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Our wonderful year 3's during their home learning!

Kaci has reached 150 reads while on lockdown. We are super proud of you Kaci. A nice surprise was waiting for her at school!

Look at the amazing classroom Jayden now has at home!

Look at Jamie's fabulous newspaper report! He does love to write about zombies! Well done Jamie.

Jayden has been working hard at home!

Bahaar has been working hard every day on her learning activities.

Look at some of the amazing writing Sofia has been doing! 

Can you spot any of our Year 3 skills in there...?

I spy paragraphs!

Maurice has been keeping up with his work, whilst also learning new skills at home and it looks like he's been having fun whilst doing it too! 

Pearl fully immersed herself in her Topic learning about healthy eating and a balanced diet today. She decided to make herself and her sister a baked potato with beans and cheese for lunch and she did this almost entirely by herself! What an amazing way to apply your learning to real life Pearl!

Jayden reading before bed! What a great way to relax.

Kaci completing yet another reading task. I can tell who loves to read!

Little sister, Violet, is helping Pearl learn about the bones in her body. Well done girls!

I love reading!