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Welcome to Penguins Class Page!

Mrs Baker class teacher

 Miss Moore and Mrs Parsons TAs



At the core of our school values at Drapers and proudly celebrated every day are:


 The right to learn

   The right to be safe

   The right to have fun

      The right to have a voice




Help us reach our 96% attendance target by making sure your child comes to school every day and arrives on time for the register.

Together we will make a difference!

Term 6

Traction Man

Who have you saved today?



This term we are going on an exciting journey and following the steps of super hero Traction Man.

The children will learn the features of adventure stories and invent their own adventure stories.

We will continue to develop our already amazing sentence writing skills and focus in particular on creative language to make our stories even more fabulous!

In maths we are going to perfect our adding and subtracting skills and become number bonds super heroes.



Week 5

Well done to Asi our star this week for her great determination.

She simply never gives up!

It has been a very busy and exciting week for all of us. The children have met their new teacher and had a great time getting to know their new class mates.

Next year's year 2 teachers extremely impressed with the children's behaviour and their aptitude towards their work.

Penguins class have made me very proud indeed! nosurprise

Penguins newsletter week 5

Year 1 differentiated home learning week 5

Some of the learning this week

Making crockery items for Traction Man's picnic

Week 4

This week we have practised our multiplying skills and counting in different steps. The children are becoming more confident in using or even creating their own arrays.

Please check your child's book bag for this week's home learning on multiplication.

Well done to Amelia again, our queen our multiplication!

Our 100 and 150 time star readers!

Outdoor Talk 4 Writing-character description for our Traction man song

Multiplication work

Week 3


Penguin Newsletter week 3

Home learning for this week has been set up on Education City. We have also provided a paper copy for those with no Internet access at home.



Well done to Joshua this week for showing real endeavour in his work.

Traction Man is making himself home in our classroom...

And what a week it has been...



We started with Miss Barrett's 40th Birthday celebration

KS1 Sports Day - Our little Olympians!

Outdoor learning in the pond area-Creating and describing characters

We are keeping zen - Yoga session

Week 2

Well done to Bailey this week for trying to turn things around and beginning to change his attitude towards his learning! Keep it up!surprise




We have all had a very busy week, the children have excelled themselves in their phonics screening and made us all extremely proud! Well done Year 1 children and a big thank you to our wonderful and dedicated TAs and HLTAs for supporting us this week. We could not have done it without you! You are amazing! smiley

Independent phonics in continuous provision

Happy Birthday Joshua!

Our 150 time super star readers

Week 1


Well done to Amelia this week for always giving 100% effort in everything she does.

Next week it will be year 1 phonics screening.

The children have worked their socks off this week and applied relentlessly all the knowledge they have gained this year in phonics!

The screening consists in 40 real and nonsense words for children to read, sound out and blend.

We have set differentiated phonics home learning this week, please spend time this week end to read through the list of words with your child. 

We have also added a phonics revision table in our newsletter to help you support your support your child with their sound identification and pronunciation.

Useful links to phonics games:



Fun with phonics

Happy Birthday Our Majesty!

We have had great fun celebrating the 90th birthday of our queen.

Children had a picnic on the field and played games.

Later on the whole school gathered again, this time on the big playground, to make a large human Union Jack flag. Photo to follow, so watch this space!

Learning to look after our teeth

Number bonds

Term 5

Bluebell wood and magic pond

The Bog Baby

Welcome back!

Our learning this term will revolve around the topic of Bluebell woodland and pond/bog habitat.

Our journey will begin with the magical story of The Bog Baby.

We will explore the world of plants and make good use of the fantastic outdoor areas we have at school to find out about plant features and grow our own plants.

We are continuing our work on number bonds and intend to become experts in partitioning numbers. The children will learn to answer multiplication and division questions.

In music, we will experiment with instruments including our voices, how low and high we can go . In geography we will explore seasonal and daily weather patterns as well as our surrounding environment.



Term 5 year 1 medium term planning

Week 7

Well done to Cameron, he is our star this week. He has showed such improvement in his sentence writing and made exceptional efforts in his behaviour for learning.surprise

Year 1 week 7 homework

Position and movement

This week our focus in maths has been about position and direction. The children have practised using positional language to describe the location of objects in our surrounding environment.

Can you use the prepositions above, between, under, next to, in front of, behind to describe positions of objects in your home?

The children have also learned to give each other directions using appropriate vocabulary. 

If you face you bedroom door and go left a quarter of a turn, what can you see now?

What will you see if you do half a turn?


Where am I now? The position song

A song about the language of position for children. Watch our young friend on his adventure as he has fun with a monkey before needing to get away from a monster, a dragon, a dinosaur, a couple of giants and the big bad wolf.

