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Please complete the activities set for each day. You can print the worksheets out or complete them in your booklets. Some of the activities yo need to complete online and send them back to me on

Моля, завършете дейностите, определени за всеки ден. Можете да отпечатате работните листове или да ги попълните в своите книжки.Някои от дейностите, които трябва да завършите онлайн, и да ми ги изпратите обратно на
Dokončite činnosti stanovené pre každý deň. Môžete vytlačiť alebo vyplniť pracovné hárky vo svojich brožúrach.Niektoré z aktivít, ktoré musíte dokončiť online, a poslať mi ich späť na adresu



week beginning 11th May

Dear All,

I am going to change the way I set your Maths work. Every day I will ask you to watch some videos and complete one or two activities per week. I hope this will make things easier for you. Please send me photos of your work to this address:

Love, Mrs Urban


Please watch this video:

Can you count 1-10 to someone at home? Can you do it in silly voices?


Please watch this video:

Can you write down the numbers 1-10?


Please watch this video:

Can you write down numbers10-1?


Go to

Play at least 5 a day rounds of numbots, if you need your password please email


This can be played on most mobile devices. 

Can you beat your personal best?



Week beginning 4th May


It's bank holiday Monday. There's no work set today, but I would like you to practice counting to 20 and try to find some missing numbers


1. Count 10-20

2. Watch the PPT about counting on:


1. Listen to the song

2. Count on. Tell the answers to your adult.


1.Sing the song

2. Complete the task.



2. Try this challenge with bigger numbers.


Week beginning 27th April


1. Sing the song and count to 20

2. This week we will be practicing adding, but this time to 10.

    Do you remember?

3.Complete the task. Send it to me.


1. Play this game to practice ordering numbers

2.Count the dots and write the number sentences.


1. Watch the story and add penguins.

2. Add:


1. Rap and add smiley

2.Add the numbers


1. Count to 20

    and back

2. Play this fun game.




1. Sing the song and count to 20

Can you find number 6?Number 12?Number 18?Number 2?Number 15?

2. altogether/dohromady/напълно

I have 3 smiley smiley smiley faces and 2 smileysmiley faces. How many do I have altogether?smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley 5!

Can you count, how many objects there are altogether?Check by counting on your fingers :)




1. Can you count from 20 to 0?

Write down numbers : 7, 13, 17, 20.

2. Can you count how many altogether?



1. Can you count to 20 from any number?

2. This is a plus or add sign  +

    This is an equal sign   =



1. Practice your counting

2. Calculate the sums below. You can use your fingers or objects. You can also draw dots like this:

1  +    2    = 3

.  ..



Practice your adding playing this online game:






Can you count the Easter pictures? How many of them? Practice writing the numbers down.

Dokážete spočítať veľkonočné fotografie? Koľko z nich? Precvičte si zápis čísel.
Можете ли да преброите великденските снимки? Колко от тях? Практикувайте да записвате числата.


Look at the sums. Add the objects and write it down in your booklet.


Pozrite sa na sumy. Pridajte objekty a zapíšte si ich do brožúry.

Вижте сумите. Добавете обектите и ги запишете в своята книжка.


Can you point to the Easter objects the same size as the first one?

Môžeš ukázať na veľkonočné objekty rovnakej veľkosti ako ten prvý?
Можете ли да посочите великденските обекти със същия размер като първия?

Happy Easter!!!

(more Maths work on Thursday 16th April 2020)




Today we are going to practice saying the numbers in order and writing them. Listen to the song and watch the PPT. Next, practice writing the numbers 1-10 and 10-20 if you want a challenge.



Today we are ordering numbers. Can you please listen to the song and then fill in the missing numbers?


We would like you to practice matching number and quantity.Sing the song and complete the activities.