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Click here everyday at 11am to hear stories read by David Walliams!

Click here everyday at 11am to hear stories read by David Walliams! 1
See members of our Teaching Staff reading books in our 'STORY TIME' tab. 


Email us pictures of you reading your books ( and we will be able to see who is reading the most! We can then create a gallery of you all reading and a leaderboard to see who is doing the best! 

There are a lot of websites that have made their online books free and available for children who will be learning from home. I have found a few so far and we will continue to add to this. If you find any more that are useful whilst educating your child at home, please let us know and we will share them with the rest of the year group too. Thank you

Reading for Monday 23rd ...


Reading for Tuesday 24th ...


1. What 4 things do the two best friends enjoy doing together?


2. How are they different from each other?


3. The pedestrians look cross. What could the girl do instead?


4. What word has the author used to show that the little girl likes her work?


5. List 5 verbs the author uses when the girl tries for the 3rd time.


6. She decides to make it better, copy out the sentence that explains what it smells like.


7. What was the one reason was it for her to quit?


8. What happens to the girl to make her feel better?


9. Now complete the book review.

                     Reading for Wednesday 25th ...
Picture 1

Please use this link to find an online story book for you to read ...

Listen to the online story. The draw a story map or cartoon strip retelling it in your own words.

Penguins Make Bad Pirates | Storybook, Short Stories for Kids, Fairy Tales, Nursery Rhymes

Arrrr! Desperate times calls for desperate measures, especially when your pirate ship gets stuck between two giant icebergs in the freezing Antarctic ocean. ...

Picture 1

Please click on this link to take you to a phonics game if you wish.

Reading for Thursday 26th ...

Picture 1

Comprehension with answers

Picture 1

Reading for Friday 27th ...

Differentiated comprehension texts. Choose the level that you are comfortable with. Try to challenge yourself if you feel brave!

Look at this picture of Bob.


  • Use this image to predict what type of character Bob is?
  • Predict what happens in the story.
Picture 1

Listen to the story about Bob and the Elves.


  • What other story does this remind you of?
  • Now draw Bob's house and include events that happened in the story.


Reading for Monday 30th March ...

Read 'The Dragon Machine'

Now make a story book of your own showing what happened in the story. Include the characters, the setting and anything exciting or interesting that happened.

It could look like these concertina books ...









Reading for Tuesday 31st March ...


LI:  To answer reading comprehension questions by deducing and inferring information.


Read the extract. Read the question. Highlight the ‘find it’ answer. Write the answer in a full sentence.


‘Good gracious me!’ Aunt Spiker said, ‘What’s that awful noise?’


Both women swing round to look. The noise, of course, had been caused by the peach crashing through the fence that surrounded it, and now, gathering speed every second, it came rolling across the garden towards the place where Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker were standing.


The gaped. They screamed. They started to run. They panicked. They both got in each other’s way. They began pushing and jostling and each one of them was thinking only about saving herself. Aunt Sponge, the fat one, tripped over a box that she’d brought along to keep the money in and fell flat on her face.


Write the answers in full sentences:


1. What did the peach crash through?


2.What was the peach rolling towards?


3. Write 3 things that the Aunts did when they saw the peach rolling.


4. Which Aunt tripped over a box?


5.What had the Aunt brought the box along for?


6. What did Aunt Sponge fall on?

Your next task ...



Reading for Wednesday 1st April ...


Click on the picture below to access the year 3/4 common exception word game.



















Click on the link below to access phonics games to help with segmenting and blending words.