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Rainbow Room


Welcome to the Rainbow Room




The Rainbow room provides a small provision for children with social, emotional and developmental difficulties. We work with multi agencies to provide specialised teaching and learning provision. We focus on the child as a whole and work on bridging small gaps within their learning.



Miss Dally                                                                            Miss Ellison  


Welcome Term 6!


This term our focus is on the story, The Rabbit Problem




This wonderful book follows rabbits through a year as they cope with their fast expanding family and handling a different seasonal challenge each month. This book is filled with extraordinary pictures and is highly detailed.


Our first week back in Literacy we focused on learning the months of the year. The children had lots of practical activities in arranging the months in the correct order to singing songs and learning key events in each month of the year.

In maths we have focused this week on recording tally. We wanted to cover this as it is reflected upon within this terms story. This week the children learnt to draw tally marks and showed this by making tallies out of lolly stick and writing them on a chart in their books. We collected several bits of data this week such as making a tally chart of the coloured cars that went past the school and a tally chart for the colour smarties found in a tube. The children were encouraged to share their data and to analysis it to see if each child had the same score or different.

In key skills this week the children took part in lots of hands on phonics activities such as reading words from the phonics balls, finding key words hidden around the classroom and adding the correct letters into the words to make them correct.

Within Literacy this week we have been focusing on some of the main events the rabbits face in selected months of the year. In January the rabbit was feeling very lonely as he was the only rabbit in the whole field. The children decided that the rabbit needed to have a party to make new friends. So the children planned a party for the Rabbit, thinking of all the things a Rabbit would eat, play, and wear at a Rabbit party. Following this we then looked at facts about the rabbits and made an information booklet.

Maths this week we have been focusing on number. The children have looked at place value of a number and practiced matching the correct amount of objects with the correct number. As well as placing the numbered lolly stick in order into play dough.

Within Key skills this week we have been focusing on all our areas of number and letter formation, phonics, clever hands and fizzy. The children have made numbers out of play dough and wrote their challenging letters on the floor in the playground. They have used their fine motor skills and posted coins into boxes. The focus within fizzy this week has been throwing and catching a ball. A lot of children have built a lot more confidence this week and have been able to catch the ball.

Social Emotional

This term we are focusing on:



The children this week set a friendship target to focus on for this term. Then we looked at a sorting activity on what a good friend and a bad friend does. The children responded very well to the pictures and were able to recognise what makes a good friend.


This week the children have been focusing on the month September. Within the story September is a month for collecting up all the carrots grown and making various foods. In association with this the children have been looking at forming lists using bullet points and learnt how to write instructions. We also focused on the child’s ability to read back their own work. Making sure they re-read each sentences to help them recognise any errors.

The children made a carrot cake following their own instructions they had wrote and making a list of ingredients they will use to make the cake. Then then completed a summary on how the process went.


This week in maths the children have been learning about subtraction. Each child has worked very hard this week at understanding the terminology used when subtracting and using their number knowledge.  The children partook in a variety of activities associated with subtraction, with a focus on forming a subtraction sum.

Key Skills

In key skills this week we have completed a range of activities, such as: placing the correct amount of beanbags into the baskets; stacking as many Lego blocks in a minute; playing the phonics ball catch game and practicing their throwing skills.


This week in literacy we have been focusing on writing a newspaper report about a naughty rabbit that ate all the carrots in the field. The children focused on the formation of sentences and were able to write a report with description about the rabbit.  The children started the week by looking at different types of text and focusing on what the writing is about in a newspaper in comparison to a story book.


This week we have been focusing on ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.) The children have taken part in a range of activities to help them identify ordinal numbers. The children have ordered toys correctly from teacher’s instruction, completed a colouring activity highlight the place of selected vehicle. Found the correct ordinal number on a number mat and wrote ordinal numbers clearly in their books.

Key Skills

Our focus of this week have been on the children’s eye and foot coordination, were they have been practicing their kicking skills, being able to kick the ball between them and a partner. We have also focused on the recognition of upper and lower case letters and completed several matching activities.


