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Little Millers Pre-School

Little Millers Pre-School has spaces in our morning (8:30-11:30) and afternoon (12:30-3:15) sessions. Please come to the Pre-School to have a look around and book a place.

It's completely FREE to attend!!!

Little Millers Pre-School


Little Millers offers high quality OFSTED-registered Pre-School care and education, delivered by professional, qualified staff in a first class purpose-built facility that is equipped to the highest standards. The Pre-School has one large learning plaza and an extensive redeveloped outside learning environment. Our philosophy is to provide a continuous, inside-outside provision where every child is considered to be individual and where they feel nurtured to become confident, self motivated, independent learners. The Teachers and the
Pre-School Assistants work closely alongside parents/ guardians and other childcare professionals to ensure every child reaches their potential. We believe that working in partnership is essential to well-being and development of our children. 


We are a maintained Pre-School attached to Drapers Mills Primary Academy that offers sessional early years education for 48 children from the ages of 3 and above between the hours of
8:30am to 11:30am and 12:30pm to 3:15pm, term time only.


Enquiries are always welcome, please use the contact details below to speak to the Manager
or to arrange a visit.

Main Contact Number: 01843 236122
Pre-School email:


Little Millers Pre-School Staff

Mr A Flannery, Pre-School Manager/ Teacher             (Fox)

Miss S Brown, Deputy Pre-School Manager/ Teacher    (Hedgehog's Key Person)

Mr B Abrahams, Pre-School Assistant                        (Squirrel's Key Person)


We embrace the Key Person Approach at Little Millers and each child is matched with their Key Person based on their individual personalities and needs. Your child will build a solid, positive relationship with their Key Person throughout their time at Little Millers and we actively encourage parents and carers to speak with their child's Key Person on a daily basis to find out about their day and their learning. However, should you have any concerns or questions about your child and their development, or the Pre-School please speak to Mr Flannery.


Starting with us

At Little Millers we accept children from the term of their third birthday on a 5 mornings or 5 afternoon a week session basis only, completely free of charge! This enables us to establish a positive relationship you and your children, providing your children the best possible start in their educational journey.

For more details about when your child could start with us or to put your name on our waiting list please contact us on 01843 236122.


Your child is born between: They are eligible to start for free from:                                           
1st August and 31st December 2012  September 2015
1st January and 31st March 2013 January 2016
31st March 31st July 2013 April 2016

Our Learning Environment

Our enhanced learning environment allows our children to explore and investigate to become active, independent learners. Through questioning and high order thinking children are challenged to think critically and extended their knowledge and understanding. Rich learning opportunities immerse our children in their learning and promote the ethos of every child becoming directors of their own learning.


Our Aims at Little Millers Pre-School

  • To provide a nurturing and safe environment in which children can feel happy, secure and learn.
  • To provide exciting opportunities for all children whatever race, gender, culture, religion, means or ability.
  • To meet individual children’s needs.
  • To develop children’s confidence, encourage positive behaviour and promote independence.
  • To work in partnership with parents, children and the wider community.
  • To enable children to develop skills towards The Early Years Foundation Stage Early Learning Goals and acquire essential life skills.
  • To be committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and we expect all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.

Our School Values

We live and breathe our School Values and they will embedded into our interactions with others and woven into our identities as part of Personal, Social and Emotional development. We expect everybody to demonstrate these values in all that they do inside and outside of the setting and model these values to the wider community. Please support your child to become champions for our School Values.

Behaviour Policy 

Below is the copy of our behaviour chart we will be using within the setting to ensure children develop an understanding of following rules and making the right choices, as well as understanding that making the wrong choices has consequences. Please see the behaviour policy below to understand how it works and have a look when you are next in class by the Birthday board to see it in action. We all want our children to reach the star and even more impressive - get to the windmill!!! Any questions please speak to Sophie in the first instance.

12.11.15 - The children have been engaged in a range of activities this week including using small pegs and boards, threading, using large pegs and cutting to develop fine motor skills, concentration and hand to eye co-ordination. 

Academic Year: 2015 - 2016

Latest News:

10.11.15 - This term our theme is 'It's a kind of magic' and our key text is 'Alice in Wonderland!' This week we had a mad hatters number tea party and the children dressed up in a range of hats and prepared the kitchen for their party and were able to count a variety of different objects. Some children have made a huge improvement with their number skills this week especially Zofia who can now recite numbers up to 7. Fantastic!
02.11.15 - The children have had lots of fun at pre-school this week as they have been using beebots to learn about technology. During this activity they were also working on developing sharing skills and building friendships. 


19.10.15 - We have been looking at the key text 'Harry and his bucket of dinosaurs' this week and thinking about the different people in Harry's family. After we read the story we had a discussion about the people that are in our families and we drew them. All the children really enjoyed the story and did some fantastic drawings of their family members, well done! 
14.10.15 - As part of our 'knowing me, knowing you' theme this term we have been concentrating on being kind to each other this week. We drew around one of the children to make a life size cutout and then decorated it whilst talking about how we have kind hands, feet an​d words and why it is important.

