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Music Progression of Skills

Music Progression of Skills

Music Challenge Day 1- Music instrument families

Look at the pictures above. 


Instruments are grouped in families. 

The families are made up of instruments that are similar.


Look at the image above and identify the similarities in each family.


Why do you think the families are named the way that they are?




Wood Wind






Music Challenge Day 2- Place the instruments in their families!

Music Challenge Day 3- Musical Instruments Quiz

Listen to each segment of music and try to name the instrument you hear!
What made you think that?
What family do you think it belongs to?

Music Challenge Day 4- Guess the Disney Song!

Listen to the sound clips and see if you can guess the Disney song before the answer is revealed!
Can you guess them before your parents do?

Music Challenge Day 5- Guess the TV show from its theme tune!

Can you guess the theme song within the time limit?

How do you recognise each piece?

Music Challenge Day 6- Spot and name the instruments

Look back at day 1 when we learnt that instruments are split into families according to how the are made or produce sound.

Watch this piece, In the Hall of the Mountain King by Greig. Can you name the instruments you see? What families do they belong to?

Why do you think strings are used at the start?
How do the dynamics (volume) of the piece grow as the piece moves on?

Music Challenge Day 7- What's the Story?

Harry Potter Puppet Pal Ostinato Project

An ostinato is a rhythm that continuously repeats within a piece of music.
Play this crazy example to hear how ostinatos can work together.
Choose three of your favorite book characters and see if you can create an ostinato using their names. It is best to choose names with different numbers of syllables like in the example (Snape, Dumbledore, Harry Potter).
Why not video your finished ostinato and send it into us using your email!

Listen to the wonderful singing from our singing assembly!

Still image for this video

Looking back

Drapers has had many visits from musicians and workshop providers including Mike Fenton (auto harp) and Richard Latham (djembe)


This term 30 pupils from Year 3 have attended a concert at St. Lawrence College. They watched a performance of ‘Stringendo’ a professional string quartet. This was followed in the afternoon by a performance to parents of their own violin skills. A group of violinists and band members also performed at a Thanet 1 Partnership Celebration at Holy Trinity Church, Cliftonville.


Looking at the present

Children are giving many opportunities to experience music and learna variety of instruments.

CLASS MUSIC-each class teacher delivers music lessons using a variety of schemes and resources., including ‘Music Express’.


In addition we deliver-

WIDER OPPORTUNITIES is a Government initiative, built upon the Music Manifesto of 2000. 

It states that every school should provide a full year of instrumental tuition for 1 Year Group and that opportunities to continue should also be supported financially.

VIOLINS-currently Year 3 have violin lessons with Heather Nunn from Kent Music. They have the opportunity to perform to parent and as part of a Partnership Celebration.

RECORDERS-Year 4 have lessons on the recorder, to prepare them for a Partnership Workshop

UKULELES– We have 30 red ukuleles, which have been taught to Year 5

ROLL-UP KEYBOARDS. Year 6 have the opportunity to experiment and make music using easily portable Keyboards.


We have many extra-curricular music groups including choir, band, musical theatre club, guitar club and individual woodwind lessons.


Looking to the future

We are looking to a very active musical future, with a choir and band that is growing in number and confidence.


We are looking forward to building a culture of singing throughout the school.


We are looking forward to building links and involvement with out Thanet 1 Partnership, joining for workshops and celebrations.


We are looking forward to all children accessing lessons on a musical instrument.


We are looking forward to more visits from musicians.


We are looking forward to music enhancing our learning and understanding of the world around us.