The theme this week in literacy has been focusing on planning a Rabbits holiday. The children got to choose a place the rabbit will visit. From there ideas they then created a story map, sequencing pictures. The children then worked really hard at writing a story on the rabbit’s trip to the child’s chosen location. All the children worked really hard at forming all their letters correctly and making sure their letters sit on the line.


This week the children have been learning their number bonds to 10. They have taken part in several practical activities. The children iced biscuits forming number bonds out of sweets. They have also made paper chains, used cubes and the children made hand templates to use as support to help them work out number bonds to 10.

Key Skills

This week we have been making numbers out of pipe cleaners and focusing on the children’s phonics knowledge. They have taken part in a range of activities to improve their key skills.

Welcome Term 5!


This term we are focusing on the story book, The Bog Baby.



The Bog Baby is a truly magical story by Jeanne Willis and Gwen Millward.

When two small sisters go fishing to the magic pond, they find something much better than a frog or a newt. They find a Bog Baby. Small and blue with wings like a dragon, the girls decide to make him their secret. I won't tell if you won't...

But the bog baby is a wild thing, and when he becomes poorly, the girls decide they must tell their mum. And she tells them the greatest lesson: if you really love something, you have to let it go.



Our classroom has been decorated like a bluebell forest and joined by our very own Bog Baby.



This week we have introduced the story of the Bog Baby, focusing on the characters and setting of the story. The children collected leaves, twigs and other greenery to produce a habitat suitable for a bog baby. Later on in the week the children took part in a Bog Baby hunt, looking for cake crumbs left by the Bog Baby and following his footsteps to our schools pond area.



In maths we have been learning the days of the week. We have supported our learning this week with the story the hungry caterpillar. The children have really enjoyed the story and learnt what the caterpillar ate on each day of the week. The children have learnt the names of each day and the order of the week.

Social and Emotional


This term our emotion we are focusing on is:


This term we are looking into depth at the emotion happiness.


What makes you happy? How do you make others happy? How can we tell if someone is happy?


This week we looked at a range of faces that showed happiness and discussed how a person’s faces changes to show they are happy. The children thought of ideas as to why these people are happy and explained a time when they have felt happiness.

Key Skills


In our key skills group this term we continue to focus on number and letter formation, fine and gross motor skills and phonics. One of our children has made us very proud and is now moving forward onto phase 3 sounds in phonics, as well as all our children now completing their numbers to 20.

In clever hands this week we have been working on our hand eye co-ordination. The children have been enjoying the sunshine this week, using water play in the playground squirting water at the targets.



This week in literacy we have introduced adjectives. We looked at what an adjective is and how they are used within our Bog Baby story. The children took part in lots of activities relating to adjectives such as, lovely poster with descriptive words about the Bog baby, searching for adjectives within the text and categorising adjectives.  

Then the Bog Baby went missing!

The children created a missing poster that can be placed around the school to help us to find our Bog Baby. The children used their character description from Monday to form sentences, so that everyone knows who to look for.



In maths this week we have focused on patterns and being able to repeat and extend patterns. The children have used different resources to help them understand a 2 and 3 colour repeating pattern.


Key Skills


This week the children visited the pond area and wrote their numbers on the chalk boards. They also spent time counting different objects around the pond. Also they have been practicing their throwing skills, selecting a certain amount of bean bags and throwing them into the hoop on a raised surface.  The children all completed this task and were able to get all bean bags into the hoop.

Social, Emotional


This week we discussed further the emotion happiness we explored our own facial features and how they are different when we are feeling happy to when we are feeling another emotion. 



In Literacy we have been retelling the story of The Bog Baby. The children have made puppets of the characters and used them to perform a puppet show to the rest of the class.  Towards the end of the week the children then wrote the key points of the story, focusing on sentences formation and adding capitals and full stops correctly.



This week in Maths all the children have been learning about 3D shapes. They have been experimenting by building towers and recognising which of the shapes have curved and flat faces. We have been learning a 3D shape song and the children have enjoyed identifying the 3D shapes found around the classroom.

