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Reading/Story Time

Click on the link below to watch a teacher read a story!

Read a book/ website/ newspaper/ comic of your choice for at least 15 minutes every day.

Send us a picture of you reading. You could be reading a road sign, a label in a shop, a recipe, anything and anywhere! 

We cannot wait to see all your adventurous reading, please send us your photos on our class page! Just click on the cross at the bottom of the padlet!


Don't forget these great free reading resources:

Sign up for a free account on the link below and access interactive books that are at the same reading level as your child’s book colour band:


Another story about mini beast

Now play the Oy Frog rhyming game!


Come Outside - Spiders

Nursery Rhymes Time!

I hope you are not afraid of spiders.....

Listen to the rhymes below and try to join in using your own actions!

Little Miss Muffet


Where was Little Miss Muffet?

What is a tuffet?

What was she doing? 

What are curds and whey? 

Who came near Little Miss Muffet?

How did Little Miss Muffet respond?

How would you have responded? 

Do you think if she could learn more about spiders, she might respond differently?

What about you?


Incy Wincy Spider




Story of the week - The Cautious Caterpillar, enjoy!

Reading at home during Lockdown


To support Reading at home your child also has two reading books; one is a decodable book-band book at their reading level and the other one is a library book chosen by them to share with you.  We highly recommend reading a book more than once; three times is ideal as you will find that the children develop greater fluency when reading and begin to recognise more words by sight.

 If you have access to the internet then please go to:


 where you can sign up for a free account from which you can access and read other interactive books that are at the same reading level as your child’s book colour band.


Also, Epic! a digital library is providing instant access to 35,000 of the best books, learning videos, quizzes & more to help keep your child reading while they are at home during school closures.  You can access this online resource through:



Check this amazing resource! Free online books for all abilities and tastes. Little ones and grown ups take your pick!




Log in every day at 11 o'clock and share a book with David Walliams.



Click on the link below to access a new book!



 Home Reading 


Many parents have expressed concerns about their child's reading potentially taking a dip with the current school closure. We have been looking for websites which offer free, online books for children to read. These are phonetic books which all children should be able to access. Feel free to browse through and make a decision based on your child's ability. 


Set 1 - SATPIN.






SET 2 - c, k, ck, e, h, r, m, d's-hat

Story online provides lovely stories which are retold by others. This helps with children's language development, awareness of story structure and encourages reading for pleasure.