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PORTSMOUTH Mrs Burniston




Our star of the week this week is...




For having a positive attitude to her learning and trying her best! Well done Viki!







PE kits must be in on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.


Please bring in reading records every day!


We had an amazing time at the science museum on Wednesday! Have a look at some of the fabulous things we experienced.

This week we have started a journey through space! We discussed and shared ideas and used these in our story writing. We shared a tiny piece of rock that had flown through space. Imagining where it had been helped us describe our journeys!

Look at these wonderful examples of writing! They are on our WOW wall, for everyone to see in the classroom.

Year 5 had an incredible time on our trip on Wednesday. We experienced so many different things including making keyrings, screen printing, making rock cakes and panning for gold! It was an inspirational experience and made us all excited for the future.

Can you retell the story of Beans, the amazing hedgehog astronaut, using our text map?

In music this week we explored crescendos and diminuendos. We listened to 'Mars' be Holst and tried to recreate a similar sounding piece of music.

Look at these wonderful examples of home learning!

A crime took place at school this week! We used our science skills to deduce who was the criminal! What science skills did you use?

Portsmouth class were lucky enough to have a visit from Hanna Prior, a trainee CSI! She taught us about how to identify features of fingerprints. It was very exciting indeed and we had a lot of fun!

We have spent some time this week reading our stories aloud. We have practiced using expression in our voices and making our stories exciting to listen to.

We have been getting hands on with our Science this week - what were you doing in these photos? What did you learn?

Some examples of the drama in literacy today. The children enacted the Hero Twins.

Some examples of our new learning environment!

Look at our latest text map! Can you retell the story of the Hero Twins?

Our last day of term was full of excitement as we write letters to our favourite people, participated in an Easter egg hunt created by the wonderful Mrs Hayward and had a fun film afternoon with snacks, drinks and plenty of giggles! It was fabulous to see nearly the whole class in school, well done Portsmouth!

The History of Drapers day was a fantastic success. We really enjoyed meeting a former teacher from Drapers and were even able to learn a song with him! Releasing the balloons felt very special to all of us and we hope they shared our messages far and wide.

Our school has entered a sunflower growing competition! These representatives planted the seeds with the green-fingering Mrs Hayward. We will keep you updated on their growth!

Portsmouth class really enjoyed the opportunity to experience steel drumming! We have a lot of talented musicians in our class, with Kacper, Sienna and Charlie being called back for a performance!

We explored levers in Science this week, planning and carrying out our own investigations.

We applied our measuring skills during this week's TASC. We calculated how many football pitches can fit on our field.

During Science week we created and launched bottle rockets! We applied our Science skills and really enjoyed this wonderful experience.

We had a visit from some Japanese students who showed us how to create origami animals.

On Friday afternoon we explored e-safety. We looked at some images and gave our first impressions. What first impression would you like to give?

These are the first impressions we would like to give people. How could we make sure people see these qualities first?

This is our class photo album. We have used poses to create good first impressions!

Just a few examples of our wonderful school trip! What can you remember? What did you learn?

We used drama to explore what it might feel like to be an evacuee. How are these children feeling?

Can you retell the tale of fear using the text map?

We used drama to explore our new story. How did you motivate John to face his fear?

We explored air resistance this week with a member of the Royal Air Force! We created parachutes in order to deliver airmen safely to the ground.

Alex explored 'Ravenous for Rations' for his topic homework. This is amazing! Well done Alex!

In Science this week we have been exploring water resistance. We built streamlined boats.

What did we learn about water resistance? What do these pictures show?

We used drama and the 'mannequin challenge' to explore recounts today. Excellent work Portsmouth class!

We explored the difference between weight and mass using Newton meters. What does a newton measure? How much mass do you have?

Look at these amazing examples of writing! These are related to our topic of World War Two!

We are learning the recount with actions and pictures!

This is the text map for our recount. Can you retell this to your family at home?

Look at these pictures from our latest 'hook'! The children experienced an air raid and wrote letters to their loved ones.

Our new topic is WORLD WAR TWO! Look at the wonderful displays! Who could be parachuting in through the window? Would you feel safe in our air raid shelter?

Our Latest Newsletter

We used our knowledge of decimals to investigate a TASC question - are older children faster runners?

We used drama to explore aspects of the story we have planned. We focused on expressions and emotions.

The girls had a spa afternoon treat as a reward for some kind behaviour. They had a brilliant time. Well done girls!

We had fun with hands on fractions today!

In Science we learned about the importance of keeping fit and healthy. We write some exercise plans. Here we are giving those plans a go!

Here is Marshal doing the plank for an incredible FIVE MINUTES!! Well done Marshal!

Our Learning Together Afternoon was a great success! Thankyou to all parents and family members who attended. The children loved sharing their learning with you.

We are learning an extract from Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. What word are we showing here?

We created desert islands to inspire us to write creatively in our new unit of work.

This week we enjoyed a Fire Safety talk from the local fire brigade. Don't forget about TEST IT TUESDAY!

In Science we investigated how children change as they grow.

This week we published our writing about the animals of Pandora!

We explored the lives of people who live in favelas. We used our DT skills to build a model favela. There were challenges along the way to help us realise what lie is like in a favela.

Our next topic is Brazil. Can you create a fact-file based on Brazil?

We created some survival guides to help us in a rainforest emergency!

We used drama to explore the life cycle of different creatures.

We explored the pond area, looking for creatures at different stages in their life cycles. We found many different creatures!

Some excellent examples of our recent maths work. Well done Portsmouth class.

We created 3d shapes from nets, labelling them with their properties.

Some great examples of subordinate clauses!

Look at this amazing creation by Viktorijia! She has made a wonderful imaginary rainforest animal. An exceptional way to bring our literacy work alive!

Can you retell the report using our text map? Practice at home!

Some examples of the art work created by Portsmouth class and Miss Lena, inspired by Andy Goldsworthy.

We used creative writing to explore life cycles. Look at these great examples!

Look at these amazing hot writes! They are being celebrated on our WOW wall!

We have been learning a dance for a special event! More news to follow!

What's going on here? (Hint - food chains!)

We explored reading scales when measuring liquids.

Here is our latest newsletter!

On the European Day of Language we celebrated Italian culture. We created art work in the style of Guiseppe Arcimboldo.

We tasted lots of delicious Italian food! It was so tasty - except the olives.Only Ivan thought those were tasty!

We used TASC to help us solve a mathematical dilemma! This helps us learn to work as a team.

We practised our innovated stories with actions to help us learn them.

This week we innovated our stories! The children were very creative.

Look at the fabulous leaves we created on DT day! Portsmouth Class put such a lot of effort into creating these leaves and learned a lot along the way. Well done!

Look at the fantastic costumes from Roald Dahl Day!

Can you retell the story of The Lorax?