at your children's creative skills!


I would like to take this opportunity to wish you peace and good health throughout 2016, and I look forward to many happy conversations about your child's learning and progress.


Warm regards.


Mrs Kirkpatrick



Good morning everyone!


Here are 2 photos from yesterday's rehearsal of our Years 5 & 6 Christmas show; I sincerely hope that lots of you will come along tomorrow morning to support your fantastic children in their artistic endeavours!


We have some wonderful actors and singers who are really excited at the prospect of entertaining you; everyone involved has worked very, very hard over the past few weeks and are, rightly, proud of what they've achieved.


There will be more pictures and news from me at the end of the week, but for now thank you for your continued interest in 'Robins'. We all appreciate your support of our school life.


Warm regards.


Mrs Kirkpatrick



Hello Everyone!


Please marvel at the wonderful paper Christmas tree and decorations which is currently lending some vibrant colours to our classroom; I hope you agree, it's a creative masterpiece!


Warm regards.


Mrs Kirkpatrick

Please enjoy your children singing and learning Makaton - a visual learning aid which aids communication.

I think you'll agree......the Robins are AMAZING!


Still image for this video

Welcome back!


Thank you for catching up with our news.


Gosh, how busy we've been!


Assessment Week has just ended; the children did reading, writing, SPaG and maths assessments; the conduct of Robin Class children was exemplary. They all know what is expected of them during a test or exam, and conform to the rules without question. TRUE LEARNERS!


Thank you to all parents/carers who attended our Year 5 Showcase on Thursday afternoon; it was a pleasure to meet you in our learning environment, and talk to you about all our projects. The children prepared their presentations with dedication and enthusiasm, showing pride in their classroom, their learning and their relationships with each other. I hope you enjoyed the experience as much as we did.


We are currently engaged in rehearsals for our Years 5 & 6 Christmas production. It's certainly a Nativity with a difference! All children are involved, and really enjoying the experience. Thank you to parents/carers who have produced costume items for those with on-stage roles; your support is hugely appreciated by all at Draper's Mills, as it's your involvement that encourages and inspires your child to want to succeed.


I have LOTS of pictures of recent events to display here, but owing to a few children still not having parental permission to be on the website, I have to examine each image before I can upload; if you haven't given consent for your son or daughter to be in photos on our school website, I urge you to do so. The children LOVE showing off their learning, and this is the best place to do it! Those who must currently be left out of sit sadly on the side-lines, while their classmates are indulging in a moment of pride in front of the camera lens!


As always, I thank you for reading our news and continuing to support the lovely Robins.


Warm regards.


Mrs Kirkpatrick

Hello !


Welcome back, and thank you for signing in......


We had a GREAT time on Friday; the whole day was dedicated to a piece of piano music; we did lots of discussing and cutting & sticking! The children participated in thoughtful conversations about the story being told, and the way in which the music gave rise to a variety of emotions; they also entered into some impressive team-work to create a collection of fascinating 3-D interpretations.


I have attached a few pictures; you can get a flavour of the enthusiasm for the artistic representations, and see a few of the students who enjoyed experimenting with sounds on an electronic keyboard.


I have many more photos to upload, so please call back here soon!


On a slightly different note, may I take this opportunity to reinforce our rule about footwear; the children may wear boots to and from school, but the requirement is that they wear black SHOES during the school day. If the child doesn't have shoes in addition to boots, then the black plimsoles for PE may be worn. I  thank you for your support in this matter.


Warm regards.


Mrs Kirkpatrick

Welcome to your regular update on the Robins' learning, as another busy week comes to an end.......


I hope you enjoy looking at the latest selection of pistures, which give you an insight into what we've been doing recently: you will l notice that we have a new class member, who's rather large and very green! He (or she?) is sitting happily on a large, very comfortable lilypad, overseeing the children working on their frog-centred English reading book, and their project-based learning about the importance of natural environments.


We've been discussing the value of recycling and learning some high-level vocabulary that we can use when talking about this, and related topics.


The children are now regularly doing lengthy pieces of writing, and getting used to proofreading, editing and improving their own work; they are becoming self-critical and taking great pride in the progress they are making by identifying their own errors.


Robins are becoming 'deep thinkers'; we have a daily reflection (which EVERYONE wants to read, so I'm drawing up a rota!); the children are starting to be very philosophical, and interpreting messages in sensitive and thoughtful ways. Many of them are themselves making thought-provoking observations about life and all its wonders and complications; they're certainly a smart bunch......(and getting smarter every day!)


Friday is our 'Take One Composer Day'; I've got lots of exciting things planned! Log in soon to find out how it went!


Please don't forget our Christmas Gift Box Appeal; we still need a few more items to complete our first box. Thank you sincerely to those of you who have already contributed; the children feel so proud when they hand the gifts over.


Many thanks, as always, for your continued interest in our learning.


Warm regards.

Mrs Kirkpatrick

Welcome to the further exploits of Robin Class!


