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Little Millers


Welcome to our Little Millers Pre-School class page

where we share and celebrate the fantastic things the children do. 




Remember to check our web page for updates and recent news!


Please email us pictures of the activities your child has been doing at home. It will be lovely to see daily updates and news on how you are all getting along with home activities.


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Number 0-10 recognition challenges!


Here are some ideas of simple activities you can do at home or when out and about with your child to help them recognise numbers in the environment!

We can't wait to see pictures of your child recognising numbers!



Can you help the Gingerbread Man cross the river safely and build a bridge for him?

Team effort-Ask your grown ups or your siblings to help you build an awesome bridge!

What materials could you use to build your bridge? Which materials will work best? Why?

Don't forget to share your creations with us on our nursery Padlet!



Creative Time

Create a giant Gingerbread Man: Ask your grown up to help you draw your body outline on a large sheet or old wall paper. Decorate your Gingerbread Man with beautiful patterns.

You could use buttons, pastas, string or any other small parts, whatever takes your fancy!

Don't forget to send us photos of your art work!


Cooking Time

Ask your grown up to help you bake some Gingerbread Men! You can follow the recipe below or choose your own one!


Let's Count up to Ten - Counting Song


  • Listen to the link below. Sing along to the song counting to and back from 10.
  • Get your grown-up to complete an action with you and count how many you have done. Can you say what the total number was that you did
  • Can you do
    • 5 jumps
    • 3 squats
    • 10 taps on your head,
    • 4 taps on your knees
    • 2 turns
    • 8 arm stretches up
    • any other actions you can count
  • Remember to count slowly and say one number for each action. 
  • Remember the last number you say is how many you have done.


Body Percussion - Can't Stop the Feeling`

Body Percussion - Can't Stop the Feeling


Body percussions-Use you bodies to make different sounds!

  • Listen to the song below and try to join in with the different actions.
  • Get your grown-up to make different sounds with different parts of their body with the body eg clap, stamp, click, tap on the legs etc. Repeat this several times and join in with your grown-up.
  • Close your eyes and get a grown-up to make one of the sounds you have been practising. 
  • Open your eyes and try to work out which action is was that your grown-up did.
  • Repeat this several times for different actions.


Whilst you are are at home, you do not always have to work on something that is Maths, Literacy or Phonics based. You could work on something that will help you later in life and give you the best start when you go to 'Big School'.


Look at the list below and see what you need to work on

  • Can you put on a coat by yourself?
  • Can you do up the zip on your coat?
  • Can you go to the toilet by yourself?
  • Can you hold a pencil with 3 fingers?
  • Can you use scissors correctly?
  • Can you put on your own shoes and socks?
  • Can you get dressed by yourself?
  • Can you talk in a full sentence?
  • Can you have a back and forth conversation with someone in your family?
  • Can you use a knife, fork and spoon correctly?


What a fantastic week we have had in Little Millers!

We have enjoyed getting to know everyone, and finding out about all the activities we can try together. The children have been getting to know the staff too - you have three adults in the nursery. 


The children have played with the kitchen, and made lots of ‘breakfasts’ and ‘snacks’!

We have been learning how to play safely in the messy room, making some great artwork and feeling different textures with the rice and pasta trays.

The garden has been lovely this week, and the children have enjoyed using the equipment. We found ladybirds, and washed windows. We have had lots of time to play in the water trays, including using them to wash our toy animals.


We are focusing on the 3 Little Pigs story, and are looking forward to some piggy crafts and games in the coming week.


Can you remember the story?

Which house was the best?

How do you feel about the wolf?


Just below, you can see a copy of our mid-term plan, and our first newsletter - this will be a termly note to keep you updated. You can also see some photos from our first week. 

Our first week!

Little Millers Nursery - September 2020

Letter to parents/carers of children who have registered with our nursery for September 2020