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Welcome to Macaw Class!  



Mrs Burniston and Mrs Taylor




Learner of the Week!


This week our learner of the week is....


The Whole Class!




For representing our school so positively on our trip and for some wonderful learning that took place on the day. Well done Macaws!


Reading Raffle Winners!


This week's reading raffle winners are....





Don't forget to read and bring in your reading book and record for a chance to win! Don't forget, the more you read, the more chances you have to win!

Weekly Attendance 


Our attendance this week is...




We have improved our attendance but we could still do better! Let's aim for a trophy next week Macaws!




Class Newsletters

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Time Line


Look below to see lots of the exciting things we have done in Macaw Class!

Good luck next year Macaws! It has been a fantastic year and I know you will all go onto great things. Don't forget how wonderful you all are!

This week we created fairground rides that use magnets. Macaw class were very inventive and independent learners during this TASC!

Look at some of the amazing things Macaw class experienced on their school trip. We all had an amazing time and learned a lot about our local area.

An exciting capacity lesson in Macaw class! We compared and added amounts of water.

We really enjoyed sharing reading with year 2. We hope they will enjoy Year Three next year!

Some of the things Macaw class experienced on the sensory walk around the school.

The great potato harvest!!

We are communicating our learning from our TASC science investigtaion. We learned about magnetic and non-magnetic materials.

This week in Science we have explored magnetic force. Did you know that magnets don't have to touch to exert force? See the what the children have learned below.

We learned by accident that you can make metal things into magnets!


We learned that magnetic force is strong enough to pick up things up from a distance.


We learned that magnets can attract a different pole and anything with iron, nickel or cobalt in.


We learned that our magnet could be 2cm away and still attract a paper clip.

Watch our video of our science investigation! We answered the question 'at what distance does a magnet exert force?' using TASC.

Still image for this video

Exploring pushes and pulls on the trim trail. Where else can you find pushes and pulls in everyday life?

Explored symmetry in 2d and 3d shapes as well as objects around the classroom. What is special about a butterfly's wings?

Some examples of the wonderful sports day activities we took part in. Well done to everyone involved. We are all winners for showing endeavour!

We explored different lines in shapes - capital letters! We used Venn diagrams to sort them. It was a great lesson - Well done Macaws!

Some wonderful story telling by the Macaws. We really enjoyed learning outside.

Some excellent Numeracy work in Macaw class.

We had a fabulous time celebrating the Queen's birthday! The children did so well to come in dressed in white... we all looked great! These are some of the lovely activities we took part in today.

Our bean plants are reaching for the sky! They are growing so well. What will happen next? What is the next stage in their life cycle?

Ancient Greek Olympics!


Well done to all of you who took part in, planned and attended the Ancient Greek Olympics! It was a very successful afternoon. Thank you to everyone who came.


Well done Year Three!

Gathering data for our investigation. Which was the most popular car colour?

Fun with smarties in maths this week!

We got hands on with our maths this week! We learned a lot about reading scales which was fantastic!

We went outside for our science this week and identified the different features of plants. In the classroom we explored the functions of different parts of the plants.

Year Three really enjoyed the Skip2bFit session! We have some fabulous skippers and we all made great progress. Mrs Burniston needs some practice though!

We pretended to be Medusa and Perseus to explore the characters. We really enjoyed hot seating and experiencing what it would be like to be these characters.

We have had some amazing hands on experience with money. The Macaws have improved their knowledge of coins and their values as well as being able to add amounts of money.

MEDUSA came to visit Year Three. She was TERRIFYING! We got to ask her lots of questions and found out about her life.

Our beans are growing well. What does this plant need to survive?

The Macaws created these amazingly detailed images using printing techniques. The care taken with them is fabulous. Well done Macaws!

We created some incredible Greek style pots with Miss Lena. The detail and care taken with the design is fantastic! The Macaws are very creative and show such skill in their art lessons.

We created paintings of ancient Greek vases. What method are we using here?

Our runner beans have sprouted! We have given them some soil which contains the nutrients needed for the plant to grow. What else does the plant need to grow?

We created some 3d shapes from equilateral triangles and squares. Can you describe these shapes?