12.10.15 - This week in Maths we have been looking at shape and have engaged in lots of fun activities such as shape paint printing, making play dough shapes, drawing shapes in colourful sand and glitter, playing shape games, building shapes in the sand, and drawing around shapes.


02.10.2015 - Today we used Pie Corbet's method of stepping stories to our key text 'The Enormous Crocodile'. Look below to see our action pictures! 

01.10.2015 - In our Key Group Time we have been playing memory games to help develop turn taking skills and memory. 

30.09.2015 - We have been exploring the four basic 2D shapes and trying ti find them in our environment. Parents/carers you can support this learning at home, walking to school or driving in the car by identifying shapes in everyday objects and playing I spy with shapes. 

28.09.2015 - We have been working hard on providing the children with independence at snack time and look at the skills have learnt beneath Latest News! 

25.09.2015 - Some of our friends dressed up as book characters today to raise money for our RED TED (Read Every Day, Talk Every Day) scheme. Thank you to everyone who dressed up and keep up the love of reading and books at home.


23.09.2015 - Today we did some cooking to make crocodile biscuits, we first wrote our recipes and then made them afterwards! We will be cooking weekly so please keep us informed should any dietary needs or allergies change - thank you.

22.09.2015 - Well done to some of the boys for creating their own crocodile in the block area after we'd had a discussion about the features of a crocodile and how some are similar and different to us!


21.09.2015 - This week are already starting to see the children apply their new knowledge of how to be a good friend by being kind and helpful to each other and partnership working. Keep up the good work everyone! 

17.09.2015 - Our crocodile is developing really well - we are just finishing the tail and face and then it will go on display - look out for it in the setting! 


15.09.2015 - The children have been working together to create a large 'selfish crocodile' to go our our display to celebrate our learning. We have been exploring the text 'The Selfish Crocodile' to develop our personal and social skills and learn the importance of being kind and sharing.

14.09.2015 - This week we will be looking at the story 'The Selfish Crocodile' by Faustin Charles. The story links well with the key question, 'What makes a good friend?' and provides examples for the children to understand and apply when making friends.

10.09.2015 - We have been mark making drawings of ourselves and exploring body parts and facial features as part of learning about what makes us who we are.

07.09.2015 - We look forward to seeing our returning students from their holidays and meeting our new friends starting today.

30.08.2015 - We would all love to hear about all the fun and exciting adventures your child has been on this summer and we would like to ask parents to send your child in with something related to your holidays for the first week back. This could be an item from your travels or a photograph so we can celebrate their adventures in class and on our Breaking News board in the foyer. If you have a photo and would like to email it to the Pre-School email we can print it off for you:

28.08.2015 - Little Millers Pre-School Term 1 begins Monday 7th at 8:30. We look forward to seeing you all.

Clever Hands

At Little Millers we do lots of fun activities to help develop strength and coordination in our children's hands and fingers. These activities help them as they learn to use a pencil with increasing control to form letters. Below are some pictures of the children accessing the provisions. If you would like some more information about how you can further support your child at home to develop their fine motor control please speak to Sophie who has some activities suggestion sheets.

Term 1 - Knowing Me, Knowing You


This term we will be focusing on developing Personal, Social and Emotional skills. In the first few weeks we will look at how we build positive relationships with adults and children, learning how to share, turn take and work together as well as what makes a good friend. This will support our learning of our school values and our rules. After this we will focus on our term theme of exploring and understanding our own identities, learning about others, comparing our similarities and differences and how we respect ourselves and others.

Academic Year: 2014 - 2015

Latest News:

13.07.15 - For our final week of Global Explorers we are travelling to Brazil to experience a Rio de Janeiro themed carnival! We look forward to celebrating all of our learning from the past two terms in carnival style by designing 'floats' revisiting each countries learning.  

07.07.15 - Let's Get Physical! Today is Sport's Day - We look forward to seeing as many family members to support our children and celebrating good sportsmanship. We hope you all enjoy the event and we always welcome feedback. Please remember a sun hat and sun cream and complete a feedback form. Thank you.

06.07.2015 - This week we are travelling to Jamaica - if you have anything to contribute please speak to Adam. We have some children with strong heritage links to Jamaica so we look forward to celebrating their culture. 

29.06.2015 - Today we enjoyed our lunch outside while engaging in high quality conversations.

29.06.2015 - This week we are travelling to Zambia and celebrating the cultural heritage of some our children. We are hoping to experience some traditional Zambian cooking this week and we have an array of traditional crafts to influence our learning.Two of our children came in their Zambian football kits as part of their cultural heritage celebrations and even brought in some traditional objects from Zambia - a decorated musical instrument made from a dried fruit and some fabric animals. 

25.06.2015 - Today we explored the pond area and conducted investigations linked to our Understanding The World next steps.