What a week! Gosh, we've been SO busy and VERY creative:


In preparation for our Remembrance Day Service yesterday, Robins' were set a challenge, on Tuesday,  to make a poppy in 30 minutes; I put a picture on the board, but gave no instructions. The result is the impressive wreath that you can see in the attached picture.


The children are very excited about our whole school Christmas "Thinking About Others" project, which is using the charity "Thanet Families in Need" as its focus; each classroom has a box, which the Robins have decorated with personal Christmas messages; we are encouraging the children to bring in something small to put in the box - one of the pictures here shows a list of ideas that the children put together. I hope that families and friends of our Robins will support the enthusiasm of the boys and girls who want to contribute (clean, undamaged second-hand toys and books would also be received gratefully), thank you. I will post regular pictures here of our box as it fills up.


Exercise books are filling up rapidly, as was seen by those parents, carers and relatives who came in for a parent/teacher consultation on either Monday or Tuesday; it was a pleasure to meet so many of you. I hope you were pleased with what you saw and heard. I think you'll agree that the children are working extremely hard.


You will be delighted to know that all 5 Guided Reading Groups in Robin Class have gone up to the next level of book this term.


As always, thank you for taking an interest in our news; more to come soon!


Warm regards.


Mrs Kirkpatrick

Dear All,


Well here we the end of our first week of Term 2!


The Robins have been praised frequently this week, by various members of staff, on their excellent behaviour, especially in assembly. FAB!


We've been enjoying lots of active learning in all our subjects; the students particularly enjoyed helping each other to learn times-tables in Maths on Tuesday.


Our book this term is called 'Tuesday', by David Wiesner - it's a magical tale about the adventures of a group of frogs! The children are quite expert in their knowledge about frogs already!


Our topic, therefore, is about natural environments; the children have already explored lots of valuable vocabulary like 'conservation', 'preservation' and 'habitat', and they've all got opinions on the importance of looking after our natural environments.


The Creative Art link to the book and topic is for the children to use a variety of materials to create a collage which reflects the diversity of textures in a pond; they had a fascinating afternoon on Wednesday with Draper's lovely art tutor, Lena, when they explored our beautiful outside area looking for natural resources with which to create a picture.


I am delighted to announce that a democratic process has resulted in Bailey Florry being voted the new Student Council Representative for Robin Class; we are all missing R-J Samme a great deal, but Bailey will undoubtedly do an excellent job as his replacement; after all, he has a lot to live up to!


Finally, Robins are the most wonderful artists! They have created some stunning storyboards which reflect the books they have been reading and discussing during their Guided Reading Sessions.


All in all we've had an enjoyable and very productive first week of Term 2.


Thank you to all who have made appointments for next week's Parent/Teacher Consultations; I am sincerely looking forward to meeting you and having the opportunity to discuss your child's learning.


Finally, the children do such fantastic work in class that I would love to regularly share their enthusiasm with everyone on this website by uploading photos with my news and chat here ; however, some of the students have not returned 'permission for photo' letters. I will try to catch up with ALL parents and carers during the coming weeks so that I am clear about your wishes regarding pictures on the school website; in the meantime, if you know you haven't given us permission, but wish to do so, just send a note in with your son/daughter/ward so that I can add their name to the permission list.


I wish you all an enjoyable weekend and, as always, take this opportunity to thank you for the continued support of your child's learning.


Warm regards.


Mrs. Kirkpatrick


Hello, and welcome to Term 2 with the Robins!


I hope the half-term week has been a happy time for everyone and, of course, I also hope that students are looking forward to returning to school!


To start us off, please enjoy browsing through the attached pictures which show your children's fabulous dioramas of African landscapes; I'm sure you'll agree that they are a marvellous testament to their creativity.


I would also like to take this opportunity to mention how sad we all were to say 'goodbye' to Richard-Joshua Samme (R-J), who had been such a wonderful contributor to Robin Class throughout Term 1. In addition to being an excellent student, R-J was a first-class Student Councillor, and it was at his request that I've posted a photo on here of himself and his fellow Robin Councillor, Jennifer Robinson.


Finally, please rejoice with us at having won the 'Gold' trophy for attendance AGAIN! We celebrated by taking a couple of memorable pictures, one of which shows a triumphant R-J, who was a major contributor to our brilliant attendance record.


Thank you to all parents and carers who have maintained the high expectation we have at Draper's Mills that children attend school every day. Your support in this, and all matters relating to your children's learning, is very much appreciated.


Warm regards.

Mrs. Kirkpatrick


Well, here we at the end of TERM 1 ....... I can hardly believe it!


It's certainly been a long term, but the Robins have held out well - they've been working as hard, in these final few days, as they have done all term! Please refer to our class motto (see pics) which all the children in 5K strive to live up to.


One of the pictures shows you a couple of pieces of group work that the students produced during their study of Africa - which was their topic for Term 1; you can also get a flavour of International Language Day in the picture which shows the beautifully crafted flags of Germany that have decorated our corridor window this term.


