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OXFORD Mrs Williams

GOODBYE OXFORD CLASS of 2017 ! You have been amazing and we have had a wonderful adventure over the past 2 YEARS.

Members of Oxford Class who have achieved over and beyond ! Super Stars !!

Our 'Super Sports Day' efforts!

Acting again! We are enjoying literacy that is linked to a 1980's film - The Neverending Story

Another Pen Licence is awarded in Oxford Class this week - well done !

On Monday we did some acting and pretended to be three characters in our story - Varjak Paw. We explored how the characters interacted with each other.

Please take a look at our most recent learning letter

Well done to our Star of the Week for working more independently.

Our Literacy Wall shows some great examples of writing and also the new words that we have 'borrowed' from the story.....

So far we have made text maps and imitated the story of Varjak Paw. We love how exciting the adventure is and have been learning a lot of new vocabulary

We are really enjoying studying this book in literacy....

Well done to those children who have already brought in their 1980's homework project.

Our 1980's Book Corner showing real artefacts from the decade

We have launched into our topic with looking at music and fashion of the 1980's

We really enjoyed learning to play the Steel Pan today. The tunes sounded great when we performed them!

During literacy we told the story of a poem through role play. The poem is called 'Night of the Scorpion'.

In maths we have made symmetrical 3D shapes using different materials

We really enjoyed our challenge to make cars that moved using magnets in Science Week!

Our latest learning letter.

Please take a chance to look at our latest learning letter.

In literacy we have been using role play to explore why characters act the way they do in stories. It has really helped our understanding and developed our skills of empathy.

another member of the class gets a pen licence ! So pleased for you !

Our STAR OF THE WEEK ! - well done for showing endeavour when responding to marking

Our Ancient Egyptian book corner is a quiet place to read, with information books and artefacts easily found to help us with our learning

Ask us questions about these images - we can tell you lots about them!

This is our topic for terms 3 and 4 - we are REALLY enjoying it so far!

Our most recent newletter - 9th December


In History year 4 have been learning about the Romans. This display shows some of what we have learnt recently.

In Science year 4 have been learning about humans and the digestive system. Take a look at our diplay and some pictures from our experiment, where we tried to create a stomach.


This is our Newsletter dated 11th November 2016

High Four Readers! T2 Wk4











Oxford Class' trip to Tesco.

Oxford Class' trip to Margate.

In science this week, posters were made to describe different ideas for why the dinosaurs became extinct

These diagrams show fantastic learning in geography. Oxford Class can now explain the process of the water cycle.

These posters were made to show younger children how to multiply by 10, 100 and 1000.... Some super explaining! well done!

In science we've been making the most of our outside learning areas and have looked for animals/insects in their natural habitat.

....and they're off !! ...Look at those 'Reading drivers' speeding around the track .....Keep up the good pace !

A super huge well done to our star of the week for showing more concentration and endeavour in every lesson!

Some of our work on display from term 1

making one thousand takes a lot of careful patience !

Our latest Newsletter - 21st october 2016

Here is our STAR OF THE WEEK - super neat handwriting and a fantastic attitude to learning

Maths has been very busy lately with learning about coordinates and using directional language.

Our new text for literacy is non fiction and it is called A walk in London. We are really enjoying learning about all the places to visit.

Here is our latest newsletter to tell you all about our most recent learning. Hope you enjoy it !

In Literacy this week, we have been inventing our own 'character flaw' stories. We are going to edit and improve our drafts then write them neatly. Who will be the first to get a Pen Licence?

During our geography lessons we have been studying London. We have used our ICT skills to make simple fact pages about what we have learned so far.

So far we have used our ICT skills to make simple fact sheets about London. We are now learning about the River Thames.

Some amazing artwork showing the waterfalls of Iceland. Produced on our European Day of Languages.

This is who Oxford Class chose this week! Well done Ruby!

Here is our STAR OF THE WEEK ! Well done to you for showing amazing endeavour in your written work!

Welcome back to a new year at Drapers Mills!  Myself and Mrs Tuckell are excited to continue our learning journey together.  This year we will be looking forward to lots of new learning experiences, fun and achievements.  This year, PE will be on a Monday and a Wednesday so please can you ensure your child has a kit for these days.  Homework will be set on a Monday and will consist  of spellings, maths and English work to be completed by the following Monday.  Home readers will be changed daily and the children will have the chance to earn prizes through the race into reading scheme.  This term's main topic will be London so please feel free to explore this subject area with your child at home.

Looking forward to a great year with Oxford Class.

Ms Williams

frownStars of the week! Term 1 Week 2frown

Race into reading!



We are very pleased in Oxford class at how well the children are taking to their new found independence with their daily reading.  We are encouraging the children to choose their own books (within their capabilities) and to write a small passage about what they think about the story they have read.  This will not only show their level of comprehension but also highlight the types of genre that they enjoy reading.


frownnoThis weeks HIGH 5 readers are:nofrown

Term 1 Week 6

Levi-Curtis Ahmed

Liliana Dankova

Igor Estocak

Eva Slepcikova

Nina Horvathova

Tomass Lasmanis

Honza Dinko

Oxford Class learning letter Term 1 week 1

Tuesday 13th September was Roald Dahl Day!

Best Costume in Oxford Class!