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Rainbow Room



Welcome to the Rainbow Room


The Rainbow room provides a small provision for children with social, emotional and developmental difficulties. We work with multi agencies to provide specialised teaching and learning provision. We focus on the child as a whole and work on bridging small gaps within their learning.

















23-6-17 In key skills thsi week we have been working hard on our Gross Motor skills.

23-6-17 This week in Maths we have been focusing on our Plevel targets on Using and applying and have created different patterns.

23-6-17 This week we went on a Minibeast hunt around the school grounds.

16-6-17. We had great fun celery painting this week, focusing on spiders as part of our learning about Minibeasts.

16-6-17 This week in Maths we having been focusing on Adding. We have been using the interactive board and had great fun using Numicon.

9-6-17 We love completing puzzles in the Rainbow Room. It is a great way to help problem solving and also a fun way for a Fine motor activity.

9-6-17 In Math this week we have focused on the properties of different 2D shapes.

5-6-17 This week we have been looking at what are Minibeasts and what different insects we would be looking at in the weeks to come.

Term 6


In this term we will be learning all about Minibeasts. Each week looking at a different insect and their habitat. We will have our very own caterpillars and watch them turn into Butterflies and also have a class trip to the Rare Breed centre.   In Maths we will be working on our Individual targets.



26-5-17 This week we have been checking on our Sunflower seeds that we planted.

26-5-17 Making a cake for our Fun afternoon.

19-5-17 In Key Skills this week we have been really enjoyed focusing on our Fine motor skills.

19-5-17 This week in Maths we have been investigating Numicon.

17-5-17 Look at our talking bean it's growing!!

12-5-17 In Maths we have been working on our P level target to add sums upto 10.

12-5-17 Working on recognising 3D shapes.

12-5-17 Key Skill activities working on our gross motor skills.

12-5-17 Our Sun flowers are at the second phase of the plant life cycle and they are growing roots, sprout leaves and a stem

12-5-17 Using the interactive board to build a sentence.

12-5-17 Phonics fun in the Rainbow Room.

12-5-17 In Art this week we used pipettes to make a unique piece of art.

5-5-17 We love Yoga in the Rainbow Room.

5-5-17 well done Tori and Alishia for taking turns and reading a book to a friend.

5-5-17 The roots are starting to grow on our talking beans.

5-5-17 This week we have learnt the names of the different parts of a plants and what is needed for a plant to grow.

Planting our sunflower seeds.

This term we will be learning all about what plants and flowers need to grow and mini beasts. To start it off we have planted our very own Talking beans and can not wait to see them grow!

28-4-17 In Maths this week we have been working hard on our P level targets and really enjoyed Shape Bingo.

28.4-17 Bubbles! In key skills this week we made big bubbles and had to use our balance to be able to stand up without popping the bubble.

28-4-17In the Rainbow Room we love the game I spy with my little eye. It is fantastic to help the children find the initial sounds of words and its great fun.


In the Rainbow room we have been learning about the four different Seasons and which order they go in. We have made seaonal pictures to show the affects of the weather and what happens around us,we have also made a seson wheel.

Fun on the Field! Everyone in the Rainbow room really enjoyed focusing on our gross motor skills in the sun.

Pets at Home visit

This week we have been working hard in maths on our P level targets. We focused on finding the odd one out by using the interactive whiteboard and also differen objects.

Pancake Day in the Rainbow Room.

What food is Healthy and not Healthy? Everyone in the Rainbow Room loved this actvity in grouping differnt foods. They also loved eating new fruits such as coconut and kiwi.

As part of our learning this term about how to live a healthy life we focused this week on how to wash our hands correctly. We also focused on the effects off sugar to our teeth if we do not brush them properly. We left eggs in coca cola over night as the shell is similiar to the enemal on your teeth.

To finish off our learning about people who help us and the emegency services we use, we visited Margate Fire station and looked at the equiement that they use to help people when they are in trouble,used the hose to spray water and also tried on some of their uniform.

Working on our Phonics target.

This term we are learning about People who help us, and the Emergency Services that we use. We have been looking at the Police service this week and was very lucky to have a visit from two Police officers from our local station to come into class for a educational visit. The students really enjoyed asking questions about the role of a Police officer and trying on different equipment.

Key Skill actvities.

In maths we have been learning how to add one more.

How to live a healthy life.

We have be learning about Doctors and Nurses and how they help us when we visit them. Then each student took a turn to be a Doctor and a patient.

Doctor, Doctor can you make me feel better ? As class we labeled the patience body then during role play each Doctor picked a scenario card and discussed what they would do to treat the patient.

In term 3 we are learning about people who help us, such as Fire Fighters, Police officers, Vets , Doctors and Nurses and the Dentist.  We will be visiting Margate Fire station, a local Vets and also a visit from a Police Officer into class to answer our question.


Christmas fun In the Rainbow Room

Pirate Display.

All the children in the Rainbow Room went on a treasure hunt to find the hidden treasure. We recieved a map in a bottle and followed it carefully to find the gold.

21-11-16 We had great fun being pirates and hunting for the treaure.

17-11-16 In Maths we have been learning about the primary colours and how to make a pattern.

16-11-16 Sensory circuit

14-11-16 We use roleplay items to help secure basic lifeskills that we would use daily.

7-11-16 Everyone in the Rainbow Room loves playing Just dance. This is a brilliant Gross motor Actvity and for hand eye cordination.

3-11-16 This week we have learnt about Guy Fawkes and why we celebrate Bonfire night, we had great fun making our own sparklers.

Making a Pirate Hat

Term 2

At the start of this term we will be learning all about pirates. We will be exploring their lifestyle and fact file about famous pirates. We will also become our very own Drapers Mills pirates and try and find the  buried treasure.  

Rainbow Room Reward System


In the Rainbow Room we discussed as a class about what our class rules should be.


To reward brilliant learning and following our class rules we have a marble jar and once we collect 20 the whole class will have a reward.

Leonard and Ladislav have really enjoyed working on the computer and the Whiteboard this week.

19-10-16 Maths this week we have worked on capacity and usuing the terms full,half full and empty correctly.

13-10-16 in PSHE this term we focused on how to be a good friend, we discussed as a class the essiential traits of a good friend and made our friendship tree.We have also started to talk about emotions and feelings which we will carry on into next term.

7-10-16 In Maths this week we have been working on our knowledge of Measurements , using key words such as Big and Small and Short or Tall.

3.10.16 In the Rainbow Room every morning we complete a Sensory circuit which is a motor skills programe which helps children with sensory processing difficulties.This week we will be using the outside equipment for our actvities.

29.9.16 This week in Maths we have carried on working hard on 2d shapes. We have played shape guessing games and everyone enjoyed digging the shapes out of the gloop.

30.9.16 Well done to Leonard and Ladislav for being Star of the Week! Leonard for having a brilliant attuide to learning and Ladislav for amazing writing.

26-9-16 Well done everyone for a fantastic first effort at Yoga.

21-9-16 Working on our shapes

Stars of the week in Term1

Well done Tori for brilliant writing about her own magic ice cream that can be made at the Chocolate Factory.

Working hard on our Numbers

Cooking Gruffalo Crumble.

Roald Dahl 100th Birthday

Making our Gruffalo Masks so we can re-tell the story.