I will take this opportunity to say a huge 'thank you' to all parents, carers, family members and friends of Robins, for your support during this long term; to those who've helped us achieve a historic attendance record of 100%, THANK YOU! To those who've made sure that your child has had PE kit on Tuesdays and Fridays, THANK YOU! To those who have supported the children by sending materials for projects, chatting with me at Home Time and equipping your children with useful learning tools, THANK YOU!


I am SO looking forward to teaching the Robins in TERM 2! We have an exciting period of learning ahead, with a new book to study, a topic which is going to involve the children in some valuable

life-skill learning experiences, (with a thrilling outcome), and a few research opportunities which are going to get the children out of the classroom and exploring the outside environment.


I will have a few more photos to share with you before we say 'bye bye' to Term 1 for good.


Please log in tomorrow for our final 'goodbye' to TERM 1 and a very special student!


Warm regards.


Mrs Kirkpatrick

Welcome to another instalment of 'Robin News' !


I hope you enjoyed browsing through the pictures which show some of the displays in our classroom at the end of Term 1; you can see a comprehensive collection of information on our Working Wall, which shows some of the keywords, learning intentions and thought processes that the children have used to expand their knowledge on a variety of subjects; you can see some beautiful writing produced as a result of our Guided Reading and the study of 'Journey to Jo'burg'; you an also see that we have had success in our 'Team Work' projects, during which the students learn to discuss, give opinions/suggestions/advice, compromise and elect group members for certain tasks. This is all part of our whole school policy to promote democracy.


Thank you, as always, for supporting your children by viewing these pages; they are so proud of their work, and your encouragement only serves to strengthen their enthusiasm, and determination to do well.


Warm regards.


Mrs. Kirkpatrick

Hello families, carers and friends of our lovely Robins!


We have all been very busy this week.......


In English we've been learning about Scotland, and its similarities and differences to England; the students have enjoyed watching clips of traditional Scottish dancing, Maypole dancing and Morris dancing, and enthusiastically joined in with the singing of the National Anthems. We've learnt some interesting facts about James I of England too. All of this culminated in the children doing a lengthy piece of writing which will be used to assess their writing levels. Without exception, everyone worked really hard on their article, and I look forward to seeing them displayed for everyone to admire.


Next week our topic lessons are going to be great fun, as groups work on the creation of their dioramas. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all adults who've supplied children with 'bit and bobs' that we can use to make our landscapes. Your support is very much appreciated. I look forward to posting some pictures here of the finished models


We got squeezed into 2nd place for attendance this week, but nevertheless our record for attendance has been excellent this term; again, many thanks to all our parents and carers who have made this possible by ensuring that children come to school every day and arrive on time.


Finally, the children have done a Maths Assessment and a Reading Assessment this week, both under strict exam conditions, and all behaved impeccably. I was very proud.


I wish you all well for the coming week, and thank you for taking an interest in what the Robins are doing.


Warm regards.


Mrs. Kirkpatrick

Image result for 100% attendance

Dear Family and Friends of the WONDERFUL Robins..

You will be delighted to learn that our class achieved perfect attendance during the past week, and the children were justly rewarded with the 'Gold' Trophy and a big tub of chocolates which we all enjoyed sharing after another busy day of learning.

May I take this opportunity to thank all adults who have done such a great job in ensuring that our Robins get to school every day - and on time too! I would love to share our chocolate reward with you, but unfortunately the children didn't leave you any!

Many thanks for all your support.

Warmest regards.

Mrs Kirkpatrick

Thank you for checking into Robin Class News!


This is an appeal, on behalf of your children and their friends......


The students are about to start preparing plans for Dioramas, which the children will display to demonstrate what they've learnt about African landscapes during their 'Topic' lessons this term (please see previously attached slide with examples).


We need lots of interesting materials to help us create fantastic scenes of Africa; if you have any packaging or art & craft bits and pieces, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, scraps of fabric etc., PLEASE give them to your son or daughter to bring into school. Anything that can be cut, stuck, painted or coloured will be very gratefully received!


Let me take this opportunity to say how hard the Robins are working during this first term of Year 5; they are a class to be proud of!


Warm regards.


Mrs Kirkpatrick.



WOW! What a busy first couple of weeks.......


I'm thrilled to be teaching a class of such enthusiastic Robins!


In English, we've started our novel, 'Journey to Jo'burg', we've been reviewing and practising punctuation in Literacy and have studied Place Value in Maths; our topic for this term is 'Africa', and our Science explorations are focused upon animals to answer the question 'Which animals come from eggs?'


We are working hard to make our learning environment colourful and informative (see photos).


Thank you so much for your support in ensuring that the children get to school on time and have their PE kit for Tuesdays and Fridays.


I am creating lots of opportunities for the children to be rewarded for a variety of reasons, with certificates, stickers and other treats, so please be sure to join me in praising their achievements.


I'll keep you updated on the Robins' progress, and all the learning and activities your children get involved in.


Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns, or would just like to discuss an aspect of your child's school life.


Very best regards.


Mrs  Kirkpatrick