...another brick in the wall... but how many lines of symmetry does it have? What other shapes did we find during our outdoor maths lesson? An you find any lines of symmetry around your home or outside?

We created some 2d shapes in maths this week. Can you describe the properties of these shapes?

Our news reports about the Minotaur!

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Design and Technology Day - Build Phase. We chose the best two designs from each class and then built them out of natural materials. We used material instead of animal skins. Which do you think is the best?

Design and Technology Day - Prototype Phase. We created prototype shelters out of straws to check for any problems we might encounter. We had to think creatively to solve these problems.

Design and Technology Day - Design Stage. We researched and evaluated images of Stone Age shelters. Then we used the good aspects of these to design our own!

Look at the interviews we conducted. Lots of the children wanted to become copper miners and could explain why.

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Some Sports Relief related maths. Can you remember what a long jump is?

Look at your wonderful wishing story! We loved writing all about a zoo in Macaw class! Can you tell the story to someone at home?

Blaine learnt our innovated story really well. Well done Blaine!

Still image for this video

We really enjoyed making bread following our trip to the windmill! We also learned about keeping hands and surfaces clean when making food!

Shared reading with Hawks on World Book Day

We created a Tin Forest of our very own - from tinfoil!

Look at these wonderful examples of home learning!

Take One Artist Day - look at our amazing recreations of van Gogh's skull painting!

Our experience with archery!

We refined our cave painting skills with Miss Lena and created some incredible pieces of collaborative art work.

The scene of the discovery! What has happened here? Who has left this evidence?

The amazing pictures we created during our open afternoon.

We created some amazing cave paintings! We really enjoyed using the chalks and paint to create an effect.

We explored the morality of meat and hunting meat as a Neolithic person.

We have introduced a new idea to our story! Can you retell our new version?

We learned that a quarter turn is the same as a right angle! Can you show clockwise and anticlockwise turns?

We had our first guitar lesson! What does the 'running mouse' do?

What part of Stone Age Boy are these actions for?

Can you retell the story of Stone Age Boy using the picture sentences we created?

Some wonderful writing about our visit from a Neanderthal!

A visit from a Neanderthal!

Our new book corner!

Look at the amazing volcanoes Macaws created last term!

Our amazing melted snowman biscuits!

Look at this amazing erupting volcano!

Still image for this video

Another amazing erupting volcano!

Still image for this video

Look at these amazing gold star pieces of home learning!

Race into Reading!


Raymond is the second child to hit 50 reads! He will get his fifty Drapers Dollars in January - well done Raymond!

Race Into Reading!


The first child in Macaw class to hit 50 reads is Ernestas!

He has earned himself fifty Drapers Dollars to spend in the Drapers shop. The Drapers shop will be open every other Friday. A big well done to Ernestas! Fabulous reading!


Our fabulous volcanoes!

We are all wonderful readers! The Macaws are enjoying their library books!

Look at our fabulous time telling on Roman numeral clocks!

We explored how people show emotion in our literacy lesson.

Take One Composer Day

This Friday we really enjoyed our 'Take One Composer' day. We explored Alan Silvestri who wrote the piece of music for the film 'Volcano'.


First, we listened to the music and discussed the different musical elements. We all agreed that there were two very different sections to it! The first section made us feel calm and relaxed and made us think of walking in a peaceful park. The second piece was quite scary and the enormous boom made us jump! We drew a picture to show how the music made us feel or what the music made us think of. It was interesting to look at each others and ask them why they had drawn that.


Next, we made our own music! We look at the different stages of an eruption and tried to recreate this using objects around the classroom. A video will soon follow!


Finally, we listened again to the music and thought about the pictures it gave us in our heads. We thought about all the words we thought of and recorded these. These helped us to write a story. Some children write about exploring an active volcano while others wrote about sharks! We will be editing and improving these on Monday.


We really enjoyed our day of music. Look below to see some pictures. Examples of work and a video to follow!

Making music! Take One Composer day.

Some of the displays in Macaw class. Where are you on our Race Into Reading track?

Some of the learning that has happened in Macaw class. Look at our drama from our e-safety learning!

Here are some wonderful examples of home learning from last term's creative homework. What will you do this term?