Week 6


Well done to Kevin for his efforts at home with his reading and for his amazing work and behaviour at school!

Penguins newsletter week 6

Penguins home learning week 6

Learning together afternoon

Warm thank you to you all for making this afternoon a real success.

Performing poetry

Still image for this video
We are learning about poetry features and performed our poem Apples, Apples to the rest of the class. We recited the poem by heart accompanied it with our own actions.

Performance 2

Still image for this video

Performance 3

Still image for this video

Performance 4

Still image for this video

Performance 5

Still image for this video

Innovating our poems

Week 5

Well done to Lexie this week for displaying a growing confidence in a group but also whole class setting.

Lexie has come on a long way since she has started in Penguins. I am so very proud of her. no

Attendance has not been great in Penguins. This week we are bottom of the league again with a disappointing 92%.

Come on Penguins we can do better!

This week time is of the essence...

Understanding the length of a minute in PE-How many actions can you perform within a minute?

Learning to use resources to measure time-sand timers and electronic timers

What time is it Mr Wolf?

What's the Time?

It's a video to help children learn how to tell the time.

Week 4


Well done to Joseph this week for improving his behaviour for learning and producing great quality work as a result!

Week 4 penguins newsletter

Our environment is changing

E-safety top tips!

We use Education City in computing to answer e-safety questions. We have also designed our own e-safety posters to display around the school and remind everybody how to stay safe online!

Solving multiplication problems and using sharing to divide into halves and quarters

To understand that plants change their appearance over time.

We are exploring the features of plants and learning to identify and classify common plants such as trees, bushes and flowers.

We observed many differences in the types of trees present in our school grounds. We compared the leaves we could find, in terms of size, colour and shape. We found some EVERGREEN TREES, they never loose their leaves, and some DECIDUOUS TREES, their leaves fall in the autumn.

We talked about what happen to plants throughout the seasons and used art to show these changes.

Week 3

Well done to Melanie for her amazing work on multiplication this week and also for showing such kindness towards her peers.

Learning multiplication by grouping

Real life arrays

We made arrays to match multiplication sentences

Week 2

Well done to Callum our star of the week.

Callum has been working hard on changing his attitude towards his learning and has shown real endeavour in his work.

Penguins Newsletter week 1

Planting lesson

Using our partitioning skills to help us add TU numbers


In PSHE we have debated the pros and cons of keeping wild animals in captivity. 

We played 'decision alley'. The class was split so we had to agree to disagree and shook hands.

What would you do? Would you rather keep Bog Baby in the jar or release him in his natural habitat?

Talk 4 Writing story prompts- Time connectives

We are using these pictures to help us sequence the story events when retelling and writing the story. 


Week 1

Welldone to Larah and Amelia for approaching their learning with such enthusiasm this week. They have both displayed fabulous story telling skills and were excellent role models for their groups. I am very proud of them!


Week 1

My name is Bond! Number Bond!

We are learning our number bonds for 10 and 20.

Please practise these at home and learn them by heart!



1+ 9 =10             11+ 9=20

2+ 8=10             12+ 8=20

3+ 7=10             13+ 7=20

4+ 6=10             14+ 6=20

5+ 5=10             15+ 5=20

What number patterns can you notice?

Have a go at writing the inverse addition sums now!

E.g  2+ 8=10   and 8+ 2=10 are inverse sentences.

Using bond beads and Numicons to help us find our number bonds



Term 4:

What do Aliens think of life on Earth?

Dr Xargle's Book Of Earth Hounds





Beegu enjoyed her time spent with us at Drapers last term. She loved the company of Penguins class and learned so much about life at our school.

This term the children are making the acquaintance of Dr Xargle, an alien teacher, and his class. Together we are going to, amongst other things, learn how to look after dogs, design chairs for our four legged friends and continue to explore materials and their properties.

Visit our class page every week to keep updated with all the fun learning taking place in Penguins class!


Term 4 Year 1 Medium Term Plan

Week 5

I have chosen this week to reward all the children in Penguins' for their dedicated hard work this term!

I am extremely proud of them, keep up the good work and behaviour!


We are learning to partition numbers into tens and units.

Week 4

Well done to Marek again for his super independent learning!

Sport Relief activities

What we have been up to in our writing

Problem solving involving mass

We are learning to compare and order masses

We are learning to add multiples of 10 and 100 to solve mass problems. We jumped up large scales to count in 10s or in 100s when adding masses in grams and kilograms.

Why don't you practise at home using chalk on a surface outside. What step will you count in?

Week 3

We have set some additional spelling practice, please check your child's book bag.

I have also , as discussed during parents evenings, some handwriting and high frequency words practice sheets available. 

