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Our Vision

Early Years Foundation Stage




We want children children to extend their cultural capital through a learning environment that actively encourages curiosity, inquisitiveness, problem-solving and a love of learning.

Our Early Years setting provides a happy, exciting, safe and fun learning environment. An environment where children are allowed and encouraged to examine, explore, share, make friends and express themselves.

We believe that the Early Years is crucial in embedding solid foundations that children are going to build upon. It is our intent that the children who join us in their early years develop verbally, emotionally, physically and cognitively whilst securing a positive attitude to their learning.

All children will be valued as individuals and we are passionate in allowing children to maximise their potential.




SLT and EYFS Lead will support all adults to understand our intent.

  • Home visits, class visits and Stay and Play sessions, time to make parental links.
  • Online Tapestry learning journeys
  • Supporting EAL home language and asking parents about learning
  • Continuous provision linked to assessment and what you know about the children.
  • Quality teaching both indoors and outdoors through modelling, describing, questioning and reminding.
  • Enhancements/learning priorities for practising/applying.
  • Direct teaching opportunities.
  • Utilising the children's interests.
  • Behaviour system that all staff follow consistently- all adults stop and listen to what has happened.
  • Opportunities for risk taking- supported and scaffolded!





Children will :

  • Have the skills, knowledge, attitudes, thirst for learning, ready for their life long learning.
  • Be willing to have a go, think critically, make links and apply learning across all areas of learning.
  • Build confidence and resilience learning through mistakes.
  • Be ready for the next stage in their education.