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Mathematics Mastery 2020-2021


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Maths Meetings 2020-2021


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Fluent 5 2020-2021

At the start of this academic year we introduced 'Fluent 5' in Year 6 and it was such a success that it has since been rolled out in many other year groups. 

The idea behind this initiative is that, between the children coming into school at 8:30 and the register being done at around 9:00/9:10, they complete 5 arithmetic questions in order to keep reminding them of their basic skills involving the four operations (addition, subtraction, division and multiplication). After a few changes, we settled on the name 'Fluent 5' but it may not always be exactly 5 questions!

The idea behind this is to interrupt the 'forgetting curve' which is where the children will learn a skill, but not practise enough to embed the skill in their long term memory. 

The introduction of this small change made a huge difference to the scores that the children are getting in their weekly arithmetic tests. 

Below is an example of a Year 6 Fluent 5; 


Times Table Rockstars 

As a school, we had a subscription to the amazing Times Table Rockstars site, this is a fantastic and engaging way for your child to practise their basic number skills. These basic skills are often missing from many children's repertoire but are actually a fundamental building block for their mathematical learning. Being able to fluently recall basic number facts makes their life a lot easier when it comes to learning more complex skills throughout their school career, it means they can focus on the skill they are learning rather than trying to solve the basic number parts of the problem. 


Please encourage them to play this at home! 

Younger children will be accessing 'Numbots' which is the KS1 part of this site and focuses on number facts. Once they had embedded all of these skills, they then move on to their times table knowledge. 


I'm sure you all have logins for your children but if you need assistance with this, please email Reception on