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Welcome to Owls' Class Page

Mrs Jennings-Payne and Mr Browne


Here you will find out about the fun things that we do in class to help us progress in our learning.


We hope that you enjoy looking at our photos and enjoy reading the Learning Letters that tell you even more about our amazing class!




Learning first aid with Babs from the Red Cross

Wonka is on his way!

Potato Challenge


Before Easter Year 6 entered the school potato growing challenge; trying to grow the largest amount of potatoes and and also the heaviest yield.  Here is our entry.

We also had to find the one which looked the most like Mr Manclark ... What do you think?

Year 6 Potato Challenge

Our second Homework entry by Kris

Our first homework project entry has arrived linked to the Myst topic

We had a visitor in to talk to us about the 6 ways to well being

Team Building and Fun at the park for Year 6

Work in response to the artist Sir Michael Craig-Martin

Silhouette work for the Queen's 90th Birthday. Can you guess who they are?

Forget Rio! It's the Drapers Olympics!

Owls class investigated light reflection

Outside Learning - Drumming Workshop with Mr Aslett

Egg Launching with Year 6

Uploaded by Drapers Mills Primary Academy, Margate on 2016-05-17.

Learn Outside Week - Year 6 launched eggs in safety cases. Did it work?

Skip2BFit visited on Friday 13th May 2016, what was your child's Personal Best?

New to the Year 6 Curriculum: Learning the Guitar with Mr Aslett

Year 6 completing a percentage treasure hunt

Year 6 beginning planning for writing a short story

Can you order fractions? Ask your child to show you how.

Preparing for a debate on whether year 6 children should go on a survival course with Bear Grylls

Taking learning outside the Classroom


Year 6 spent Monday morning making rafts to save Wilson from drowning and life on an island on his own.  We combined learning about Maths, Literacy and Science through this activity.

Creating Line Graphs


A new term with a new topic.  We have been creating line graphs then using them to interpret data and make predictions.  


When do we use line graphs as adults?

The Trip to the Globe Theatre


On Monday 21st March 2016, Year 6 went to the Globe Theatre, London.  We had a tour of the venue and were able to perform a few lines on the stage to the other groups visiting the place.  We then took part on an hour's workshop with Shakespearean Actor.

Sport Relief 2016 - Cups and Saucers Game

Sport Relief 2016 - the card challenge

Sport Relief Day 2016 completing the obstacle course

TAKE ONE ISLAND DAY - creating Anderson shelters is not as easy as it looks!

Owls Writing grouping planning for narrative writing

To improve our own writing we had a close look at a 6s piece of writing by another year 6 pupil.

How are fossils formed, do you know? Why not ask a member of Owls Class who tried fossilizing Keiran

World Book Day


During World Book Day Owls Class created stories based on a front cover, book reviews and shared books with Toucans Class in Year 3.

Take One Artist Day - Van Gogh


Year 6 studied the image of Van Gogh having taken off his right ear.  Using this as our stimulus we created our own versions using the support and advice of Lena.

Even better result this week, Owls came FIRST this week! Well Done Owls keep it up

Owls came third in the school's attendance competition this week

TASC maths investigation about fractions


The children used counters to help solve the problem of how many marbles had been lost by Andy and Sam when the ball broke.

Owls Group talk through their own persuasive scripts

Uploaded by Drapers Mills Primary Academy, Margate on 2016-01-31.

Acting out our Scripts


Making our scripts take shape through speaking and listening.

Macbeth Scene written by Year 6

Uploaded by Drapers Mills Primary Academy, Margate on 2016-01-31.

Writing our own Play Scripts


Once we had analysed the scripts we then created our own by taking a section of the story and converting it into a script.



Here we are analysing the key elements of a play script.

Owls Class second place in attendance in the week ending 15th January 2016. Well Done!

Welcome to Macbeth's witches

Biographical Writing


Cole, sharing his biographical writing with his group.

The Globe


This week we have been applying our measuring skills to reproduce the globe image by measuring the length of the sides with a ruler and the angles with a protractor.  

What an impressive job they have all made of the task.




Long Division- What is Callum's deliberate mistake here?

long mulliplicaiton by Kieran

Uploaded by Drapers Mills Primary Academy, Margate on 2016-01-09.

Kieran demonstrates how to complete a long multiplication calculation.  What is the number he is trying to multiply and what is the answer?

Shakespeare Quotes: can you add one?

Thought is Free


Term three's topic

Term three's topic is called Though is Free after a quote from The Tempest by William Shakespeare.  We will be studying both the life and times of the Tudors alongside a couple of the plays by Shakespeare.


Do you have a Shakespearean quote which could be added to our quote wall?   Send it in with your child.

English Links

Why not improve you literacy skills by playing these fantastic games?


We will be working on biographies for the first couple of weeks. Why not do a little pre-reading before hand.


Here is a useful page for adults.

Maths Games


Week 1 starting 4/1/16 we will be looking at multiplication and division. We will be working hard to improve our efficiency for these calculations. Playing the games below should help you.


During week 2 we will be examining area of shapes, both regular and irregular. you should find the following website useful.


Week 3 will include calculating unknown angles in triangle, quadrilaterals on s straight line and around a point. have a look here to give you a heads up for the lesson.


Week 4 leads us onto fractions, we shall be reminding ourselves about adding and subtracting fractions. We will be learning how to multiply and divide fractions with different denominators and mixed number fractions.

100 % Attendees for Owls Class, Terms 1 & 2

Straw and Order Nativity for Years 5 and 6


Through weeks of hard work and rehearsals years 5 and 6 produced the show Straw and Order to their parents on Thursday 17th December 2015.  Well done all the participants.