22.06.2015 - This coming week we will be travelling to Ghana. If you would like to contribute to the planning for this week please speak to Adam. We explored Ghanaian drumming this week and even tried to create our own music.

Learning Intention: I can begin to tap out repeated rhythms.

18.06.2015 - Look at some our amazing writing from today!

15.06.2015 - On Monday we will travelling back in time to join a tribe of Native American Indians. We will be constructing a Totem Pole using decorated shoe boxes and creating dreamcatchers using a variety of crafting techniques and tools.

Today we explored the pond area and made our own Tipi's using fabric, pegs and natural resources!

10.06.2015 - Today we have been learning about growing and looking after plants. We have been working together to make our hanging baskets to decorate our outside learning environment and discussing ways we can assign responsibilities for tending to our plants.

 08.06.2015 - This week we are travelling to China. Watch out for the Dragons! 

We have been making Chinese fans using repeating patterns and have made some Chinese lanterns to learn more about traditional Chinese celebrations. 

Learning Intention: I can begin to use colours and shape to create my own repeating patterns.

Learning Intention: I can begin to use tools for a purpose

01.06.2015 - Ciao! This week we are travelling to Italy. Let's celebrate Italy with some traditional pizza making and learning about some healthy eating.

18.05.2015 - Good morning! Latvia and Lithuania are calling. We are heading off on our magic carpet to Eastern Europe. We have lots of parents in this week celebrating their country with traditional dancing, traditional tales and of course traditional cooking!


11.05.2015 - Hold on! We are off to faraway exotic lands, India! Our senses will come alive with the wide variety of herbs and spices and we look forward to some parents coming to make some curry with us using their special family recipe! 

05.05.2015 - Welcome to Poland! This week we will be flying over France and Germany to get to Poland. This week we will be looking at traditional Polish patterns and cooking a Polish treat with Mrs Urban, EAL Teacher.

27.04.2015 - Guten Tag! Willkommen in Osterreich! We have arrived in Austria. We are in the picturesque town of Salzburg. We will be trying some traditional Austria cooking during snack time and will be making puppets. We will be transforming our Imagination Den into a Puppet Theatre just like Salzburg Marionette Theatre. 

20.04.2015 - Welcome to Global Explorers! Each week for the next two terms we will be visiting far away lands on our magic carpet. We will travel over mountains and over seas to visits countries of interest and countries that have a cultural heritage link with our children.

Our adventures start with Ancient Egypt: The Time of the Pharaohs! 

Term 4 (2014-2015) Learning Highlights

"A Little Help From My Friends"

This term's learning looked at the habitats of the woodland themed key people groups; Foxes, Hedgehogs, Owls, Rabbits and Squirrels. Our learning question of the term was; "Why do different animals need different habitats?" We linked the stories of Percy the Park Keeper, core text After the Storm, to our learning focus and used Percy to create challenge immersion activities. Percy the Park Keeper wrote to the children asking them for help because the storm had come to the forest and all the animals homes were destroyed. He needed our help to do research and investigate using books, ICT and explorations to find out what each animal would need in their habitat to be happy and healthy. The children created lots of plans and physical representations and we then posted them to Percy to help the animals. We focused on a key group animal each week and transformed our imagination den into the corresponding animal's habitat and conducted investigations and explorations to aid our research in the school grounds and beyond. We learnt about carpentry tools, how to use them for a purpose and how to be safe with them to help us create shoe box habitats, wooden nests and boxes. To further support our learning and our research project we visit Wildwood, Herne Bay, to learn more about each animal and even had an opportunity to meet an Owl and her keeper.


Here are the children's planning ideas for Percy the Park Keeper:



Learning Intention: I can begin to use tools for a purpose

Learning Intention: I can begin to create representations 


Learning Intention: I can talk about the marks I make

A Little Help From My Friends: Percy the Park Keeper Challenge & Trip to Wildwood

Term 3 (2014-2015) Learning Highlights

"People Who Help Us"

This term we learnt about people who us in the community and our family unit. We started by looking at ourselves and our immediate family and the way in which we work together and help each other. Then we looked at the wider community and how they can help us. Each week we focused on a particular service and we were lucky enough to have some exciting visits from the British Red Cross to represent the Ambulance Service, the Fire Service and the Police. We learnt about what their jobs involved and how they can help us and people we know.

We are very grateful for each service coming to our school to provide us with a variety of kinaesthetic learning opportunities. The photos from the visits can be found below.


People Who Help Us

Terms 1&2 (2014-2015) Learning Highlights 

We started the academic year with a focus on Personal, Social and Emotional Development using Julia Donaldson's Smartest Giant in Town. We learnt about kindness, the importance of friendship and saying thank you as well as the working together as a community to achieve a common goal and helping each other.
Below is a picture of our storyboard that the children worked very hard to create.


Learning Intention: I can contribute to mixed media
Learning Intention: I can begin to understand how a story is structured

Smartest Giant in Town - Julia Donaldson