Key Skills


The children this week have been working very hard on their scissor technique mastering how to hold the scissors correctly and how to follow a line on the paper. This skill uses hand eye coordination and is a very technical movement, having to control the scissors and the paper at the same time. Another area covered this week was writing their phonics sounds and their numbers on a computer. The children were able to complete both activities and learnt how to control the mouse on the computer to form their numbers.

Social, Emotional


This week we discussed how we can make the people around us happy. We spoke about situations when we have made someone happy and talked about how the person’s facial features change to show us that they are happy.



This week in Literacy we have focused on sentences formation and trying to help our children to be independent learners. We have discussed the main aspects of a sentence and encouraged the children to repeat a sentences several times before writing it to help them remember. They have been building their own sentences using a visual picture as support.



The children this week have been introduced to the terminology more or less. The learning this week has been practical based, with lots of hands on experiences to help the children gain the concept more or less. They have iced biscuits this week and had to place the correct number of sweets on each biscuit and was then asked to identify which biscuit had they put more or less sweets on.  Following this we have played several dice games focusing on which dice has the most spots on it, used cubes to build different height towers which then helped the children to recognise the tower with more or less cubes.

Key Skills


This week the children have taken part in many challenges. They started off the week by working on coordination and the important skill of following instructions; this was demonstrated through a game of Twister.  Then we moved onto focus on balancing different sized objects onto golf tees. All the children found this challenging but showed endeavour in the completion of the task.

Social Emotional


This week we have looked at the feelings of others around us, discussing how we can make others feel happy. The children were able to recall a time when they have made someone feel happy and how it impacted on their emotional wellbeing.




Sensory Circuits


Sensory Circuits helps develop children's sensory processing. Some individuals have difficulty interpreting sensory information which can impact on how they feel, think, behave and respond. Sensory Circuits focuses on six key areas and works through a series of physical activities. The program is run twice a day, for a period of 12 weeks.

Literacy and Maths


This week we have had an art week focusing our attention to life in the ocean. We had a selection of children from a range of year groups to join us in this week’s lessons. The children have completed literacy and maths work relating to the topic of under water.   The children have enjoyed making sculptures and mosaic art work of sea creatures.

Key Skills


This week the children have taken part in arrange of activities. Throughout the week they have taken part in a range of fizzy activities such as: competitions on who can throw the furthest, balancing along a range of apparatus and playing bat and ball with our new equipment. Then children have also recapped on the days of the week, pegging the days in the correct order on a number line.

Social, Emotional


In our lesson this week we focused on producing work for our display. The children drew their faces and wrote when they feel happy in their best handwriting.

Sensory Circuit


This week we have started our sensory circuits. The children have had lots of fun trying out all the new equipment. Their favourite piece of equipment has been balancing on their tummies on a large red ball.

The topic for term 4 is adventure.



Our Key Question for this term is:  Where would your flying carpet take you?



Within Literacy we have been looking at stories with flying carpets. The children this week designed their own flying carpets and created a story around where their flying carpet would take them. The children shared their ideas with the group on where flying carpets can take us and we read books with flying carpets in. 



In maths the children have been focusing on length and being able to identify longest and shortest. They have been looking at pictures and making different objects to differing lengths and ordering objects according to size.

Key Skills


This week in our key skills group we have been focusing on upper and lower case letters and children recognising when to use capital letters and lower case letters. They have also been focusing on number recognition and one session this week the children had to hunt around the classroom for their hidden numbers. Also this week in phonics the children have been learning to blend simple cvc words. Following this this children have been focusing on throwing and catching a ball with a partner and independently.



This week in literacy the children have been recapping on the story from last term called ‘Beegu’ and creating a story of Beegu returning to Planet Earth. The children researched different places Beegu could visit and what she would think of these places. They all picked Dreamland and the Sea life centre in London.  The children came up with fantastic stories of how Beegu would feel seeing a shark for the first time.