Take One Island Day-The Romans

We watched videos about the Romans and compared their lifestyle with ours.

Did you know that Drapers Mills was built on a Roman settlement?

The children found out about the amazing Roman's legacy and created 3D Roman towns.

Que Tiempo Hace hoy?

We are learning to say the weather in Spanish. How many different types of weather can you recognise in the song?


We have been exploring a range of measuring equipment and are learning to measure mass, capacity and length. 

We are getting better at reading scales and are now learning to count in 100s!


Week 2

For this week's home challenge, I would like the children to practise spelling their high frequency words. The children have been given a word mat matching their ability. Please help your child achieve their writing targets by practising these spellings regularly.

Five words a week is a good start!


We have 3 new RED TED owners!!!

Well done to Shanade, Larah and Jenson for reading 50 times. Keep the good reading up!


Well done to Kevin, our star this week!

Kevin has displayed exemplary behaviour this week and never gets distracted when working independently or in a group.

I am extremely proud of him!

World Book Day

We had a great time sharing our favourite stories with our reading buddies from year 4 Giraffes. 

We are learning to share into equal groups

Our innovated story maps

We have been working hard on improving our sentences and preparing ourselves to write our new sentences.

To be published next week!

Week 1 



Star of the week

Well done to Justin for his amazing work across the board!

He has come leaps and bounds and is now an independent writer!



Week 1 home fraction challenge

Our Dr Xargle's Book on Earth Hounds' story maps

We shared Dr Xargle's Book on Earth Hounds story and had great fun acting out the story and making up our own actions as part of Talk 4 Writing.

The children then created their own picture maps and wrote sentences to sequence the key events of the story.

We are all working hard towards achieving our writing targets and are practising daily. 

Help your child improve their writing and practise their letter formation, segmenting sounds to write words, high frequency words spellings, sentence writing with spaces between words and correct punctuation...

I am available after school every day to assist you and answer any questions you may have, please come and see me if you need help.

We have been learning to halve and quarter shapes, quantities and numbers.

We used the folding technique to find halves and quarters of shapes.

Did you know that quartering is the same than halving twice? 

We used cubes to help us find fractions of numbers and practised writing fractions accurately with a numerator and a denominator.

We had great fun planning an alien picnic and used fractions to help us design lovely pizzas and yummy plates of alien food.


Introduction to Fractions for Kids

You will learn about "Introduction to Fractions" in this video. Look at this pizza. It is a whole. Now, divide it into 6 equal parts. One out of these six parts can be expressed as one upon six. This number is read as one sixth.

Constructing chairs for dogs

In D&T we used a range of materials to make chairs for dogs.

Mrs Baker set us a list of star challenges to attempt.

*    Build a simple chair.

**  Build a chair with a sun cover.

***Build a chair with a chair with a cup holder.

Term 3:

What do aliens think of life on planet Earth?

Come along and join Beegu's adventures on Earth!

This term our topic will be around space and aliens, Year 1 will start using Pie Corbett's 'Talk for Writing' and 'Talk for Reading' approaches and bring writing and reading to life in the classroom!

To find out more about it follow the link below:


In maths the children will continue developing strategies to help them add and subtract. I wonder who will be our first white badge winner? Come on my little ninjas!


In science, we will learn about materials and explore their properties. Children will then use their knowledge of materials in D&T to help them plan and design the perfect home for Beegu on Earth.


We will also learn about weather patterns in the UK and have a go at saying it in Spanish too!!!


This promises to be a very busy and exciting term indeed. Stay in touch, we will keep you posted!







Year 1 Term 3 overview plan

Week 6

It has been a busy term in Penguins, we have not had a minute of rest and have made the most of our available learning time!

I am very pleased to see how the children's writing has come along since last term.

Please continue to support your child's learning at home by reading every day and completing their home challenge each week. I cannot stress how important this is and what difference it makes in your child's progress and self-esteem.

Remember to check daily your child's book bag for homework and other important written communication.



Take One Artist Day- Vincent Van Gogh

We had a great day learning about the life and amazing work of the Dutch expressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh.

We created a class tableau of his Starry Night using his famous stroke with the brush (we used our fingers!!!) technique.

Once dried, we will assemble the different tableaux we made and create a class master piece! Watch this space!

Chinese New Year

We have been learning about the Chinese New Year and its origin. 2016 is the Year of the Dragon.

We shared Chinese New Year story and Children wrote some beautiful stories to recount the myth of Chinese New Year.

We practised using chopsticks to pick up small items as part of our funky fingers activities.

We also tasted prawn crackers with a very hot chilli dip! Yummy!!

The Chinese New Year story

Chinese crackers and sweet chilli sauce tasting