Jungle Book Homework Projects


As the end of term approaches homework projects begin to arrive.  Don't forget to bring in your examples of creative homework.

Race for Life Maths day

Mrs Todd says the tallest girls are the fastest runners?   Is this true?


During the Race for life activity day the class were challenge to investigate this question through a TASC wheel.  Having gathered the information together the children presented the data as a chart with to y axis and then analysed the information.  

Spelling Investigation


This week we investigated the spelling of the 'ay' sound.  This was not an easy one as there are so many different options.

Learning with our Parents


On Friday we had an exciting afternoon completing a bush tucker trials, sharing our learning with our parents.  There were 6 activities to be completed within the hour:

1. Completing Ninja maths sheets (our parents were challenge with the master ninja sheets).

2. Finding stars in 'stuff' while not looking.  A very sticky and messy process.

3. creating a carpet map of the then locating the rain forests and jungle around the world.

4. describing a plastic bug while blindfolded

5. answering all the challenge questions around the rooms

6. building a tower out of rocks and pebbles; to win your tower had to have the largest number of stones used


Great Fun was had by all.


We finally met the big Yellow Snake


After a short wait while it shed its skin and had a feed, we were finally able to meet and hold this snake.  Which members of staff do you think were brave enough to also hold him?

SPAG and Spelling lesson


First we up-leveled a simple sentence using these rules

1. add an adjective

2. add an adverb

3. add a sub-ordinate clause

4. change the verb

5. change the noun


Can you improve this sentence?   The snake was warming up.


Then we worked on how to spell words with prefixes.


Christmas Unwrapped at Margate Baptist Church


On Monday 30th November, Year 6 went to the Baptist Church in Cecil Square to investigate the story and history of Christmas.  While there the children investigated the commercial side of Christmas thinking about when shops begin thinking about Christmas and the Christmas Number 1.  Then we thought about the story of the birth of Jesus; facts and fiction.

The children then had the opportunity to make their own mince pie to take way with them as we left the church.



This week the children we given a challenge; read every day and return their readers to school daily and they would get a small prize (match attack cards, pens...).  Here are the winners. Who will win next week?

Year 6 have had a fencing experience


On Friday, Owls class had the opportunity to experience a taster session in fencing.  Donning the aprons and helmets made the children feel fully prepared for a dual.

Fencing 27 11 15

Year 6 received a taster lesson in fencing.

Could you solve these problems using your knowledge of number facts?

Lee and his Snakes

On Thursday, Lee came in to talk about keeping snakes and showed Year 6 many of his own snake collection, including Ben and Gwen his Royal Pythons.  They learnt about how they live, what they eat, how long they live and much more.  We even got to hold one snake but it did take four children to ensure he was supported from one end to the other. 

And Teddy came too for Children in Need

Factor Bugs


Owls have been investigating the factors of different numbers.


Why is it possible to have a number with only 3 factors?  Write an explanation and bring it into school.

Remembrance Day Work

Owls completed some work linked to the poem 'For the Fallen' by Laurence Binyon.

Buddy Reading with Panther Class


On Thursday Owls went to Panther class to buddy read with children in Year 2.  Year 6 children focused on reading with expression and fluency.  Then the tables turned and the Panthers read to the Owls.  There were rules; teach, teach, teach don't just tell.  The Owls had to teach the children to use a range of strategies to read unfamiliar words rather than giving them the answer.

Reading for children is a magical journey where they become confident communicators through the use of the vocabulary they acquire. We as adults play an important role in this journey and can support the children in learning how to use their imagination and become creative writers themselves. Please visit the Reading page to learn more about how to best support your child in becoming a confident reader and enable them to enjoy the fascinating worlds that authors immerse the children in.

Owls' first dance lesson in term 2

Individuals were taking the lead to model a dance to Happy by Pharrell Williams

Completing this week's reading challenge


Having met Mowgli, Shere Khan, Father and Mother Wolf at the start of the book the children were trying to interpret the text using their inference skills.

Finding percentages of numbers

We have been finding 10 and 25 % of amounts.  Can your child explain this to you?

Ordering positive and negative numbers by forming a human number line.

Look what is coming in Term 2...

Viking Creative Project Homework Returns



On Monday 19th October 2015, Year 6 held an inter-house competition.  Northern Ireland came first with Wales and England tying for second place and finally Scotland.


OWLS won third place in the attendance race this week! We are aiming to get FIRST next time!

Long Multiplication

We have been working on multiplication using the column method. Can you solve this task ?


A 3 digit number is multiplied by a 2 digit number and the calculation is written out as shown below.
Each star like this stands for one digit.

Apart from the zero shown the only digits which occur are 2, 3, 5 and 7.
This is sufficient information to complete the whole multiplication.

Persuasive Writing


Owls class have been learning to write persuasively.  We have considered the key language needed to drive an argument and persuade your audience.

Viking Shields and Designs


We have looked at a range of designs used by the Vikings to decorate their shields and jewellery.  The children chose how to colour these and were so excited by the task completed these in the gaps between assessments test over the last two weeks; some even stayed in a play and lunchtime to finish them!


Owls Class has been lent some Viking artefacts found by one of our Grandparents while out metal detecting in the local are.  

We have been told what they are but can you discover what they were used for during the reign of the Vikings?

Can you do this?

How many combinations can you find for this problem?

Shape Dominoes


We used a dominoes to revise the properties of 2 and 3 D shapes.  All we had to do to match the statement to the picture, but it wasn't that easy.

Trip to The Royal Harbour School, Ramsgate.

We enjoyed a trip to the Royal Harbour School to experience life in a secondary school.  The children learnt street dance, how to bake a ginger biscuit, how to create a strong tower and much more.