This week within maths we have focused on more and less, the children have been using number lines to help them identify one more or one less.  Also we have been focusing on the children’s counting ability, whether this be verbally or counting objects. The children have been learning numbers through song and to see whether they can repeat a tune of numbers. This have been focusing on Five little speckle frogs which is a clip on YouTube.

Key Skills


The children this week have had races to place pegs onto a box in the quickest time and making nests with little eggs inside out of play dough, focusing on building their fine motor skills which will benefit their writing ability. In maths the children have been matching the correct amount of objects with the correct number. Some of the children were focusing on their numbers to 5 and others focused on their numbers to 10.



This week the children have been focusing on sentence formation. The children have been using visual images to help them form sentences and placing the words in the correct order within the sentence.



This week in maths we have focused on the children being able to recognise pairs of objects and pictures. Focusing on the terminology of same and different. We explored this through playing games of pairs and matching pictures to objects. The children were sent to find matching objects around the classroom and match the objects to the pictures.  

Key skills


This week the children have been very creative and have been forming words and their names out of pasta. They have also formed their challenging letters out of elastic bands. As well as making words out of cubes. Through all the activities the children have focused on forming the letters correctly and sounding out each word.



To start the term we completed a week of number recognition, to recap on the numbers taught to the children last term.  We looked at various number songs and played number games to help recap on the children’s numbers to 10. The children have been able to write their numbers independently to 10 with support of number fans.

Key skills


This week the children have been working very hard in all areas of their key skills. The children have been ordering their numbers to 10 and 20. They have formed letters in paint and found hidden letters around the classroom. As well as threading beads and straws to make necklaces in their clever hands session.

The topic for term 3 is Space.  





Our Key question for this term is: What do aliens think of life on planet Earth ?



Our focus for this week has been looking at achievements of famous people. We started the week by looking at achievements and what is meant by achievement. The children had to identify several famous people and look at their achievements which made them famous. 

Following this they then looked at famous people related to our topic this term Space. We Focused on Neil Armstrong and his achievement of being the first man on the Moon. The children used the computers to find out about Neil Armstrong and how he became one of the most famous men in the Space history.


This week in maths the children have been learning about fractions and number recognition.


The first group have been looking at fractions and learnt how to simplify them, as well as adding fractions with the same denominator.


The second group have been focusing on number recognition. This week they have focused on counting the spots on the dice through playing a game of snakes and ladders, as well as other counting activities. The children had a number hunt around the classroom where they had to find certain numbers called by the teacher.

Key Skills


This week our afternoon group have shown fantastic improvement within their letter formation. They have all been able to write their names this week with neat and clear letters. As well as letter formation they have been focusing on gross motor skills, jumping with their feet together and rolling along the floor, focusing on keeping their legs together.



This week in literacy we have been focusing on sentence formation. The children have been learning about the key components of forming a sentence. Depending on the child’s ability it has consisted of full stops, capital letters, adjectives and connectives.

The children started off by highlighting these key areas within a piece of text. Then later on in the week the children looked at an aliens visit to Margate and had to form sentences based on the alien’s adventure in Margate. 



This week we have had one group focusing on weight and converting between grams and kilograms. Then finished the week with two staged problems, which included converting and addition sums using decimal places.

Group two have been focusing on colour recognition. We have been concentrating on the colours, red, blue, green, yellow and orange. They have been identifying object colours, as well as sorting objects into colour groups.

Key Skills


This week we have been completing a range of activities such as; making aliens out of play dough, practicing number formation in foam, Building upper body strength through pulling themselves along a bench and jumping making sure they keep their feet together. All the children have worked very hard this week and have shown fantastic manners. They have learnt to share and work as a team.



This week we have focused on re telling the story of Beegu. Each day the children have been writing a section of the story, including the introduction, build up, problem and ending. All the children created a story map, which included a sequence of pictures to help prompt them with their writing. Their focus was adjectives, connectives, capital letters and full stops depending on the ability of the child. After they had completed the story, the children were asked the following day to go through their work adding in corrections and levelling up some of the words used.


