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Red Ted with the national flower of Laos.

Sharing Learning

Thank you so much to Alan who shared his knowledge of counting in Thai. Having looked at the Red Ted Blog during assembly, Alan was able to share with us simple greetings and numbers to ten. It was tricky to remember.

1 Neung  
2 Song  
3 Sam  
4 See  
5 Ha  
6 Hok  
7 Jed  
8 Paed  
9 Gao  
10 Sib

RED TED in Laos -Visiting a school and other sites

I hope that you are all still reading every day. Some children have read over 100 times!!!!!!

If you are trying to find a good author, follow the link below. These authors give you a little bit of information about their characters and their latest book.


Where in the world is RED TED?

Red Ted is in Laos.  Laos is in Southeast Asia.

Follow the link below to find out some more facts about Laos. Always check with an adult before watching a link and make sure the adult watches it with you so they can make sure the clip stops and doesn't go on to further unrelated clips.


Look at the map to see where Red Ted is.


Below is the national flag of Laos.


Where in the world is RED TED?

Red Ted has been off on a trip. He is in Thailand. Thailand is a very hot country. The Capital of Thailand is Bangkok, which is where Red Ted has been visiting. There are many beautiful temples to visit as you will see from some of the pictures below.

You can follow the link to find out a little bit more about Thailand or do some of your own research but always check with a grown up before going onto any internet sites!


RED TED in Thailand

Red Ted was very busy over the Christmas holiday. Have a look at his latest travelling adventure.

He used his reading skills on this trip.

Happy New Year to everybody. I have had such an exciting Christmas. I have been visiting family and of course opening presents. My best present was a new book. I really like the stories written by David Walliams.  I got a new story for Christmas. I also watched Billionaire Boy on the television which is also based around one of his books. Here I am with my new book. I am going to read a few pages every night.

Spiderman  has been reading RED TED a bedtime story! Looks as though he is reading a book all about his latest adventures.


Well done if you have gained your RED TED and you have been making sure you read to it every night. You know they love stories and books! Soon you will be earning your own book to chose and keep ( 100 reads!!!!)


Here I am with all my friends, waiting to find a good home so keep reading because we are so excited. A few children have been to visit us this week and some of my friends were picked. Remember to keep reading every day and talk bout the book you are reading so you really understand the story or the information.



I am so pleased that the children in Key Stage One have been soooooooooo busy reading. Eight of my RED TED friends have now found a new home. They were very excited about it. Look who has also been busy reading.


He is crushing me with his large, black glove but well done to Batman.

If Spiderman has got time to read, then you have definitely got time to read! Read Every Day, Talk Every Day

RED TED has been spending time with different families. Look at the reading adventures below.

Nov 1st 2015

During this holiday I went to spend the week with Ms Barrett and her cats. Ms Barrett wanted to read with me but her four cats love reading and asked if they could read with me. It was lovely reading with a cat, they are all warm and cuddly, they purr which makes me feel safe and are fantastic readers. Also, Gaby loves washing everyone so I didn't even have to stop reading to have a bath as she gave me a cat wash. Misty is old and is an experienced reader, she prefers reading educational books so we read a book all about amazing facts. Bella loved the 'One is a snail' book and I had fun counting all their legs afterwards. Dirk needs a bit of help reading so we shared the book whilst he gave me the most wonderful cuddle.


I am hoping to visit them again soon and will bring them some more books.




RED TED spends time with Ms Barrett's cats

Sunday 18th October 2015


Wow! What a weekend it has been my dear children! I am exhausted but have had so much fun and look forward to coming back at Drapers-Mills tomorrow to tell you all about my adventures! I have made four new friends and I would never have imagined that I would get on with such a crazy and lovely bunch of Pekingese doggies, Merlin, Mei-Li, Mrs Jones and Bobo.


Mrs Baker warned me last week that it would not be an easy task and that she has been so very busy this term teaching her penguins that sadly, her four babies were falling behind with their reading. She was so upset about it that I set myself the challenge to spend the weekend with her and her family and to turn those four cheeky doggies into reading super heroes.


Here are some pictures of what I have been up to...

10th October 2015


Wow! Have I had fun? I have been on a visit to London.   I have been to visit the Thames River and Tower Bridge which is a very famous bridge . Tower Bridge can open up to let ships with tall masts pass through. Did you know that in 1952 the bridge began to open when there was a double decker bus on it and it had to jump the gap!!!

The bridge took 8 years to build and it is really quite old. The bridge was finished in 1894. Below is a picture of the bridge under construction. Year 2 had a go at building bridges this week out of newspaper and tape. There were some amazing designs.











Because I love to read books, while I was in London I went to visit The Globe. This is a very famous theatre where they perform Shakespeare plays. Shakespeare really enjoyed writing. He wrote some very famous plays such as Macbeth and A Midsummer Nights Dream.

Remember to keep reading every day. I know some children are getting much closer to taking me home to keep. Read every day and talk about the book you are reading. Make sure the grown up who is hearing you read signs your reading record. Two super readers in Jaguars went to see the head teacher on Friday  because they have been reading every day!


Bye for now, from Red Ted



Hi everyone, hope you have all had a good weekend. I have had a quiet weekend, enjoying my favourite book... yes you know what it is don't you? Of course, it is The Gruffalo. I like the bit when it describes the Gruffalo:

'He has terrible tusks, and terrible claws, and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws.'


Then I was trying to think of words to describe the animals he meets in the story. I came up with:


The sly fox

The scaly, spotted snake

The wise, old owl

The  sneaky mouse

What adjectives could you use to describe these creatures?




20th September 2015

Hello, my name is RED TED and I love to read. My favourite story is The Gruffalo but I like reading all sorts of things. My name stands for Read Every Day, Talk Every Day.


I have had a very busy weekend. I went to a restaurant and I had to read the menu. Then I read all about booking a Christmas dinner at the restaurant.  Here I am reading.


It was a very special restaurant because in the garden they keep pigs! One of the pigs was absolutely huge!!!!!

Anyway, two of the pigs were named after two very famous book characters. One was called Bilbo and one was called Frodo. Do you know which very famous ( and very long) story these characters come from? I won't tell you today, I will give you a chance to find out the answer.


I took a selfie with the pigs but I had to be very quick as they tried to eat me through the fence!