Getting the children to improve their work helps them to reflect on what they have written  and for them to understand how to improve their writing next time.



The focus for this week has been capacity for one group and continuing with recognition of 2D shapes with the other group.


The first group learnt the unit of measure used to measure capacity and what is used to measure liquids. They started by looking at different sized bottles and estimating how much they thought the bottles held.  After that they then had the opportunity to measure the amount in each bottle, to see how close their estimations were.  Later on in the week the group then looked at converting millilitres into litres and litres to millilitres. On Friday the group then played a game of who wants to be a millionaire, with questions focusing on capacity and converting the unit of measures. The children had lots of fun and were able to demonstrate their understanding of capacity. 

In the other group we have continued with identifying 2D shapes, learning the four basic shape names. They have been on a hunt this week around the classroom trying to find as many 2D shapes as they can. As well as matching shapes together and creating patterns out of the shapes.

Key Skills


This week in our key skills group, we have seen some amazing letter formation and each of the children have been able to write their own names this week with minimal support. Then have been practicing drawing around their hands and making their hand print into different animals. They have made their numbers out of play dough and continued to work on their fine motor skills by threading cheerio’s onto pipe cleaners.



This week in literacy we have been looking at the story Beegu.




This story is about an alien called Beegu who gets lost on planet earth and is in search of her mother.  



At the beginning of the week we focused on questioning. Looking at the purpose of a question, when we would use a question and what do you get out of asking a question. The children practiced drawing question marks, to show they understood the correct punctuation to use.

The children were then given the task to think of questions which they could ask to find out information about Beegu.

Following this we then focused on the emotional aspect of the text, identifying the emotions of Beegu throughout the story. The children acted out the emotions of the story and formed sentences in their book on the emotions Beegu felt on his journey to planet earth.



In maths this week we have a group of children focusing on identifying 2D shapes.


This week they have been learning to identify shapes from within the classroom. We have been focusing on the four shapes: square, triangle, rectangle and circle. The children have been learning the shape names by matching shapes, drawing around the shapes and making the shapes out of play dough.


Our next maths group have been focusing on measurement.

They have been identify length using the measurements millimetre, centimetre, meter, kilometre.

They have been learning to estimate and measure objects in the classroom and around the school, as well as converting.

Key Skills


In our key skills group this week we have had lots of fun playing phonics games, using tongs to pick up objects to improve our fine motor skills and balancing along a bench to improve our gross motor skills.

The children also have had lots of fun getting messy when practicing letter formation in shaving foam, glitter and the sand pit.

Here is a sneak preview of our topic in term 3. What do you think our next topic could be?

Term 2




During Term 2, our literacy theme is Emotions. The children are shown how to express their emotions in a positive way and understanding the importance of expressing their emotions.


This topic will be linked with the film ‘Inside Out’. It is a great film to show children that everyone feels the same emotions, but it is how we deal with them that is most important.



The key concepts of the film are emotions, personality, core memories and imagination. The children have learnt this through role play, photography, reading stories, mind mapping and questioning.

Within the Rainbow Room we have a range of ages and abilities and implement a wide range of learning opportunities to suit the needs of the child.




Within term 2 some children have been focusing on number recognition and others doubling, halving, 3 and 4 timetable.

Number Recognition

Halving, doubling, 3 and 4 times tables

Each afternoon we run a Key Skills group this focuses on the progression within phonics, letter formation, number formation, clever hands (fine motor skills) and fizzy (gross motor skills). We try and make all of our learning fun by using a hands on approach to help engage the children with their learning.


Key Skills


Look at all the fun learning we have had in term 2. 

As well as academic progress we also focus on a child’s well-being and their social emotional difficulties. Our children join in with Lego Therapy to help communication, social rules and following instructions.  

We run several activities and have been focusing on emotions linking with our literacy topic. Have a look at the children’s work on our display board. 

All of us are very proud of the children in the rainbow room as they have worked very hard this term and are showing some great progress.



We would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year and look forward to another successful term in 2016.